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January 27th, 2020

Page 718

Writing the next arc now and this one’s going to be fun: chaos and hijinks and tears and off site shenanigans and Cara can do whaaaaat??? Lol.  In and around all the time spent shovelling of course.  It’s been a rather warm but snowy winter.

TWC vote incentive: I think this is the last of the Halloween bears!  Sara brings out the claws :)

Today is the last day of this week’s Shirt Woot derby and I need your votes guys!  ‘Last Battle’ did make it into the fog briefly, then fell out again :(. PLEASE GO VOTE, all you need is an Amazon account and you can click on the ‘I WANT ONE’ button under the design.


  1. Nila

    Can it be? … ;w;
    Is he being taken away? *celebrates* XD

  2. connor Murphy

    @Nila welp, you got your wish lol :P

    also “Chaos and tears, and hijinks, and off site shenanagins, and Cara can do Whaaaaat?!”
    Oh boy, something tells me we’re in for a long one boys, gals, and nonbinaries

  3. Ali

    I bet he is getting taken away. Well, i guess this means, a lot of things?

    @nila I was thinking the same thing!

  4. Vausch

    Y’know, that actually would make sense. The implication early on was Vanity has been to several zoos in the past, stating the attention he gets “happens everywhere I go”. Seemed to hint he has been on sort of a “tour” of zoos throughout his life for different places.

  5. Nila

    @connor Murphy *dances*
    IDC if i’m getting ahead of myself, I’m taking it as a wish come true! ^-^

  6. Nila

    (dance with me… Break out the bubbly)

  7. masterreviewer1000

    Better get an ice pack ’cause those balls are swollen (unless you count those oversized blue berries still attached to Nerd his balls anymore).

  8. masterreviewer1000

    @Nila @Ali @connor Murphy @Vaush Are you sure Vanity will leave? Sounds like you guys are stepping too far in the future that doesn’t exist yet (or will never come).

  9. Nila


  10. Nila

    Isn’t this arc still going for a little while? We just got to another good part… (last one being them all comforting Evil)
    & if you mean about Vanity being evicted, only tears i’ll be shedding are tears of J O Y! (& or just finally seeing pain inflicted on him internally. Heheh as he so deserves~)

  11. connor Murphy


    i mean…that’s where it looks like the arc is heading for the conflict?
    we’ll have to wait and see. also let @Nila have this, she’s dealt with enough in the comments four pages ago.

  12. masterreviewer1000

    I don’t know what you even mean giving me this, but I don’t care because it’s so goddamn funny.

  13. Nila

    @connor Murphy
    More like- For the last 3 months or so~
    Is a long story… Lets just say tonight has given me good news like ^ page, is like the best news I’ve had in so many weeks~

  14. Nila

    @connor Murphy
    & i don’t mean in comments (well not just them) Pretty much everywhere online & in real life~
    It’s all been one long waiting drag after another. Everywhere~

  15. Nicole

    @Nila: At one page a week, it seems slow, but if you were reading this in book form (that is how it is written) it would go very fast.

    Well, several of us called this. Vanity thinks he is being moved. We’ll see what the truth is!

  16. masterreviewer1000

    @connor Murphy
    That’s about right up what I’m thinking too. I mean… They let lose “the walk talking perverted sex offender”, “discount slut shame”, and the bear name “Evil” staple onto him as part of their “family”. You think that Ping Pong his butt down to size” of all bears is the one to be thrown out the Scrappy Doo way. –
    Not that I even care what happens in the end with Vanity really.

    As for you, Ms. @Nila. What the hell is wrong with you? I didn’t say anything offending. I’m simply saying the obvious of “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”. I mean for godsakes woman. Your getting ahead of yourself. We don’t even know if this is a permanent victory or a false one. For all you know, it could be part of those storylines where they’ll talk about their tragic backstories again focus on Vanity and how he became what he is! And if and/or when it happens, I will laugh on how we got there.

  17. Nila

    @masterreviewer1000 *Mario trollface*

    (Guess you don’t listen well do you? conner told you…… | Do not rain on my parade… … ~)

  18. masterreviewer1000

    Hehehe. Sorry woman. Guess you fail to see reality of what I was saying, but I must be the poop to everyone’s party, especially yours. That left alone would be vanity itself, and you don’t want that now do we? ;P

  19. Abdiel

    What was Gay doing under Gimpy’s blanket like that?

  20. Nila


    Heh. | I am not so easily tempted to click on links. But you seem to be.
    Nice try~

  21. masterreviewer1000

    His shames dude. Shame of becoming the ugly duckling.

    Nah I joke. Ping-Pong the Asshole Clown (Vanity) called him out on his Gay’s eye bags and got him to cry and hide underneath Gimp’s sheets.

    Look at last page of this one.

  22. masterreviewer1000

    *SNAP* Curses!
    Heh. Oh well. The video doesn’t matter. The real meat was the comment itself with the video being the spice to it. You can’t click away from something that you’re already on and just saw. That what truly counts.

    How does that saying goes again? “Curiosity killed the cat”? :p

  23. Nila

    Well your “meat” & “spice” of comments is as bland as the poor excuse for food Ramsay is often served in Kitchen Nightmares~
    Better than you have tried…

  24. Nila

    Indeed… Sometimes it feels more satisfying after longer time of waiting, when you finally get what you have waited for. Even if it’s for a short while.

  25. Athlone

    I actually feel bad for Vanity. He’s clearly acting out and, while I don’t know if there’s any justification for his anger (I doubt it), I’ve gone through the same pushing people away being angry for nothing phase in my youth, so I can sympathise (Not excusing his actions or insults though)

  26. masterreviewer1000

    My “meat” and “spice” were cooked perfectly and well serve than just trying. Of course it’s bland to you. You don’t have a sense of taste (or severely lack of it). Heed these words the cat girl. Just because you lack the taste doesn’t always mean it’s bad. You might get burn from the results if not careful. And trust me. Burn fur isn’t something pleasant to smell or even see. :p

  27. T-Shaw

    Seriously…what is you problem??!!

  28. Sterling Rodd

    I realize what’s actually going on there, but my goodness does that second panel in the bottom row look suggestive. :D

  29. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, even if Vanity is going to a different zoo, he’s leaving the worst kind of lasting impression! I mean, come on- who does that?!

  30. Annonamousethatscurriesinthedarkness

    Thinking on all that has gone one here one would suspect Vanity is burning his bridges.

    Then I remembered this little bit of information from the Panda exhibit here in Toronto – in teeny tiny print and not mentioned at all by the “official” keepers – all Pandas everywhere are owned by the PRC. Their keepers are good citizens – translated as well indoctrinated drones that can kiss party butt but not know their own butt from a panda butt. Ahem – apologies to those who feel uncomfortable with my lil rant.

    So the Coles notes version is that Vanity was on the zoo circuit and thinks that he will be moved to the next zoo soon enough, so he is not making friends as a defence mechanism.

    My guess, since this zoo is the bottom of the bottom, is either he is being sent to China and even the Chinese won’t put up with him as a failure of a bear and this was his last stop. He really messed up and is on his way to becoming some very pricey rare ingredients for traditional medicine [aphrodisiacs etc].

  31. Chasey

    Worth what, though..? All the yelling, pranks, and tantrum-throwing? If he is being moved, what was the point of all that anyway? Maybe he’s running away?

  32. connor Murphy

    @Sterling Rodd B you nasty~ XD

    lol but seriously gay wouldn’t do that because: A) he loves lech,
    and B) gay doesn’t seem like the bear to cheat.
    also get your head out of the gutter sterling, lol :D

  33. Nicole

    @Annonamousethatscurriesinthedarkness: Oh! I forgot about that! Pandas are always only on loan. Make sense with how we thought he was going to be moved. This will be very interesting to see where Alison takes this. The bears certainly wouldn’t know anything about that.

    @Nila: look away, following theory not for you, girl! ;)

    I wonder if Vanity has ever been put with a group of bears before, or only by himself or with other pandas. This group may have been his first exposure to other bears who didn’t see him as something special–they are each unique and special. He may have never needed to try and fit in before, and certainly never had it fail. Does anyone know how old Vanity is?

  34. Nicole

    Panel 10: I forgot how tiny Vanity is. Such a sad, self-isolated little figure there. He doesn’t realize he is the cause of all his own pain.

  35. Nicole

    Panel 9: Me, trying to get up in the morning.

  36. Nila

    That’s cute you thinking I’m a “cat”. | Oh how wrong you are. Just as you are wrong about everything else you’ve said here so far~
    Mmmmmmm burning. I love it almost as much as Evil. & the smell & sight of what fire does is exquisite~

  37. Nila

    @Sterling Rodd
    lululul I was thinking same thing for that panel. (sort of)
    But still, who knows what he was really doing~

  38. Bri

    I like the shading on Lech’s eyes. I agree with @Nicole on everything, pretty much. I like how Bear Nuts gets us to think and ponder often, despite its non-serious, lighthearted exterior.

  39. masterreviewer1000

    Bitch I ain’t cute. I’m adorable. There’s a difference.
    Of course I’m wrong about everything because nothing happened yet to assume that I’m right. I only said the possibility of what might happen. You would know this if you focus more on reading and listening to what I said before and less on coming up with clever burns. Unless your hearing is as bad as your taste. “So again, with the greatest possible respect, ZIP your howling screamer.” Because unlike you I don’t declare victory that hasn’t happened yet. That alone is drivel ego of false victory with the possibility of backfiring and more unless you want to be the new Vanity (Vanity 2.0: Nile addition IDK naming needs more work).

    Huh. Smells like fur. Need an ointment for that burn. The flames of failure is much more powerful than whatever Evil could ever cook up and dish out. If only you were a cat this might be less painful. ;p

  40. masterreviewer1000

    @connor Murphy
    Heh really? I always thought Gay and Lech always had a love hate relationship thing going about them. Or they are hiding deep feels for each other that we don’t know yet.

    The feels of… absolute contempt. XD

  41. Nila

    :) No~

  42. Nila

    That’s some rather good input. | Well the fact that he was dumped here while back… Heh~

    Tell me more about these… ” pricey rare ingredients for traditional medicine [aphrodisiacs etc]” ^^

  43. Sero

    I wonder if I’m overthinking things, but what the hell is Vanity’s endgame?! Eesh!
    Last page I thought he might have been trying to frame Evil, and then when caught felt like he was baiting everyone because he seems sure they’ll eventually forgive him and he’d never face any really *REALLY* bad consequences. (Last arc they were pretty adamant that despite the dysfunction they’re all family.)
    But now this page makes me think that theory was wrong. Is he trying to get kicked out by this, or just.. expecting to be?


    (Apologies if a similar-looking comment was awaiting moderation or something, I am not sure my last comment went through!)

  44. Nicole

    @Sero: See Annonamousethatscurriesinthedarkness’ comment above about how pandas are only loaned to zoos by China. Best bet is that Vanity knows his loan is ending and he is leaving. He’s burning his bridges because he’s pretty sure none of the bears care about him anyway. Personally, I think he really wanted to fit in to what he saw was a true, albeit disjointed, family. But “fitting in” to him meant being the star, whereas, being a part of a family means sometimes you’re the star and sometimes others are the star. Vanity has yet to learn that.

  45. Nicole

    @Bri: The shading on Lech’s eyes in Panel 6? Yes!! I paused on that, too. Gorgeous. Alison’s a pro.

  46. Betty

    Poor Vanity. Not to excuse his behavior, but it makes sense now why he’s acting out. He’s just a kid and is being forced to move around before he can really make any meaningful relationships.

    I bet he’s trying to get the group to hate him so it hurts less when he gets shipped off. I hope he gets to stay.

  47. Nila


    We shall see… In two nights… We may see.

  48. Tjimmy1999

    Why does everyone keep assuming Vanity’s a kid? Is it because he’s a small panda? All I’m wondering is if Nerd’s been checking out any recent zoo activity and updates at all.

  49. connor Murphy

    Wait i just realized something….

    where’s the precious boy death, is he still there in the background? i worry.

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