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January 20th, 2020

Page 717

A frigid weekend of snow storms, and another wild swing to above freezing temperature tomorrow and Wednesday; this has been a wild winter so far… our puppy is loving it though.  She whines and cries if you don’t let her come out too cause she wants to jump into every shovelful of snow and eat it? attack it? Whatever, she gets a lot of exercise and entertains the neighbours.  Then she has to pee A LOT.

TWC vote Incentive: Almost done with these Halloween designs, lol. That’s too much make up Tanked :D

Tonight at 8pm CST the Shirt Woot derby switches to the new theme so today is the LAST DAY TO VOTE FOR MY DESIGN ‘CATSTRONAUT’.  All you need is an Amazon account and you can vote for your favourite designs (hint: mine! :)



  1. Baron

    If Vanity’s “master plan” was to get everyone to hate each other, then we could be going that route…

  2. Tjimmy1999

    Well it has been years since Nerd’s been kicked in his Bear Nuts.

  3. Ali

    Gay got easily offended, didn’t expect that… or the the other things that followed.

    @tjimmy1999 I laughed too hard at that

  4. Nila

    Behold! Your so called “poor, crying out for attention” panda! | Even in the face of ProHulk, he still acts like how he did from the start… What more excuses are there to sympathize Vanity with?
    This is your Vanity bear. A living CANCER…. in black & white fur~

    @Admin (& or Alison) Darling.. I do understand a good story taking it’s time, & respect your decision for it. | But plz…. I want to see punishment/justice strike down hard on this little panda twat already.
    Or I might have to make my own way of hurting Vanity~
    (all this anger for him has to be vented some way.)

  5. masterreviewer1000

    Sara. Your old name was Slut Bear. Are we sure your other previous name wasn’t Bitch Bear?

  6. connor Murphy

    @Nila please go deal with that.
    you’ve been ranting in explicit detail about your hate for vanity the last few pages.

  7. connor Murphy

    @Ali gay has had a rough morning, and lech doesn’t look too happy about it either.
    he be like, don’t be a shit and make my boyfriend cry lol.

    shipping aside though, everyone seems to be done with vanity’s shit
    and at this point i’m done with it too, i just feel numb to it.

  8. Nila

    @connor Murphy (Don’t you think I would if the chance came up already?.. I only have a couple ideas, & only mine. No one else’s. I’m still waiting for the moment to strike.)

    & proud of it… Someone needs to hate Vanity… | It’s kind of like Evil said; Someone has to be the baddie. & this vixen has no problem being the villain to villains. Call me an anti-hero or rogue.

  9. Michael Sirius

    Oh wow, Lech really does look displeased that Vanity made Gay cry

  10. Dakaggo

    Seeing Lech’s reaction here makes me really really want a Lech/Gay story arc. Also very bold of Vanity to mock Prozac in this situation. That may backfire.

  11. ShennyNerd

    I’d rather call you annoying. Please down an entire bottle of chill pills.

    Definitely still a cry for attention imo. He’s getting desperate.

  12. Can never decide on a name

    @Nila “I want to see punishment/justice strike down hard on this little panda twat already.”
    I think Vanity agrees with you. Place your bets, self-destructing, or pulling a Joker?

  13. Chasey

    Oof! It was just a question! Sheesh.
    But yeah, anyway… I wonder if Vanity’s trying to prove some weird point, that he can do a bunch of crap like this and still be “family”? Because I know he was really angry about everyone giving Evil love and sympathy after all the crap Evil’s pulled in the past. Not too sure about Vanity’s end-game, though, totally guessing here.

  14. T-Shaw

    Dang, that cub is savage!

  15. Hake Feretto

    Heeep why Nerd OwO ??! He have do nothing ppor him >~< !!! Also our little panda jerk dare unrespect Prozac despite he was just scream at him ? Dude I think at this point the once way to make him shut up is a good tasing from Death's hands. Be sure our black bear will not let pass all these bad words to everyone !!

  16. Sterling Rodd

    Hence… “Bear Nuts”. :)

  17. connor Murphy

    @Sterling and thus, the king/queen of comedy has returned

    the royalty becometh, behold! ;)

  18. Gultron

    Poor Nerd…that gotta hurt

  19. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, if something drastic doesn’t happen to Vanity at the end of this chapter (I.e. He gets his vocal cords torn out, he’s left strung up in the lion enclosure, etc.), I’ll be disappointed. He’s practically asking for it!

  20. Treascair

    … Nerd kinda had that coming, but now I’m wondering if there’s finally going to be a comeuppance for Vanity. He put *everybody* in danger with this shit. And that cannot stand.

  21. MustacheHam

    Little dude has zero chill. He’s gonna end up as the next panel with a crunch if he keeps this up.
    Jeeze, he must be desperate to get out of the bear’s living area or something. >3>

  22. WhiteGamingBunny

    Hmmm…. While one particular individual has been a bit over-caustic in their dislike of vanity in these recent pages, I tend to agree more with their sentiment than those who are babying the panda jerk. It doesn’t matter if this is a “cry for attention” or something of the sort, he is a jerk and needs to finally get punished. (As far as I remember he has largely been a karma Houdini in the series, while poor Nerd gets hit with about 60+% of the slapstick related humor)

    I do find it odd he is so willing to sass pro-hulk, since not too long ago he was sucking up to him because he “tosses polars”. So either vanity has realized Prozac is mostly a bag of hot air and won’t do anything or something else is up.

    On another note, Sara’s assault was completely uncalled for. I haven’t seen an unprovoked attack on poor Nerd for asking an innocent question since classic Evil days. I hope (though somewhat doubt) they both get comeuppance this chapter.

  23. MviluUatusun

    Last panel: Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

  24. Black Pete

    If Vanity goes on like this, he’s obviously getting the wrong feedback. Between letting him go on like this and, well, punishing him, there are quite a few possible courses of action. But punishing is of course quick and easy and sorta brainless. And sometimes it works. Ususally it works short term and makes a mess long term. Depends on the circumstances.

  25. connor Murphy

    i just took a trip down nostalgia lane by looking at alison’s old deviantart.

    did you know Vanity was originally called Tolken asian bear? lol XD

  26. Bry

    for everyone complaining about Nila being a bit too vocal about their hatred towards Vanity, just ignore it instead of getting all bent out of shape. Nila isnt wrong: Vanity is and always will be a spoiled little sh*t. unlike Evil (and the other revealed bears’ backstories), Vanity seemed to have lived a good life, being pampered due his species as an endangered panda. so, unless Allison reveals otherwise in a Vanity arc, Vanity has absolutely no excuse to act the way he does. it’s one thing to act up in order to get attention, but this is going way too far. i’m unsure just how far Nila’s, ahem, punishment will go, but Vanity DOES deserve punishment, just as much as Evil did when he was up to his old tricks (but, again, at least Evil has an excuse to be acting the way he did…well, maybe “excuse” isnt the right word, but you get my meaning)

  27. Azmi

    Okay, Vanity is definitely getting transferred out and taking out all his aggression and burning his bridges, or at least that’s what he thinks. That’s why he made that direct remark about Nerd not knowing everything AND why he is now on this rant insulting everyone because he doesn’t think there will be any consequences!

  28. Nicole

    Hoo boy, Vanity is going to burn. But I’m with Azmi. He’s expecting something to save him–he thinks he’s getting out. That’s the only reason he would pull this kind of shite. If things don’t go his way, just watch him turn into a quivering ball of terror.

  29. StoticM

    @Azmi Yeah, I agree as well. This seems like Vanity is airing out his ‘frustration’ before the revelation of the transfer. But I feel there’s a twist not revealed yet. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  30. richard SF

    So back to China via Bear-mail?

  31. connor Murphy

    if it is a transfer like you all think, maybe it’s a new bear?

    unlikely but possible…i mean alison originally had a old drawing for a quarentine bear that was always sick.
    though i think she scrapped that idea because she said the bear was too similar to crack, so yeah i’m probably entirely wrong. *shrugs*

  32. Nila

    ,,i,- No :)

  33. Nila

    If only, Nicole…. If only~

  34. Nila

    @Can never decide on a name
    “Vanity”? Ahaha! I don’t think he’d agree with me on what I’m thinking.
    *places bet on “him just showing his true colors. again”*

  35. connor Murphy

    @Nila it’s eerie how similar to this one youtuber i know of called lily orchard.
    she’s one of those reviewers that goes for the throat and will go on rants about things she hates.

    from now on i’m just gonna nickname you lily because of this, enjoy your new name peace…

  36. Nicole

    @Nila: I just don’t see this ending well for Vanity, so give it time! ;)

  37. Nila

    @connor Murphy ………………………………………………………………………………………………………
    *deep breath* now.. connor.. I’m going to say this just once, so plz get it. I am only to be called by my true name “Nila”.

  38. Nila

    (If I was any of those bears, I’d go all smg4’s Saiko on him 2 pages ago)
    *siiiiiiigh* It better be worth the wait…

  39. connor Murphy

    @Nila sorry, i meant no disrespect Nila…i apologize.

    hope we can be good friends in comments :)

  40. Bri

    Aw, Gay. ;n; My heart.

    I don’t know if I had already mentioned the following previously, but: I’m somewhat not surprised seeing Vanity act out like this. o – o He seems to have been pushed around/aside with very little say from him since after his grand entrance to the “family”. Like others have pointed out too, his seemingly more privileged upbringing is very much clashing with the life he’s living now with the Bear Nuts gang, taking a toll on him as well.

    I’m also surprised that Prozac didn’t knock Van out after being insulted!

  41. gridsleep

    I think Vanity has borderline personality disorder. He acts sweet and then sour and quiet and loud, and it all just boils to a head because he doesn’t really know what others expect from him, and he explodes without regard for the consequences. His whole life is an act without a rudder.

  42. Nicole

    @Bri and gridsleep: Yep!

  43. Nila

    Now I remember someone who Vanity reminds me of…
    This little shit->

  44. Delakando

    Now is when they make “peace” with the lions by giving them the very person who started the war.

  45. Nila

    (don’t think he started that back then but…) I’M A-OK WITH THIS IDEA! ^-^

  46. ExplodingMuffins

    Honestly surprised that hulked Prozac is just holding him. I would think half mauling the little shit would be a justification of the other bears’ fear of unmedicated Prozac on a rampage, and a deserving lesson in not tampering with/disposing of people’s medication.

  47. Solario Visored

    Noticing a lot of Vanity hate (from some commenters more than others), and while Vanity is FAR from my favorite character in this comic, I don’t really hate him because, as selfish as he’s always been, this spree is a new level for him. I was initially thinking it couldn’t be Vanity behind all of it because it just seemed like more effort and detail than he would put into anything. Finding out that he really was behind it makes me wonder why.

    Like, yeah, I could see him doing one or more of these things, but all of them at once, with “pranks” ranging from minor annoyances to actual danger-creating hazards? I think something PROMPTED this, so again the question is, “Why?”

  48. connor Murphy

    @Nila i know that i’ve been kinda butting heads with you and i
    like to apologize for that, i suffer from social anxiety.

  49. Nila

    @connor Murphy
    Hmm~ | Well… I guess I can accept that.
    I suffer from a lot of things. Not like what you said, but so much messed up shit growing up….. after so many years it’s left me a mess~

  50. connor Murphy

    glad to hear that your willing to give a chance to become friends.

    honestly i’m a mess too because i have low self-esteem from time to time
    and that’s because of a whole other ordeal and the social anxiety just amplifies it.
    hehe…to being complete mess of a person~ *fist bumps*

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