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January 13th, 2020

Page 716

Oh Vanity.  The drams…

Vote Incentive: even more Vanity, lol.  I personally hate these movies and can’t watch them, but he’s kind of cute.

Having a bit of withdrawal from this show, it was a nice Friday night viewing ritual for Jim and I which we really don’t do very often…on to Witcher :D (these are on sale till Wed on Shirt Woot!)
Mandositting and MandoBFF


  1. Ali

    Oh vanity, when you know ThAt YoUr ACtIoNs hAVe ConSeQuENcE?

  2. Nila

    ^_^ careful now Evil… Or you are next~

    Y’all still think Vanity is doing this cause of some inner pain?… Cause as I’ve said b4; I don’t see it with this little bastard.

    & you Vanity… ARE ALL THAT & STILL “NOTHING”!! | Everything this little panda shit has said, is how I feel about him! What I’ve said about him!

  3. richard SF

    Didn’t think that one through very well now did he?

  4. Nila

    Ha ha ha ha!
    Vanity is still playing into my favor… I really hope next page gives him a heavy dose of PAIN… inner or outer. Which ever coes first~
    (But really, I would love to see him down on the ground in tears B) & being forced to leave~)

  5. T-Shaw


  6. Nila

    . . .
    Nila: *shoots Vanity in the head* … “& remember folks!…. That’s life!” *Joker laugh*

  7. connor Murphy

    @T-Shaw *starts singing Busted from Phineas and ferb*

    also Hooo-shit, Prozac about to claw a little shit!
    also proud papa-figure evil is just- Aghhh so cute,
    evil be all like “That’s my boy!” as Vanity set’s fire to his first minor exhibit lol

    That’s it, i’ve conceited…i love father figure/mentor evil dynamic with vanity! ^^

  8. N

    @connor Murphy
    It’s like we’ve just gone back to that first day of meeting Vanity…
    He really hasn’t changed~
    Still hoping for him to get hurt one way or another next page!

  9. Nila

    @Alison Acton
    Forgive my blatant rage on this page & last couple. I mean no disrespect to you or ya creation here~
    But Vanity has on & off & since few pages ago, become my most hated bear. & I’m not gonna pretend my feelings about him… I’m gonna be razor straight about how he makes me feel.
    As I have with all of the bears!

  10. Zandermanith

    Now the question is, will this hulk form last? l3

  11. Treascair

    “You ruined the cave. Made everyone miserable. And tried to blame it on Evil. I’ve had enough of your shit” … all in one roar.

  12. Gultron

    lol~ Evil

  13. Nila


  14. Chasey

    Eat him.
    We know he’s not gonna but dang, I don’t know where else this is going since Prozac doesn’t usually have coherent speech while hulked out.

  15. TailaBlu

    I am now slightly less convinced he did this because of pain. But like, only slightly.

  16. Hake Feretto

    Well…. @nina

    I think I have lose any piece of compassion for this little…… no words existe for describe him actualy…… seriously… nothing can justify an act like this even the fact evil have choose to let him (the worst is it was for.. save him) . Finaly Evil have do an error, he should have take him with him for fight agains the lion, it was perfect for use him as food ! OwO… I thought he had a good mind but finaly he is the once bear to have never change since the begin and he don’t seem ready to change…

    Only one thing can justify.. no nothing, even his origin they must be realy horrible and painfull even more than for Gimp that have for now the wrost horrible past > w>…. No definitivly I don’t know how he’ll save his skin… he must be banned from the bear’s cage…

  17. Dakaggo

    Alright now just eat him and all your problems are solved.

  18. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, this hasn’t exactly cleared up why Vanity did what he’s done, but it seems pretty clear how badly he is screwed over!

  19. gridsleep

    The Mandelorian drawings are proof that no attempt at imitation can increase the cuteness of the child.

  20. Nicole

    Absolutely LOVE how proud Evil is! LOL! Evil is still Evil. :D

    I don’t think that flushing Prozac’s pills was in Evil’s notes. He wouldn’t have risk the obvious consequences. That was a rookie mistake as we can now see. ;)

    I’m still convinced that Vanity thinks he is leaving somehow. He is burning this bridge hard because he believes he doesn’t need it anymore. Funny that he is screaming at everyone for behavior that he himself shows every day.

    @Nila: I probably have more compassion for Vanity because I used to BE Vanity. I know what it feels like to be a falling star and realize you are just a dork. So that’s why I am totally up for this storyline and a backstory. But I do understand your ire.

  21. connor Murphy

    @Nicole to be fair…i think everyone has been Vanity at one point in their lives.
    ex: a younger sibling is being born so you act out and do horrible things,
    afraid that you would no longer be the star, be needed, be important.

    speaking from me personally i never really had a younger sibling scenario because i was youngest,
    but i have felt like others don’t see me as important as i got older and got anxiety from it.

    Vanity in this sense probably feels like he doesn’t really belong in there with the other bears,
    everyone else is so close, everyone cares for another…Vanity being an endangered species
    just enhanced the fact that he doesn’t belong with the other bears, giving him more reason to burn bridges.

  22. AndyW

    I have to ask; is this the first time the girls have seen Prozac hulked out? I know he started to hulk (hit his head and stopped) since they arrived, but I can’t remember if either was there.

  23. Nila

    @connor Murphy
    “Everyone”? Plz~
    Panda’s are gonna be even more “endangered” if he says one more god damn thing without thinking…

  24. Nicole

    Aww, thanks, Connor. :)

    @Nila: “even more endangered…” ROFL! :D

  25. N0083rP00F

    LOL ~ Evil ~ “Amateur”

    As for our li’l vegan primadonna [had to add that one to the spellcheck dictionary] all I can suggest is tossing him to the lions with a “As an apology ladies, here’s the instigator. Please don’t kill him. Mostly dead is fine though.”

  26. connor Murphy

    “the hate is strong with this one” LMAO XD
    “your attitude toward vanity reminds me of some
    youtubers i watch that sound very cynical, good job imitating their tone.”

  27. Annonamousethatscurriesinthedarkness

    On a completely different note: Can we get the full text of the diatribe?
    I know Vanity is no Sidney Scoville but I love me a full on stream of creative invective.

  28. Nicole

    A ditch of your broken dreams…I gotta say, that’s good.

    I just noticed that his tummy star has sparkles on it?

  29. Nila

    @connor Murphy . . .
    Think that’s funny? || Youtuber’s ain’t nothing on me.

    I’m being necessary rage~

  30. admin

    @ Annonamousethatscurriesinthedarkness: “sucks all the oxygen out of the room and everyone around is suddenly 10% dumber and drooling like…at that point I ran out of room so feel free to insert your drooling noun of choice :)
    @Nila: so..I take it you don’t like Vanity much! lol

  31. Kitt

    Hooo Boy I think vanity might be about to experience an extinction-level event….Not undeservedly but….Yikes

  32. Nila

    @admin | Again; It’s nothing against youz.
    But yes… Since I started reading in Nov. Slowly but surely, Vanity became my least liked of the main bear characters. | & after his behavior these last couple pages… I don’t know if I can ever like him~
    He’s obviously still the least changed. Even Evil, Lech, & of course Sara, have been trying harder.

  33. connor Murphy

    @admin, @Nila Counterpoint
    we don’t exactly know the ages of the bears
    all we know are their origin stories and that prozac is presumably the eldest
    which means the vanity is most likely the youngest because of his actions being immature

  34. rws

    Perhaps turn him over to the Lions, since it seems they are in fact not guilty, of this at least.

  35. Nila

    @connor Murphy
    Really? ——–
    At this point in our era… Does age really define ones maturity?
    I stopped labeling physical age with behavior maturity quite some time ago. It’s how one is on the inside, that I judge~

  36. Honestly just typing my thoughts

    Too be fair, evil sara and lech have people that actively helped and pushed them to change for the better.
    The closest person Vanity had to an actual friend was Evil, who then backstabbed him and tried to get himself killed, which I think had a bigger effect on Vanity than you realise.
    Evil, Vanity’s closest friend of all the bears, was essentially abandoning the panda cub to be stuck with bears that don’t even like him.
    That’s why he was so angry at him last chapter. He feels betrayed, and alone.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he has abandonment issues because his mom did something similar.
    Vanity feels out of place among the others, an odd one out. The one friend he did make is changing too fast for him to keep up, so to avoid being hurt, he burned the bridges himself. Cast himself into isolation before the others can in a more hurtful way. I don’t think Vanity was behind the water thing, you saw how happy he was to be included in figuring things out, to be working as Evil’s little evil in training. He was genuinely happy for once. He felt like he really had a place, just for it to get snatched from him.

  37. Nila

    @Honestly just typing my thoughts

    Evil did NOT try to “backstab” Vanity…
    You obviously have missed a part of the story or just don’t get it~

  38. connor Murphy


    no surprise to those who read that evil took vanity out to protect him,
    but to Vanity, he probably see’s it differently…there are two sides to every story.

  39. Nila

    @connor Murphy
    Well of course VANITY sees it differently… He’s vain. He wouldn’t know humility or self-sacrifice if it bit him in the ass~
    Like the fact that Evil was willing to take himself off the board in an attempt to save the rest…
    Until I’m given a REAL reason to give sympathy to this little panda, nothing will change my mind~

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