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January 6th, 2020

Page 715

Happy New Year everyone!  So excited to have the kids go back to school :). I miss the quiet, the last two weeks have been hugely unproductive for me.  And I ate waaaay too much dessert… which led to this design: please go VOTE for ‘Dojo Dropout’ in this week’s Woot derby (today is the last day for this week, it switches every Monday night now).  Every vote helps and gets my designs a higher chance of printing :D

Vote incentive: Nerd gets a big knife!  Evil would be jealous, or maybe proud.



  1. Tjimmy1999

    That’s still not an answer.

  2. Ali

    Geez vanity needs to back off the insults. It’s not a surprise evil keeps notes.

  3. connor Murphy

    Vanity, Lapis Luzuli called..she wants her edgyness from SU season 4 back.

    Vanity is at a 10 and he needs to pull back to…he just needs to pull back.

  4. Treascair

    Why do I get the feeling Vanity’s been taking issue with everyone, and everybody else is so used to just rolling with things that nobody noticed? Everyone else fit in. Except Vanity.

  5. Nila




  6. Nila


    At this point… He doesn’t deserve to “fit in” with them…… Vanity can go to Hell!
    At this point, Ding Dong (Vanity) is beyond dead to me~

  7. Nicole

    I don’t know where Vanity is going with this, but I think @Treascair is on the right track. Vanity lost his original star status when he came to the discount zoo and hasn’t really found his place with the bears. This ain’t gonna help, but I think he’s basically screaming for attention?

  8. Hake Feretto

    Heeep…… Vanity… you should be careful with your langage >~ w> plus Nerd is probably the last bear than desserve to be treated like this, if you realy want attention well… it’s not by become a jerk you’ll success.

    Plus you act like this face to one of our girlies ?? Be sure she’ll put you back at your place very fast, at this point your family will have some difficulty to forgive you.. especialy Tanked than didn’t desserve that poor him.. he’ll never five you back his trust after what you have do to him, if you keep to be so awfull Vanity… you’ll realy finish alone… be careful…

  9. Nila

    @Hake Feretto
    His “family”? …. These bears are not his family~ He gave that up the moment this chapter began..
    I wouldn’t be surprised if his original family got rid of him cause he was a selfish brat.

  10. Hake Feretto


    I use the therm “family” for all the bears despite their acts even if they are jerk , but you have right they aren’t his “real” family and it’s why I feel a “Vanity ‘s origin” coming soon ! It will be the perfect occasion to see where Vanity realy come from and why he is alone ( even if your idea seem me a good one… so selfish than even his family had let him fall ) . But actualy we can only wait and see UwU !

  11. Anon

    This exhibit isn’t home to Vanity. He’s a panda. He doesn’t belong with the plebeian bears. He’s suffering.

  12. Bri

    Reading this page along with the comments … This is all so tragic. :(

  13. N0083rP00F

    The only reasons I can think of for all this nastiness is Vanity isn’t centre stage and he happens to be the only vegan in the group of omnivores.

    Lucky there isn’t a Polar bear that fits in with their size class or they would be sharing space with a pure carnivore. My guess is they would be Bipolar at best.

  14. connor Murphy

    @N0083rP00F did…you just make a pun about a polar bear having Bi-polar disorder?

    I…i don’t know what to say but here you go have +3 internet my dude.

  15. Nila

    @Hake Feretto
    I know… I’ve figured little Ding Dong’s origin might be next, long ago. & I DON’T want a Vanity origin… Not at the time~
    Honestly…. Next bear who’s origin I desire to see is Death’s~

  16. Nila


    Too bad (ding dong) Vanity isn’t suffering moar… yet~

  17. T-Shaw

    But why????!!! Seriously…

  18. Nicole

    @T-Shaw: I’m not sure why this explicit attack on Nerd, unless it is just that. The direct attacks have been on Gay, Tanked, Crack, Prozac and Gimp so far. The toilet and the skunk seem aimed at everyone. The kid is lashing out and I can’t wait for a backstory! It’s going to be a sad one, I think.

  19. connor Murphy

    Oh god, i hope they don’t go for a sappy redemption arc for vanity.

    @Admin nothing against redemption arc’s alison just…mlp kinda ruined it for me.
    I just don’t want this to be another Starlight Glimmer situation with Vanity

    at least with evil’s redemption arc it was him genuinely wanting to change,
    Vanity…i still can’t get out of my mind the idea that’s he’s a starlight glimmer type.

  20. Nila

    @connor Murphy
    Vanity is the last bear that should be redeemed. Yes. Perhaps this is that moment where we see someone who just stays an antagonist in the end~
    Even Evil bear is more deserving than him…

  21. Nicole

    Nila, I don’t think Vanity is an antagonist. Sloth Bear is an antagonist. Vanity’s just a problem.

  22. Nicole

    But, Nila, I mean, you’re not wrong about his personality, tho! ;)

  23. Nila

    Of course~
    I’ve studied personalities for years in the past. & Vanity’s has to be one of the most repulsive. Not to mention so far, he has shown no real sign of change for the better~

    I’ve had the unfortunate circumstance of meeting a person or 2 just like him. & they don’t have some sad history in their past… They are just simply all about “them”~
    So stuck in believing that they are above all others~

  24. Gultron

    Aww…No need to say such mean words to Nerd :(

  25. L

    I don’t think Vanity all that bad. I’m mean Evil set Gay on fire. Created a homicidal twin that got nearly everybody killed. Straight up ate Gimp’s pet birds. Has beat Nerd numerous times and destroyed his things. Vanity only ever been mouthy at most. His personality is unpleasant. The worst thing he did was start a fight between the Lions and bears. Still that doesn’t even top the twin thing Evil did. Also I think Vanity main motive is that he wants Evil to be his old self. I remember him becoming sort of a role model to Vanity in older eps. Vanity started modeling himself after Evil. If you really think about Evil is way less worthy of forgiveness then Vanity. He was a lot more of a sociopath. I hope Vanity gets severely punish like Evile did. It’s the only way a redemption arc will work.

  26. connor Murphy

    Evil reminds me a bit of the radio demon.

    he doesn’t do horrible things for certain reasons, most of the time he just does it out of sheer absolute boredom.
    the only difference is that evil has moral lines that he won’t cross and that’s what seperates him from the radio demon. he’s like that one minor antagonist that does things just to be a dick and doesn’t really feel sorry about it. evil is one of those minor villains that you love to rib on like Team yell or team Magma, team Aqua, any of the pokemon teams that are a replacement for team rocket lol.

  27. Nila

    @connor Murphy
    You address him as “Alastor”! Show some respect~

  28. Nila

    That is a whole lot of “nothing” you’ve said there~
    Trying to make justification using Evil while avoiding a few obvious truths from way back.
    If you can’t figure out what I mean. Then I’m not going to explain.
    Evil is more worthy than Vanity. & that’s that~

  29. connor Murphy

    @Nila i am showing respect, by calling him by his stage name
    only those that know him personally call him by his real name.
    even if you do know his real name, he won’t likely know you,
    that’s evident enough with Sir Penti. snake boy

  30. Nila

    @connor Murphy
    That will change soon enough. Which one do I mean?
    (That’s for me to know, & for you to MAYBE find out~)

  31. SmoochsPLH

    Awwww he’s cranky. xD

  32. Can never decide on a name

    So, no one else picked up on the word choice? Am I the only one who thinks he found out he’s being transferred again and is venting?

  33. Can never decide on a name

    On the subject of Evil’s notes, I can see three possibilities here, which are not mutually exclusive. The first is that he writes the ideas down in order to more easily remember them later if he needs to. The second is that he does so as a means of coping with NOT going through with them. It would certainly be an interesting twist on his comment of wishing he had thought of poisoning the water. Finally, the possibility that everyone should see coming but probably won’t with him, he’s writing a book. He might do it just to see the looks on their faces when they find out.

  34. Urago

    @N0083rP00F: Just to point things out, but Vanity is not the only vegetarian in the group. Cara(Purple) stated she doesn’t eat meat some pages ago.

  35. Nila

    @Can never decide on a name

    I don’t think they/we are lucky enough for that to happen. But if it does, then good riddance… I won’t miss him~

  36. Nicole

    @Can never decide on a name: I just came back to read the comic again and was staring at Panel’s 8 and 9 and thought, “Oh, wow, he’s running away.” But a transfer makes a lot of sense, too. That would be an interesting twist.

    What I like about this comic is how the characters grow and change, if necessary. They do not stay static although their core personalities are always with them. I am very curious to see what Alison does with Vanity and where this storyline goes. Come on, Monday!

  37. Todd M Maccarone

    Okay, this has me curious- what on Earth could’ve pushed Vanity so far as to do all of this?! I mean, yeah, he’s treated like the butt monkey a lot of times, but I never figured this would be his response.

  38. StoticM

    Honestly, I’d expect this considering how Vainty’s been treated, but I crazy thought came to my head: is he jealous of Nerd’s relationship with Evil? I doubt it, but we’ll just have to wait.

  39. connor Murphy

    @StoicM hehe…i know what’s happening!

    Vanity is upset that his father-figure evil isn’t already in an official relationship with his other dad Nerd and is rebelling because of it, just kidding! ;)

    Nevil shipping joke aside, i have seen how nerd and evil have grown closer and it doesn’t surprise me that Vanity is jealous of how they have a closer relationship unlike him and evil…probably goes further than that maybe any close relationship between anyone makes Vanity jealous.

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