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March 9th, 2020

Page 724

Lech is crossing lines all over the place :D

New tee design looking forward to spring!! This weekend was gorgeous, lots of bright sun and mild weather! Keep it coming universe! (and I’ve just jinxed us).

Vote incentive: continuing on the spring theme, how much do Wookies shed??


  1. Nila Foxy

    Oh hi Death! ^^ Where you been?
    Also Sara… Your enjoying this too much.
    Also… :( plz don’t cry Tanked~

  2. Playing_Possum

    Oh lech, when will you learn to play nice with your boyfriend XD

  3. Nila Foxy

    Also Prozac….. You say that as if Lech had a brain to begin with~

  4. Tjimmy1999

    Prozac, doesn’t that imply that Lech’s brain wasn’t rotten to begin with? Also, it looks like Gay’s comeback was so shocking that Lech and Death are experiencing copy and paste facial reactions.

  5. Tjimmy1999

    Starting to get the feeling that Lech can’t go through an entire conversation without needlessly insulting anyone. Anyone else getting that sudden realization as well?

  6. masterreviewer1000

    Oh hey Death. I completely forgot you were in this story. You really need to stop wondering away from the plot. You’re starting to become a minor to background character with your persistent absence.

  7. connor Murphy

    *Sigh’s in relief*

    Ahhh…i missed Gay and Lech’s insults/flirting.
    all is right with the world once again, it feels calming.

  8. Nila Foxy

    @connor Murphy

    & look it’s Death. :)
    Yes… Your fav. ship in this are doing what they do best.. Be a couple of Bear Nuts~

  9. Tjimmy1999

    @connor Murphy It feels more annoying than calm.

  10. T-Shaw

    Last panel: sometimes

  11. Todd Maccarone

    Took Death long enough to get here… Also, are we finally getting an origin story for little Ping Pong a.k.a. Vanity?

  12. Dakaggo

    Lech sure knows a lot about Gay’s butt…

  13. connor Murphy

    reading the page again makes me question something?

    Why does Gay seem way more angry than before with the red text, is this from Cara’s emotional powers maybe enhancing emotions?

    also “Enlarged butthole” gay are you saying Lech’s butt got bigger…

  14. Brian Hibbs

    How does this guy not hear all the yelling? That is some deep meditation.

  15. Nicole

    I knew it. Death was out for a walk in peaceful nature solitude. This meeting makes us all understand why.

    Panel 6 is breaking my heart!

  16. Ali

    geez, What did I miss?
    i knew it, lechs jokes just get inferior everytime.

  17. James

    Oh man. You missed the opportunity to have Death walk in and ask, “What died?!”

  18. Nicole

    @James: Well played, sir! :D

  19. Ant

    Did death get a new hairdo ir something because I do not remember that there.

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