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March 16th, 2020

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Going into a 3 week (maybe? hopefully not longer??) March Break here in Ontario. This week was the holiday anyway, the next two weeks all schools and public buildings are shutting down. I’m starting a new contract that’s going to be short but pretty labor intensive, and the boys will be home all day eating away my productivity (and sanity). Stay safe and hydrated everyone :) And lay off the toilet paper (I mean seriously?! What are they doing, EATING it??)

My spring cleaning derby themed vote incentive from last week is available now as a shirt on Woot, and this week’s vote incentive is two new ‘friends’ who already debuted on the FB page.



  1. connor Murphy

    Oooh, who’s this white maned boar that seems to know Evil?

    is he going to be important character later on? ;)

  2. connor Murphy

    Okay after looking at the preview on her facebook

    i’m head-canoning that Evil was raised by this boar and his other boar friend
    mostly because i can just imagine being like:
    “these are my two boar uncles, try and hurt them and i’ll disembowel you and scoop out your eye’s.”

  3. Nila Foxy

    Almost forgot to check on here tonight for this.

    Hmm. I knew Evil was outside.. Watching Vanity being taken away… & feeling sad about it~
    He was starting to become fond of the little misfit…

  4. Nila Foxy

    @connor Murphy

    idk about that. But They don’t seem to be enemies of Evil bear. Like the giraffes. | My guess is; They might just help Evil out with his little panda buddy.. A supposed… bear napping? Whatever happens, I want to see Evil, Tanked, & Cara involved.

  5. T-Shaw

    Now what?

  6. Aldin

    Who knew it was that easy to lure Evil.

  7. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, time out- who’s the boar?

  8. Jordan

    For as many traps as Evil has set, I love that he fell for the ol’ dollar-on-a-string bit.

  9. Nicole

    @Jordan: I agree! So easy to trap Evil with that knife–adorbs! SOMEbody knows him very well. Or should I say SOMEBOAR!

  10. Nila Foxy

    None of you remember this boar?

    He & the other one were playing cards against those.. Polar’s~

  11. Hake Feretto

    Hmmmm… no definitivly this story don’t smell good, if realy this boar was a friend of Evil why he had attire vhm with a trap ?

    I think it’s again in link with the poisoned watter and I still suspect Polar Bears for this > w>…. well I hope Evill will not finish hurted again !

  12. Ali

    Thats Nice.

    @Hake Feretto
    yeah i think so too

  13. Nila Foxy

    @Hake Feretto

    I think you both are wrong on that~

  14. connor Murphy

    @Nila Foxy

    I still stand by my headcanon that the boars were stand-in parents for evil before prozac became the group’s dad~ ^^

  15. someguy

    Boar from time when Steve lost his arm (chapter: Polar Opposites if interested to quick find it)

  16. Nila Foxy

    @connor Murphy

    I still don’t know about that.. BUT, I don’t feel they want to harm Evil bear. Believe he may know something the ursine doesn’t that could prove useful perhaps.

  17. connor Murphy

    @Nila Foxy

    Perhaps the boars do, we’ll just have to wait for monday to find out.

  18. TaggertShare

    Evil is proof even bad guys need some one or some Bear to like or be friends with.

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