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March 23rd, 2020

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Well, happy Monday everybody. I hope you all are staying in, staying healthy, and staying sane. I will definitely try to still be here for all of you on Mondays but no guarantees I’ll manage to keep my faculties together ALL week :) We figure the rest of the school year is probably going to be gone so I am getting a bit of mommy guilt about making sure the kids have enough school time and less screen time, but I have work and they’re underfoot all the time, and a lot of the stuff I want to do with them is hands on….ooof. It’s going to be a pretty weird couple of months.

So anyway, we have some semi-new characters: Wart and Hog were briefly in a Polar Bear episode but now they’re a bit more prominent in this arc. A couple of scruffy fellows indeed!

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Archive updated and a recent design for our new stay home and sleep in culture :D
Have a great week everyone!!


  1. Chasey

    Dude, I like these guys. Their designs are really nice.

  2. Nila Foxy

    Heheh… A (supposed) friend of Evil bear here, is a friend of mine.
    Not too surprised they don’t miss Vanity. | But the one on the left seems to respect Evil a bit.
    So… Will see what he has planned for our little demon usine~

  3. Nila Foxy

    Hmm.. That last word bubbble feels like a cut off sentence, like for the Sopranos~

    I’m hoping this guys plan “to make everyone happy” includes some kind of help for Vanity.

  4. connor Murphy

    huh…they look a lot smaller than when they were playing against the polars.

    Regardless i like these guys, they seem pretty Decent dudes that you could chill with.
    maybe have a beer, talk about how life can sometimes suck and they just let you vent.

  5. Ali

    These guys are Great, in design and personality.
    @Chasey @Nila Foxy @conner Murphy
    I agree with you guys
    (So I don’t have to write too much :))
    Anyways, I wonder what happens next…

  6. T-Shaw

    Wow, these guys are good friends.

  7. Nila Foxy

    @connor Murphy

    Would you like to hear a song I made for Evil? It’s a bit taken from/ inspired by my new most fav. animation.

  8. connor Murphy

    @Nila Foxy

    sure…why not? lay the song on me.

  9. NAZF

    If you miss a Monday or two, it’s understandable given current events. All you can do is try to stay sane. Maybe watch some movies or do some crafts or something with your family.

    Just make sure to wash hands often, sanitize where possible, and practice social distancing to help prevent virus spread.

    Stay healthy everyone! ^_^

  10. Nila Foxy

    @connor Murphy

    You have a dreeeeam! You wish to teeeeell.. & it’s just just laughable, but her girl, what the Hell~
    Cause you’re one of a kiiiiiind, charming ursine belle.. Now lets give these assholes a place to dwell.. Take it boys~
    Inside of every critter, is a lost cause… But we’ll cress them up now with some spiiiiiice~
    And we’ll ornate this crap-hole, with some old redemptive flair! & show these morons some proper bear styyyyle~
    Oh! Here & arooooound.. I’m sure you’ll play it soooooound! They’ll spend a little tiiiiiime, down at this Hazbin Z– *EXPLOSION*

  11. masterreviewer1000

    This is why I sometimes like you, Evil boy. You cut right to the point without any bullshit attached to it. Stammer of course, but still keep your eyes on the prize with hardly any distractions. Barely any of your other family members can manage to do that right.

  12. Treascair

    … yeah, I like these two already. No muss, no fuss.

  13. Can never decide on a name

    Evil has come a long way from when he wanted to scoop Vanity’s eyes out. He not only visibly cares about him but is also restraining himself from more than a subtle threat in reaction to the insults. So. Much. Character development.

  14. Todd Maccarone

    Charming boars, to be sure, but it’s clear they’re working some sort of angle… And that Evil may have had a few unwise dealings with them.

  15. Hake Feretto

    Hooo this sentence at the end… I feel a plan is coming soon, very soon > w>…. Well actualy I don’t know if they want put Vanity back or no, it’s too much recent for guess. Despite that and the attitude of these two guys (one of them look a bit like Tanked huh ? ) I feel something pretty “unexepted” will happen…

  16. Mason Loyd

    Keep in mind, when it comes to home learning, they need a lot less time than they do in school. A good rule of thumb (that I got from a pediatrician) is that up to age 8, they really only need 1 hour of ‘work’ per day, and add 15 minutes per year of age after. You also shouldn’t feel too badly about screen time, especially if you can set them up to watch things like zoo livecams, museum virtual tours, online read alongs, or brief exercise videos that they can work out alongside to help burn off restless energy.

    We’re in a really tight spot world-wide at the moment, but we’re all coming together (by staying apart) to help deal with this as sanely and safely as possible.

  17. CorvusCorone68

    i heard if you shave all a bear’s fur off it looks kinda like a pig; boars are a kind of pig

  18. MustacheHam

    This is interesting, I wonder what the whole plans are to come. >3>

  19. TaggertShare

    Like these characters already. I have dealt with many a swine on the farm. Are they about to Hog the spotlight here?

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