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March 30th, 2020

Page 727

Happy Monday yet again! How’s everybody doing today? Feel free to complain in the comments and we’ll all send positive vibes to each other :)
Around here, remote working is questionable: my junior co-workers are frequently fighting and there’s often pee on the floor in the staff bathroom. Despite all the signs I’ve put up in the kitchen no one is doing their own dishes. My cubicle is constantly being invaded and I may need to report certain staff members to HR for obnoxious behaviour. The VP is little help; puts on his headphones and ignores everyone all day. I caught one of them drinking from the toilet last night. Company morale is breaking down and the 2/3 of interns are going feral, their personal grooming is sorely lacking and the mess on their heads could be likened to a Chia Pet in full bloom.

So, I had started working on a colouring book for fun, which of course would be really useful now, but I got a new contract that’s heavy and time constricted and now the boys are home all day…but, you can follow us on Patreon and see some of the sample pages, or click on this week’s TWC vote incentive to see a Lech page featuring his lady love, Felicity :)

And a new shirt design for all us shut-ins (currently on sale at Neatorama, today is the last day!)


  1. Playing_Possum

    We will finally see how car Evil has come, I an bet he’s gonna turn down whatever they’re offering him because he cares about the little asshole

  2. Nila Foxy


  3. Nila Foxy

    fuuuuuck… Now I REALLY feel bad for that panda~
    *sigh* Here’s hoping Evil, Cara, & Tanked, save him.

  4. Dust My Broom

    I guess Evil ain’t what he once was. In the past he would have been totally ok with what the hogs are doing

  5. connor Murphy

    Okay…first off they want to Ground up Vanity’s unmentionables!

    @Nila Foxy I had no idea that sort of thing actually happened, did you know about this?

  6. connor Murphy

    Also i find it funny how casually Prozac accuses Evil of eating other exhibits.

    Though…to be fair, Evil does have a track record of eating birds, squirrels, etc.
    so i can’t really blame Prozac for blaming Evil on that account of eating a rainforest parrot.
    I mean let’s be real here, Evil once tried to grill a Toddler!!

  7. Nila Foxy

    @connor Murphy
    Well someone said it, many pages ago. So I looked it up.
    … Seemed they were not far off. But I thought- “Heheh.. Alison won’t have that being said about Vanity.”
    & nooooooooow…

  8. Kath mcgill

    So, yeah, sadly its true.
    Our local zoo loaned a black rhino male to a zoo in china for breeding for 6 months as nd when the rhino was supposed to be returned the zoo here in the states was informed the animal died when it was being transported to the other zoo. It was supposed to be shipped in a truck with a refrigerator
    But no, to save money they used a regular truck and the animal died.
    Then they sold the dead animal making the species functionality extinct.

  9. Nila Foxy

    @Kath mcgill
    Humanity is such a mixed blessing~

  10. Treascair

    I’m getting the feeling Evil ain’t a happy mofo about this. He has *standards*, and they’re making him, and by proxy everyone else, look bad.

    I’m expecting either rant, “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed”… or figuring out a way to inform the zoo staff what’s really been happening.

  11. Aldin

    Based on the second to last panel, I think a couple of boars might soon go missing.

  12. T-Shaw

    Here’s hoping Evil does the right thing.

  13. Todd Maccarone

    Well, now I’m really concerned to see what happens to Vanity. I’m also curious to see what the boars are up to and how it ties into Vanity.

  14. anonymousethatscurriesinthedarkness

    @Kath mcgill – I somehow doubt it was sheer stupidity on their part.
    The amount of black market, poached endangered species ending up in china is staggering.
    And for what? Some magical ancient remedy for a cold or keeping one fully functional when frisky.
    The confluence of greed, concentrated power, lack of compassion for anything and outright stupidity has made a perfect storm in that part of the world that has lead to this mess we are living in now.

  15. Yaboi...

    Yo they gonna disect vanity, JK but still panda I am worried about him even tho he a asshole.

  16. ShennyNerd

    He has his claws out…and a knife. There’s no way this doesn’t end in violence.

  17. Hake Feretto

    Unfortunatly what it said in this page is real…. humanity suck eslecialy chinese peoples, that not for nothing the Covid-19 appeared in theyr country.. these people eat all they found and it have not any hygiena on these market XwX…. Realy it’s just disgusting hiw much the Human-natur is…. Well here we are in a comic so I hope things will turn better and than Evill will do something good.

    Also @shennyNerd Evill pretty have his claw out all time (it’s even the once than show them so often and without any angryness behind, just he get them out very often and not for any special occasion. But I must admit it give him something cute and adorable X3…).

    Well so our Albinow bear is the last chabce for Vanity, and as he is a main characters of the show I doubt he’ll dead like this so I’m positive for the next, Evil we count all on you now ! Show us you have change, even if it’s a little I’ll still love you and you’ll keep my favorite bear in the gang >w< !!

  18. Hake Feretto

    Also to @everyone I hope you all goes well and keep safe on your side, we must overpass this crise yogethers and we’ll do it even if it take time so courage to everyone >~< !

  19. gridsleep

    What comes of not doing your research.

  20. Bri

    Alison, you may want to start screening your comments. Racial discrimination is on the loose.

    As if power, greed, animal cruelty, and unsanitary issues don’t occur in the rest of the world. North America isn’t innocent either, and I am saying this as a Canadian. =|

    Really, people are quick to blame others or bad-talk others, yet they can’t bother to be introspective and see the issues we cause or contribute to as well?

  21. Warden

    @Bri My dude, no one is denying that we have our share of assholes everywhere else. Of course we do.
    The sad reality is that the endangered animal market in China is huge. That’s not racism, just facts. Watch a documentary about it sometime if you can stomach it.

  22. Urago

    Huh, no wonder Vanity was crying so much some pages ago. They want to kill him.

  23. connor Murphy

    Vanity was so angry for so many pages…and i know why.

    he’s heard the story over and over again, Gee it’s sad to see him leave his other friends.

  24. Ali

    Welp… was not expecting that.

  25. Ali

    Hey! My avatars working!

  26. Nugzo

    Hey! My avatars working!

  27. Ali

    Sorry for duplicate comments

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