Page 710
November 25th, 2019

Page 710

It’s a whole new world for Evil :)  Maybe the holiday season is getting to him!
My mother is currently gallivanting around Italy with some lady friends and neglecting her grandsons (and depriving me of my free babysitter!) On the chance she stops long enough to see this: We’re all still alive, the kids are relatively clean and I’m still feeding them.  As far as I know your husband is still alive but may be feral by the time you get home…no guilt trip of course though.  Have a gooooood time!

TWC reward image: Halloween Cara!  A little creepy, but still smiling.

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And there’s a bunch of new Christmas designs up on Teepublic and RedBubble, including the Baby because I absolutely had to (he/she/it is so stinking cute!)


  1. Ali

    He dropped crack, his bones probably cracked, panel 12 and 17 are current.

  2. Nils

    Hmm… I know that feeling all too well, Evil.. Well I still believe you Evil~
    Right now I wish I could just fucking punch Lech’s face! Making him now think all those kind words were lies!!
    You just can’t be responsible for your God damn ignorance, Lech!

    ;w; TY Cara… & even Sara. At least someone is trying to show him some belief!
    I hope this doesn’t ruin Evil’s try at being some-what caring.. I like him with even a little heart.

    Whoever is doing this… I want them to be hurt…….. Hurt so bad~

  3. Athlone

    Last four panels = D’aaaaaaw

  4. Red

    *gasp* could this be the beginning.. of Evil’s harem!?… nah i kinda doubt that, would be cool with tons of potential for hilarity with lech complaining, but i doubt it will happen. HOWEVER, i do think he should at least be allowed to have one girlfriend who can give him some stability, and let him feel the feeling of love that it seems he has been denied most of his life.

  5. Nila

    P.S. Still no sign of that little shit, Vanity. & not counting out those damn Monkeys…….
    Screw them both! Those.. filthy, rude primates, & that small-boy-syndrome panda~

  6. Nila

    Surely some of you must agree?
    Evil bear didn’t do it~ I believe him.

  7. Nila

    *last page* Lech: “No one’s a better judge of character than me!”


  8. Nila

    BS* ^

  9. Treascair

    … I’m with the girls. Nice to know SOMEONE gives a damn.

  10. Hake Feretto

    Daaw finaly someone realy “nice” and than give a chance to Evil despite all the bad thing he have done, even Sara’s syst than have good reason to blame him seem have forgive him (certainly she have said to herself she had well serach it and it was all she desserved). But I’m surprise than she realy don’t seem have any rancor at him ! It’s prouf she is honest .

    All others should take exemple on our girlie.. with Prozac and Death she seem the once realy “matur” bear in the family.

    Now it’s sure Evil isn’t in this shit (well exept his paw) after a page like this I can’t even more he is behind, not after all that ( and even him seem know about his errors “I can’t blame you..” so he admit he have do bad things and actualy all he want is have real and honest nice word from all his bro… pleased than our girls have give him a chance ^^. Now I hope they’ll understand (especialy Lech) than Evil , for once, have nothing in this event.

    So the once bear keep is this little jerck of Vanity… (if it’s realy him , we can all have wrong about but for now he is the suspect number 1..). If realy he have do all these things to his own family he is realy a jerck and I hope he’ll be punish in consequence (Gimp will be perfect for that, he have all the needed tools for deal nicely with a young panda in his room..).

    Well now I realy can’t wait for the next, pleas sole revelations in the next page…the wait is unbearable >~<..!

  11. T-Shaw

    Well, at least the girls believe he’s innocent. That’s nice.

  12. Todd Maccarone

    Glad to see someone believes in Evil. I’m not expecting him to tear up or anything on the next page, but if he’s not at least a bit moved, I’ll be surprised.

  13. MicaXIII

    half of me is like “AAWWWWW<3" and the other half is "Evil's gettin all the puss lol"

  14. connor Murphy

    aww cara is such a sweetheart <3

    i personally didn't think it was evil from the beginning because it makes no sense relatively to the story.

  15. Nila

    @connor Murphy | Indeed she is.
    Again. The 2 strongest motives; Vanity- angrily wanting to have em believe Evil is faking it. (& is like an “evil jr.”)
    Monkeys- wanting revenge for multiple past events. & just being naturally jerks~
    But just to be safe; I’m ruling in most of the other animals, especially in the Zoo.

  16. Nicole

    Yes, the ladies have got this. <3 And, oh, the hurt in panel 8.
    @Hank Feretto: "The wait is unbearable" I see what you did there. :)

  17. Can never decide on a name

    Evil has been wearing that shocked expression a lot, recently.

  18. Trolldrool

    Is Evil wiping a tear from his left eye in panel eight?

  19. Nicole

    @Trolldrool: That’s what I see.

  20. Nila

    Wouldn’t be the first time.
    (That was back when Nerd said Evil was the best at specific things.)
    I’m just waiting to see who ends up taking the punishment these bears… Heheh.
    Sure it won’t be an experience they will forget.. (& might not survive~)

  21. Nila

    punishment these bears give*

  22. Michael Sirius

    Evil reminds me so much of Season 3 and 4 Tom Lucitor now, I could even hear it in some of those panels (hope that leads to more cute moments between him and Nerd lol)

  23. Nila

    @Michael Sirius
    That’s a pretty good choice for him. (Now I can’t un-hear it)
    Now I’m wondering what ones like… Prozac or Gay’s voice would be.

  24. Nila

    @Hake Feretto
    Are you kidding?… Despite her quirks, Cara has to be the most sane, main character in Bear Nuts!
    She certainly seems to be the most forgiving of them~

  25. Nila

    Ok.. This question has been scratching at my brain for while, so i’m just gonna go ahead & say it now~
    Why would Prozac have Gimp knocked out?! What noise could he make here?…

  26. Can never decide on a name

    @Nila Well, being the medic, he might try to wake the others up. Maybe.

  27. Fan of Prozac Bear

    I believe you Evil.

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