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December 2nd, 2019

Page 711

Cyber Monday deals abound and standard shipping deadlines are coming up (Dec 10th for most places):
Teepublic has 35% off everything: tees/hoodies/stationary/mugs/phone cases/stickers/etc.
Shirt Woot has some exclusive designs of mine, including the first 4 Unstealthiest Ninja shirts
Red Bubble has 25-60% off with code CYBERDEALS

Vote Incentive: Halloween Crack looks like he just got back from Black Friday shopping! (actually I’ve never experienced crazy BF shopping trips, but the Youtube Walmart stampede videos are amazing/horrifying)

Some examples of new Christmas designs for this year:

And the Child because how could I not?? :)  I need a plushie.


  1. Dust My Broom

    I think Vanity is behind the pranks. Also yay! For including Death for once!

  2. Ali

    Prozac in panel four 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜.
    This is a very heartwarming comic page. Tho I still wanna know who did this to them, and how there going to clean it.

  3. Nila

    Awww ;w; Now that’s a heart warming moment!
    Evil bear.. You’re like smg4 Mario. A Jackass.. But ya new family is full of em. So you are right where ya belong.

    Despite how Evil has been…. I’ve seen his improvement. Deep down, a part of him wants THIS~

  4. Nila

    @Ali (to theorize a line from one of the next few pages coming—)
    “…Where is, Vanity?”
    Unless he shows up suddely as a pranked victim, he is still SUSPECT #1! B(
    He didn’t poison the water.. But he could very much have done this stuff~

  5. connor Murphy

    Honestly… i can’t blame lech for being suspicious, but we all know at this point that lech has a fragile ego that can shatter at the drop of a pin and his ego makes him brash and impulsive and not all the bright sometimes.

    also Gay in panel 5 giving a look like: your not getting any muffins or cuddles, you’re sleeping on the couch tonight dear. lol XD

  6. T-Shaw

    What’s up with Prozac? Is he happy or….?

  7. Nila

    Have u forgotten what kind of moments Prozac needs his pills? — When the stress gets to him.
    The atmosphere in this page is so much more peaceful. What reason would he have not to smile over this moment?
    Besides… Lets save his anger for whomever did this~

  8. Can never decide on a name

    “And then Crack woke up, and Lech spoke in a higher-pitched voice for a while.”

  9. Chasey

    Ha, that stink eye from Tanked. Prozac’s probably a bit loopy from the break in his drug addiction, or something. Either way, he sure looks goofy. <3

  10. Hake Feretto

    Daaaw how pleasant it is to finaly see the true love about Evill in the family, he maybe don’t seem want it but I think in his mind it’s what he wante… a place where people could appreciate and love him despite his attitude that is, I think, for attire attention on him unconciously .

    Well all that is glad to our both girls and now all the bear seem appreciate and accept to let his chance to our little Evill Lech is somewhere a bit “forced” to do the same.

    But now I feel a funny thing will happen…. Lech actualy pass on Crack’s boddy and he is just front to Evil at a good distance for, in case or Crack wake uo suddently, directly “fall” mouth again mouth with Evil… do you all feel it coming ?

  11. Todd Maccarone

    Now, this is the kind of moment that has a true Christmas feel to it (early as it may be for comments like this). Lovely sort of thing- but we all know someone’s gonna come along to screw the happiness over!

  12. connor Murphy

    @Todd Maccarone maybe the weather will change overnight for the bears cause of climate change, leaving them snowed in with nothing to do but to investigate who is pranking them all?

    @Alison I mean weather is screwed up all over, cold in warm states and colder in canada probably.. plus think of how london’s weather changes at the drop of a hat so that could be a good reason for random snow-in comic.

  13. Nicole

    Bear family love for Evil! And whoo…you don’t see stinkeye from Tanked very often. Lech better get his act together! :D

  14. gridsleep

    Oh god wait did Prozac eat those capsules? This is not what I wanted to feel heading into Christmas. \8^&

  15. sanguisuga

    Snapped up that tee, and got a bunch of stickers to send out with my Xmas cards. Your designs are the best!

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