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December 9th, 2019

Page 712

Tis the season Lech!  Get cozy guys :D
Vote Incentive: Halloween Death is forced to keep his hands to himself (if only my kids could also manage that…)

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Baby Snax‘   and   ‘How To Feed Your Dragon


  1. connor Murphy

    So…Lech isn’t a cuddler i guess?

    New info on Lech….ehhh? *shrugs*

  2. Ali

    AWWW Lech hugged (well, force hugged) evil. My life is complete J.K
    Though I deeply reject evils lying

  3. Nila

    XD Cara… You silly girl.
    aww :) That’s so sweet. Lech does care. & Evil seems to be shocked & touched that he is giving him a chance! ;w;
    Also……. This implies that “Team Lecherous Evil” still exists. ^^
    I still am on Evil’s side with this!

    Now…………….. Where.. is.. Vanity?..

  4. Roscuro

    This is almost as great as that bit where Gay was laying his head in Lech’s lap.

  5. Nila

    (Panel’s 4, 7 & 10. Evil’s expressions… I feel his little black heart, yet again, grew just a teeny bit more here.)

  6. T-Shaw

    So Evil is innocent.
    Good to know.;)

  7. Michael Sirius

    Love to see it, folks

  8. Nila


    & with that.. I have finally saved every page of BN!
    Such an amazing series~ Had to even give it, it’s own folder. … That I look forward to continue growing.

  9. Mr Demon

    Bad News, the knife chest is covered in kaka.
    Good News, the knife chest causes sepsis.

  10. Todd Maccarone

    Glad to see Lech can hug someone (after a bit of forcing), but this finally proves Evil is innocent.

  11. Nila

    @Todd Maccarone

    “Finally proves”? — It was proven back a couple of pages.
    (But I guess some needed more.. Convincing.)

  12. MicaXIII


  13. MicaXIII

    thinks back to when they were both cowering from a Skunk “no one will ever hear of this”
    and now this


  14. connor Murphy

    @Roscuro Wait, WHAT?! when did that happen i don’t remember that?

  15. Bri


    Lech & Evil hugging is SUCH a rare, adorable sight! AAAAAH! ;U;

  16. Nila

    The bromance is strong with this one. X3

  17. Hake Feretto

    Hehe and with that each of our bears have let a chance to our little Evill, gid this page is so adorable I dreamed ti see our Evil cuddle by someone since so lot of time and it finaly happen !! (Well it’s a bit forced but I don’t care because despite this Lech’s words was scincere and said with his heart ^^).

    So now I hope reluctant peoples are now convinced about Evill’s innocence here ? What finaly put all the fault on Vanity… buuut maybe he is innocent too ( even if I have lot of doubt about it..) and was tricked by monkeys for put the gault on him… We can now only wait&see !

  18. Nila

    @Hake Feretto
    *pennywise laugh* Would it be so bad to NOT have Vanity be innocent?
    TBH…. He’s my least loved BN bear.
    & as for the Monkeys… They still must be punished for lying & poisoning few chapters back~

  19. Nicole

    Oh! Panels 7 & 8…a genuine hug with Lech and Evil…so sweet. :) You know, at this point…I am getting a little worried about Vanity. I am surprised he is not here pretending his innocence. Unless he got stuck in his own prank…?

    OMG, Mr Demon!!! lol!

    @Nila: His little grinch heart! Yes. :)

  20. Nila

    Honestly.. I still believe he’s “missing” cause he’s hiding from them.
    Until undeniable proof that he didn’t do it, Vanity is still suspect #1 for the pranks.
    The monkeys can just get bent.. They were always jerks. Like in Tanked’s origin~

  21. connor Murphy

    Oh yeah.. i forgot what the monkeys did to tanked in his origin,
    but now i remember..they closed him off in a barrel of beer making him the lovable red that he is.

  22. Nila

    @connor Murphy
    Still…… They left him for dead.. & they LIED about the Lions likely too..
    First.. I want to know what Vanity plays in this part. Then… It can be their turn~

  23. TaggertShare

    The Bear Hug equivalent of a Man Hug. Wonder if Evil will bother disinfecting his knives.

  24. admin

    @Nila: Welcome to the comic! :D

  25. Can never decide on a name

    Technically, they’re all troglodytes (living in a cave). Evil has needed that hug since before the comic began.

  26. Nila

    why TY admin (Alison?). ^-^
    Can’t wait to see where this keeps leading to. (So investive with these bears. From which ones are most fun like Crack or Evil, to most relatable like Prozac or Cara.)
    I certainly hope the plot moves in favor of what I’m thinking. Has so far~

  27. Bruudwin

    XD and here I thought it was a possible ‘poop knife’ reference :P

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