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November 18th, 2019

Page 709

Poor Evil.  I wonder why they have trouble believing him?? :D

Christmas lights are going up on all the neighbour’s houses…which means we should probably maybe think about dragging the tree out of the basement sometime in the next two months.  We suck at getting the initiative to decorate; managed not a single Halloween thing this year.  The kids were not impressed.

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New Christmas design!  To go with the DC version from last year ;)




  1. Davenport

    Lech has too many bones to pick with everyone. He’s always got something to fault you for. Never trust Lech.

  2. Ali

    Why’s evil so comfortable at walking in number 1 and 2?? Like ewwwww!

  3. Nila

    *sr. pelo gasp* :D Another page!

    I STILL don’t believe it was Evil. (Why would chapter be called evil “JR” ?)
    Also aside from Vanity & animals like the monkeys.. Has no one wondered if SLOTH could have planned this?

  4. Nicole

    That is an innocent look on Evil’s face if I’ve ever seen one. And he saved Crack from the poo!

  5. connor Murphy

    @Davenport, Lech for all his accounts that he’s straight.. has a stick shoved so far up his ass when it comes to anyone except Gay…and maybe Nerd because he see’s him as a little bro.

    @Nila, have you seen Sloth bear…he’s so much of a fatass that he rivals Jabba the hut. no way that sloth could’ve orchistrated this.

  6. Nila

    @connor Murphy … hey assjack. He did have his little minions do everything for him.
    Also why have we not seen him get back at Evil & the rest?

    But so far, my strongest belief is Vanity ding dong panda. He was becoming an “Evil Jr.”.
    What better moment to ruin Evil’s efforts of trying to be a better guy, than shortly after everyone else giving him a real chance.

  7. Chasey

    I’m with Nila. Still think it’s Vanity.
    It MIGHT be someone outside of the bear family like the monkeys or giraffes or whatever, but really betting on Vanity. Vanity would at least know how to annoy them, like that Cracked will freak out without his night light, that Tanked really liked his teddy plush, and that.. well, I bet the pills for Prozac was probably well-known, but still! Probably got to be someone who could easily be in the bear cave the whole night pulling shenanigans. I mean, unless the monkeys or someone else kinda sneaky are framing him or something confusing and convoluted.

  8. Can never decide on a name

    Think before you speak, guys. Evil just walked through shit, most likely because he was carrying Crack. Do you want nice Evil to disappear? ‘Cause this is how you make nice Evil disappear.

  9. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, if this isn’t proof that Evil is innocent, I don’t wanna know what is! That leaves Vanity, the monkeys or (while still unlikely, it is possible) Sloth Bear is making a comeback (despite what the creator of the comics has previously said)!

  10. Nicole

    @Nila: “Vanity ding dong panda” ROFL!!! :D
    @Alison: I don’t put up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving at the earliest. Otherwise I get tired of them.

  11. Nila

    @Can never decide on a name
    TY… Glad I’m not only one who feels that way.

    It’s just what I choose to believe… Evil does seem to be trying harder to be there for at least most of these bears. Why? Cause they are the closest thing to a real “family” he’s ever had…
    It’s like the Marvel, Guardians. in Vol. 2. Evil is like their Rocket, & he always pushed them bears away. Cause he was so afraid of letting anyone in~
    But ever since that arc where he had, Evil TWO, not wanting to let his more vulgar twin kill them. Means he has even a tiny bit of heart.

    It may still be too soon to say completely what or who. But it’s just what I’m going for for now…
    (+… Have not seen that little panda twat since b4 the last chapter ended. Unless Vanity shows up covered in waste, that flooded the cave, he is suspect number one!)

  12. gridsleep

    Evil is only evil when he wants to be. Still wondering where he got horns. Is he like that puppy with a tail on his head?

  13. Narrowed Eyes

    …where’s Vanity?

  14. Jim

    Vanity is missing. Did he drown in the water tank and poison it?

  15. Can never decide on a name

    Pretty sure the horns are because he’s a Satanist and literally posessed. His clone also had horns, and towards the end they got pretty long in proportion to how evil he was. My personal theory is that the clone didn’t have a soul and had no resistance as a result.

  16. T-Shaw

    A little late to the party Evil?

  17. gridsleep

    Not a Satanist. A Satyrist. Get it? BahDUMbumtssss. I got a million of ’em.

  18. Nila

    The more I look over last few pages, including this page… The more I feel like Vanity or someone else is doing it…
    Whoever it is better count their blessings…….. Cause when they find out…. Well.. Sure you can guess~

  19. Nila

    . . . Now I remember why I accused the monkeys also! Reading back on this page.
    I feel they at least play some part in it~

  20. Michael Sirius

    Evil’s face in the last panel is so cute

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