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November 11th, 2019

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Thank you to all veterans and those who still serve.

Vote incentive: Halloween Prozac


  1. connor Murphy

    first: Eww, prozac that’s gross. i know your a junkie but…come on!

    Second: it can’t be evil because he’s still in the cave and we haven’t seen him yet,
    so maybe evil had a prank pulled on him as well, something that kept him in his room?

  2. T-Shaw

    Prozac, don’t eat that crap!
    Also there’s a 60 percent chance Evil did go back to his old ways.

  3. Ali

    i’m super surprised that the most mature bear in the group would eat that, well desperate time call for desperate measures. cant remember why nerds protecting him.

  4. Can never decide on a name

    @T-Shaw Eh, I’d say 20%, tops.

  5. chasey

    Still guessing Vanity. Really rather annoying pranks here instead of truly “evil” things. (except for mangling Tank’s teddybear) And yeah, we haven’t seen either of them yet, but, Iunno, maybe even Evil’s training Vanity, based on the title of this arc. But I really don’t want to believe Evil has much to do with this, mostly because there’s no way I can see him destroying Tank’s plushie that he made for him. :(

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Vanity has to be behind this! I mean, sure, Evil’s done some pretty rotten stuff in the past, but even he wouldn’t go this far! …hopefully.

  7. A Fan

    I like how whenever Prozac’s down Death takes the lead.

  8. connor Murphy

    @A Fan i like to imagine that Death bear just has the Voice of Death the kid from soul eater.
    it would fit his sarcastic approach to everything.

  9. WhiteGamingBunny

    Am I the only one that thinks it’s adorable that the bear Evil picked on most is apparently defending him?

  10. Sarita

    Uh… did they leave Crack behind? Is he just drowned in poop in the cave…?

  11. connor Murphy

    @WhiteGamingBunny #NEviliscuteship i agree that it’s adorable

  12. Nicole

    @Sarita: Knowing Crack, he’s probably hiding in a bush somewhere.

    Poor Prozac! Someone hit the zoo pharmacy stat! And, ah, it’s so nice to see Death Bear. :) Nerd is a peach and Gimp under the sheet is adorable.

    I fear for Evil…I’m pretty sure he’s in the clutches of Vanity!

  13. Hake Feretto

    Hmmmm why everyone keep to think it’s Evill doing that ? Seriously think to it one sec…. if he fall back in his bad side after a so focused arc on him it make this same arc useless. Of course Evill will certainly do some prank again in futur but I’m sure he’ll go more easy with. Plus this kind of prank are too childish for be him.. empty Prozac’s piles had never pass in his mind, between all the bears Prozac and Death are the once bear Evill “respect”. Plus Evill still have listen Prozac when he punished him for now so never ever he had dare do a prank like this to him.

    No you want my mind ? Vanity is the “coupable”… he want put all the fault on Evill for revenge himself and I’m sure all these Prank was also for isolate Evill from all others and make him suffer or other bad thing, my mikd is the one that will see that will be Crack because he is the last bear in the Cave with Evill and Vanity wo he is the one able to “fix” things between these two or just be a “témoin” of what will happen. The once prouf Evill haven’t do anything in all this shit.

    But of at the end it’s realy him… I wonder what the last arc was for…. so I keep certain it’s not Evill behind all these events but Vanity, this little jerck….

  14. TaggertShare

    It’s amazing to be able to say a crappy story line is great!

  15. shnurui

    But Evil is standing right there…

    Maybe he just knocked out prozac defensively?

  16. connor Murphy

    @shnurui, that’s not Evil…that’s gimp covered in a sheet because he couldn’t find his mask.

  17. Nila

    After his speech to Tanked, I just don’t feel this is cause of Evil.
    Vanity or one of the other kinds of Zoo animals are behind it…

    Also new to this (kind of) where do they say when another page MIGHT be posted?

  18. Michael Sirius

    I’ve supported Evil x Nerd for years

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