Page 707
November 4th, 2019

Page 707

A super wet Halloween but the kids still had fun.  Indy was quite miffed that I wouldn’t let her go in any of the houses, but better than leaving her at home with my parents so she could bark every time the door bell rang.  She also jumped the gate the last time we were out so puppy confinement has been rendered useless.

If you follow us on Patreon I’ve posted sneak peaks of all the Halloween designs but now they’re in color so I’ll put them up as the vote reward image on TWC for the next few weeks, starting with Evil :D

Holiday shirt design derby at Shirt Woot-please go VOTE for my kind of violent Christmas design :). All you need is an Amazon account.


  1. Tjimmy1999

    Shit just got real.

  2. connor Murphy

    @Tjimmy1999 *rimshot*

    but seriously emptying all of Prozac’s pill bottles causing him to have an anyeurism isn’t a good plan.

  3. Ali

    This went from mystery to comedy in a span of 1 page.

    @timmy1999 That’s the most perfect comment I have ever read.

  4. gridsleep

    Is that supposed to be Krampus? Doesn’t seem too happy with the partnership.

    As for the comic, doesn’t anyone remember Goosey Night?

  5. chasey

    and still no sign of vanity… or evil. Still thinking it’s Vanity after his angry meltdown last time…

  6. Topazert

    The monkeys have gone too far.

  7. Glowworm

    Poor Gimp needs some holes cut in that sheet.

  8. Treascair

    … okay, this is too focused to not be someone else… but this would be sheer overkill for even Evil. Evil’s petty, not psychopathic.

  9. Todd Maccarone

    And this all but confirms it’s either Vanity or the monkeys!

  10. gridsleep

    Gimp: “I got a rock.”

  11. Davenport

    Crack is still on the floor. C’mon, guys.

  12. Jordan Thompson

    I love any page that puts Gay as a stand-in leader or wrangler of the others when Prozac is incapacitated. Him looking out for Gimp is too cute. And that brown tide: Terrible lmao

  13. Chasey

    So, hey, guess I’m glad I’m not a bear and also that I don’t take as much Prozac as Prozac does! Because when I forget mine, all I get is dizziness. :P

  14. Hake Feretto

    Damn… for me I only have the first part of the comic like XwX…. I thought it was caused by a bad connexion but I retry today and still not change. Do I’m the once in this situation ?

  15. Kaouse

    I’m beginning to ship Gay with Gimp almost more than I ship Gay with Lech.

  16. T-Shaw

    Prozac’s not going to feel better after this.

  17. N0083rP00F

    @Hake Feretto – Clear your browser cache. The original problem would have been a connectivity issue between you and the website causing an incomplete image load. Afterwards your browser will have just cached the bad version of the image from last time.

    As for the instigators – Monkeys with a side order of Vanity.
    Mind you it could have been Vanity all along.

  18. connor Murphy

    @N0083rP00F I personally am banking on Vanity because this all just seems like something a kid would do.

  19. Katnik

    . . . like a bunch of cats who’ve just noticed a cucumber . . .

  20. Kaitlin Schatz

    that first panel just says: MOOOOM MOOOOOOM MOM MOM MOOM MOOOOOM

  21. connor Murphy

    @Alison Acton Small spelling mistake but, shouldn’t nerd be saying that he “can’ fix the clogged toilet instead of I “Can’t” fix that?

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