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October 28th, 2019

Page 706

It’s Ghost Gimp for Halloween! I actually plan to color the rough costume sketches as soon as I can but here’s Evil’s Halloween sketch and you can follow us on Patreon to see all the sneak peaks in advance :D

We had Sam’s 10th birthday party this weekend and he and his friends did an Escape Room for kids. ¬†They had a fantastic time and managed to get out with 7 minutes to spare! (totally blows out my record of 0 and 3 LOL). Anyone in Ottawa go check out them out, they’re in Barrhaven!

Vote Incentive: clever zombies for Halloween!


  1. Tjimmy1999

    You’d think Gimp would have more than one mask if one goes missing. But then again, that’s like expecting everyone in this cave to get along.

  2. Nicole

    For a minute, I thought it was Gimp making the the “Ahh!” sound. lol. He sure is courteous to put on a mask to keep the Rage at bay.

  3. connor Murphy

    Gimp at least has intuition to not look at anyone without his mask on.

    also, what the hell did they do to prozac…i’m afraid to find out almost.

  4. Tjimmy1999

    We saw Prozac in this page:
    He looks fine so far.

  5. connor Murphy

    Actually…maybe the whole messing with the other’s thing is what’s affecting Prozac.

    he is always the mediator for their squabbles so it’d make sense that it’s driving him insane.

  6. Ali

    Quick! Hurry call out to Prozac gimps lost his mask! Honestly it just seem more and more problematic. My comments get shorter.

  7. Athlone

    I bet someone’s switched out Prozac’s medication with something else

  8. K Derg

    If someone messed with Prozac’s meds… But who would be crazy enough to try to do that?

  9. Todd Maccarone

    This is getting worse and worse… And to answer K Derg’s question, it’s probably Evil, Vanity or the monkeys. Smart money’s on option 2 or 3.

  10. asebw

    Funny how things can go from comical to dead serious in 7 panels flat.

  11. T-Shaw

    What do you think Evil did to Prozac?

  12. connor Murphy

    @T-shaw I don’t personally think it was Evil

    but if i had to guess…someone swapped Prozac’s mood relaxers with Sugar pills or something else?
    If anything….i’m curious to see if Death was the only one left alone, because everyone fears him.

  13. Solario Visored

    Okay, so at first I suspected the same thing I’m sure a lot of people are, that Evil was to blame, but the more we see of these shenanigans, the less sure I am about it…

    Killing Cracked’s nightlight? Sure, Evil might do that when he’s bored. Eviscerating Tanked’s stuffy and making it a banana? Absolutely. Wonderfully traumatic. But stealing Gimp’s mask and dying Gay half-pink? Those feel respectively too far and not far enough. And then there’s Lech and the girls, who’ve had nothing done to them (that we’ve seen). I know Evil and Lech have had their team-ups and everyone likes the girls to some extent, but Evil is nothing if not all-inclusive when he goes on his little naughtiness binges; I feel like he wouldn’t have left those three out of it. I am kinda dreading what might have been done to Prozac and Death, but mostly I need to confirm by seeing what’s going on with the horned bear himself, because I feel like this was someone else…

  14. connor Murphy

    @Solario Visored I think that it’s Vanity because look at the nature of the pranks.

    these pranks all seem rather childish…not far enough for evil, but not out of his range.
    these pranks seem too…Ameture, evil and his clone evil #2 did much worse by comparison.
    The exploding medical kit for Gimp, the putrified green dye job on Gay, the laxatives instead of prozac’s pills.
    these pranks pail in comparison…Vanity is less adept at pranks so the evidence add up to me.

  15. Abdiel

    I like how Gay is the one that Gimp always trusts/confides in when it comes to his mask.

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