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July 10th, 2017

Page 586

We had the twin’s bday party on the weekend.  Fortunately the weather co-operated and I wasn’t stuck with 12 kids inside.  Couldn’t get one of them out of the pool (“The pizza is cold!”  “I don’t care!!”).  Minecraft themed cake (I’ll post a picture when I get the chance, my favourite cake lady is AMAZING) and water guns were gifted… we opened them up to take some action shots for my friend who got them but couldn’t stay to see.  My brother filled them and carnage ensued: Uncle Brandon was summarily executed, some of mom’s flowers were beheaded, patio tables were overturned, my mother shot me in the face (used Owen to do it), the people hiding in the house were outflanked when Uncle Jamie lead Evan in a rear assault through the front door.  There was massive casualties.

Vote Incentive: who else likes Eggos??


  1. Shenny

    A gymnasium. This will go well.

    I hope we get to see the girls on a rescue mission, if not this one then soon.

  2. Abdiel

    I hope the other bears can give him beer in time

  3. Michael Sirius

    I remember the last Tanked rescue mission, we got to seem some Glech and Death shock someone, I’m 100% here for this

  4. T-Shaw

    I like how the chameleon camouflages itself with Tanked.

  5. Anon

    That poor chameleon. “Protect meeeee”

  6. sulfurwolf1

    I’m surprised tanked hasn’t gone crazy yet this may work out after all, but who knows what Alison has in store.

  7. Todd Maccarone

    Poor Tanked. Hasn’t he suffered enough because of the monkeys?! On that same note, he’s surprisingly cool considering that he hasn’t gotten drunk in a bit… Is this the calm before the storm?

  8. 1moreanon

    Something tells me Tanked is about to bite off that Gecko’s head and spit it out at the Zoo keeper’s face as the kids scream in horror…

  9. Chris

    Shut up monkey.

  10. ariane

    oh man, that poor chameleon got me too. poor babies.

  11. Shade

    Who else hopes Evil gets to the monkey first.

  12. Batsy

    Have to agree with you shade Evil needs to deal with the monkey. Besides, he was really into it in the last strip.

  13. Magasek

    Go Actons! The best water fights involve covert alliances, flanking maneuvers, and sneak attacks through windows with kitchen sink sprayers, and end with more water in the house than out and a soaked answering machine emitting gurgly little beeps at random intervals! Ah! The memories!!

  14. Siraj

    I… desperately want to hug Tanked here. He looks so sad…

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