Page 585
July 3rd, 2017

Page 585

Happy 150th Birthday to Canada :)  And an early 4th of July to those it applies :)

It rained like crazy this whole weekend and the fire works out this way got postponed… which happened last year as well.  So yay for random summer Saturday evening fireworks!

So, operation: ‘Invasive Rescue That Will in No Way Go Inexorably and Horrifyingly Off the Rails’ is a go.  I’m sure most of them have a go bag ready at this point, the contents of which will of course be varied and interesting… magic sparkly knife!

Vote Incentive: Prince Charmander will make your dreams come true!  (if your dreams involve victories Pokemon and gym badges).

And Neatoshop is running it’s annual Independence Day Sale!  All tees on sale :D



    This page came two minutes late you almost gave me a heart attack and also the facework on this page is magnificent and also how dare you make those innuendos I just died inside out of disgust keep up the good work.

  2. T-Shaw

    When will that time come for Evil in the last panel?

  3. Shenny

    Aw blushing Evil is so cute.

  4. rugibess

    I Love Sara’s reaction

  5. Shenny

    Wow, is this the first time Evil’s ears have flipped completely forward? He must really be excited.

  6. Trolldrool

    I love how Evil isn’t even disappointed that he’s restricted to tazers.

  7. Michael Sirius

    Is that not even that subtle Glech innuendo I see? I live

  8. Abdiel

    I like Gay’s eyes in the second panel.

  9. FiliasNox

    ok ,now i really want to seen tank sober, must something really (put a good word for crazy,scary and amazing).

  10. Siraj

    Now I’m wondering what Gimp’s go bag is. Probably just full of medical supplies and an emergency stash of Everclear.

  11. Todd Maccarone

    The reactions of the Bears chosen for this mission are so adorable! Also, Evil’s ear flip is kinda cute… Do bear ears actually do that, or is this just some weird, Evil-exclusive thing?

  12. Alister

    There was a whole arch where the zoo was forced to go completely alcohol free and Tanked was forced to go sober. It definitely wasn’t a pretty sight.

  13. StoicM

    I just love each of their expressions here. Yea, i agree they’re adorable. (Gay in particular.) Also, Death’s expression is that genuine fear? or something else?

  14. Paul

    How can someone so terrible be so adorable?

  15. Glowworm

    That third panel is hilarious!

  16. Chris

    Jeezus he’s opening pandora’s box!

  17. Bri

    Everyone’s expressions in this page, I actually can’t

  18. Injytech

    Now you’re just teasing.

  19. TaggertShare

    Oh that last panel. I have a Bonnie Prince Charlie dagger sent from Scotland that I bet Evil would love to get his paws on. I keep it close by at night in case anyone tries to break in. Drop in for a visit Evil, I would love to show it to you. I am a fan of yours!

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