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June 26th, 2017

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My little twins turned 6 on Tuesday; they’re now too old to count on one hand :(  Time flies for sure and it’s hard to reconcile those tiny preemies in incubators to where they are now.  Though they’re still a little small for their age, and I’m fine with that :)  And they’re funny: they’re pick for dinner was sushi because they wanted octopus balls!  And octopus sushi!  And crab meat!  And salmon rolls!  And custard buns!  And they pretty much ate anything I put on their plates.  Meanwhile, I’ve had some of their friends over and tried to make custom pizzas with them and these kids won’t eat any veggies, some don’t want pepperoni, one wanted nothing but cheese AND he didn’t want the cheese melted.  Another one wouldn’t eat the pizza crust… I’m not sure I could handle that level of pickiness on a daily basis.

Vote Incentive: speaking of sushi :)


  1. Shenny

    Nice Calvin and Hobbes reference :D

  2. T-Shaw

    That ain’t good. What if tanked God’s berserk in front of the children?

  3. T-Shaw

    I meant to say what if Tanked goes berserk in front of the children?
    (darn auto correct)

  4. Vausch

    Am I seeing things or do Prozac and Crack look a lot deeper and more saturated in their colours?

    Hooo this isn’t gonna go well. Hope there’s at least one teacher that hides a flask to deal with annoying students.

  5. Todd Maccarone

    We’re all worried about Tanked, but did anyone else notice that Crack had weird, changing eyes in the panels he was shown in?

  6. Bry

    oh boy… yea, better make sure he doesnt run dry in front of the children… youd think after the last incident, Prozac, Nerd or Death wouldve given Tanked a flask to carry 24/7 and trained him to come get refills if needed (not that matters now)

  7. Bry

    oops, “not that it matters now” is what i meant lol


    I too sometimes get my face stuck inside my palm.

  9. Cpt. Obvious

    And sarcastic parrot is now ready to freak out. Sarcasm is a poor armor when entering hell!

  10. YetAnoutherBrian

    As you can see from the last time he went without alcohol, this will not be good. My avatar is Tanked eating a squirrel in what I am assuming is an attempt to get a buzz.

  11. Michael Sirius

    My goodness, Cracked is so Zen now, really digging this change tbh

  12. Abdiel

    I like Crack’s eyes. I’m glad we get to see them more often now.

  13. Megan

    Holy guacomole, the twins are six? I have been following you around you revealed you were pregnant with them. Time flies!

    And poor Tanked…this isn’t going to be good for all parties involved.

  14. admin

    @Vausch: good eye. I had to change my photoshop settings for a work thing, and yes, the colours are a little more saturated looking now.
    @Megan: I know! Time flies :(

  15. Faiz

    Death’s face at the 9th panel. Really disgusted.

  16. Bri

    I echo Michael; I’m loving the continuity in Crack’s state! I think I’ve said that before, but if anything it deserves repeating. :)

    And it’s funny – the age of the twins serve as a good reminder of how long I (and others) have been reading your comic, like Megan mentioned. In fact, I think I started reading Bear Nuts /before/ you announced your pregnancy! Bear Nuts has been such a longtime, natural stable in my life, and I love it. It’s just a relaxing 10 minutes of my life that feels so natural and part of my routine that barely any thought goes into checking for updates. Eventually I’d like to re-read the entire series so far and really take in the artistic improvement, the development of the characters, key events that I’d likely forgotten, etc. Keep up the great work. <3

  17. admin

    @Bri: Awwww! Your comment made my day :) Thanks Bri!

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