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February 6th, 2017

Page 564

This kind of thing seems to be happening a lot around here.  You’d think they’d all develop a tolerance by now…

We are leaving on Saturday for our first vacation in 8 years, and bringing the kids with us.  They’ve never been on a plane before, or swum in an ocean, or been to a tropical beach.  I’m sure they will have fun, I’m not so sure we will.  I may need a vacation to re-cover from my vacation…

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  1. ShennyNerd

    So uh…Merry Christmas to Prozac and Evil then?

  2. Bry

    Evil is just like “Seriously? If I gotta go into Prozac’s brain to fight a Pro-thulu, I swear…”

  3. Abdiel

    Is Tanked still awake?

  4. T-Shaw

    Uh Prozac, what..what was in the oranges?

  5. Project_Demise

    They were probably spiked to be fed to the monkeys or something.

  6. Nikary

    …what just happened? o_O”

  7. Anonymous

    Wait– I just noticed– the calendar had “kill them all” in the same ink the Xmas was marked!

  8. MicaXIII

    these guys gotta stop putting things in each other’s food, it’s becoming a bad habit

  9. Siraj

    Am I the only one amused by the fact that some of the looks for the bears having fallen over look like KO animations from the classic Final Fantasy games?

  10. *

    Good luck to you on your vacation and just a scenario I imagine is sand when you go to the ocean and eardrum feel numb when your on board the plane. Have a nice holiday :)

  11. Chasey

    Surprised more than one of them doesn’t have severe trust issues with food that’s given to them at this point; even Crack ate the orange without question!

  12. abowden

    AGAIN? Really?

  13. Todd Maccarone

    I’m beginning to notice a pattern here, and it’s that people are always getting knocked out by food! Fingers crossed that Prozac hasn’t planned to kill them all… But I’m not begging for much.

  14. Glowworm

    Prozac…did you drug the oranges?

  15. Tonikino

    That was unexpected

  16. Tonikino

    Just wondering, where is Death?

  17. Mr. Casual

    They are going to be so paranoid about food.

  18. Samurai_Woman

    Something tells me that those oranges were going to be used for something else….

  19. sulfurwolf1

    Uhhh, things escalated quickly so the calender message was a clue.

  20. chase

    Seems more like it was an accident and Pro didn’t know the oranges were spiked for some other animal in the zoo… but it would certainly be more interesting if it were on purpose! Can’t wait for Monday to know if it was intentional and why!

  21. SomeUnregPunk

    And now Prozac finally has a proper blissful, trouble free christmas.

  22. Nicole

    What the!

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