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January 30th, 2017

Page 563

I knew a guy in school who’s life’s ambition was apparently to some day get his own dog and name it ‘Whore’ (regardless of gender) so he could yell that name out loud when he was calling it.  Some people just want attention in whatever form they can get… I wonder how he’s doing, hopefully he spontaneously matured sometime after school finished.

There was a question on the last page about the bears relative sizes: most of them are about equal, Lech is the tallest, Nerd is shorter (the classic bullying victim), Vanity is tiny.

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  1. ShennyNerd

    The nutcracker is a nice touch.

  2. T-Shaw

    Lech please stop trying to make sex jokes about yourself.


    Bigger on the inside( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. StoticM

    That question before makes me wonder…do any of the bear’s have allergies? And Nerd is so precious here.

  5. sulfurwolf1

    Innocent person:Noooo the innuendo it’s too much. -faint-

    Me: (o_O) yea he’s dead (-_-‘)

  6. Abdiel

    Does anyone know where I can find the interview that Comics Coast to Coast did with Alison Acton? I went to their archives but it wasn’t there. Thank you in advance.

    Hmm, I wonder what could possibly be in Tanked’s stocking…

  7. rugibess

    Oh lech this is why your one of my faves. Anyways glad we got to see tanks stocking… for some reason I want to see all the other bears stockings as well.

  8. Faiz

    Sometimes, Lech is the most hated in my opinion. He’s an egoist and a lecher, [thus, the name] and he’s a bad example to most bears.

  9. Anon

    Mister Nutcracker, it’s your time to shine.

  10. rugibess

    @ Faiz To be fair nearly every one of the bears are flawed in some way, and have been assholes on more than one occasion. Vanity is also and egotist, Evil can be a sociopath at times although he has mellowed recently , Death can be petty and vindictive, Sara is kind of a bitch, etc. I also don’t think any of the bears really look up to Lech as a positive role model lol.

  11. Yu Huo

    True story: long time ago, I was in the park with my dog (sensibly called Berkeley) and there was a lady there whose new rescue dog, still a bit light in the training department, was doing the typical ‘I’M FREE!!!’ happy dance and running around not coming back when called. This lady had named her dog Vagina. So there she is, in a large public park, yelling ‘VAGINA! VAGINA! VAGIIIIIIIIIIIII-NAAAAAAAAA!!!’ Yeah… maybe not the best idea.

  12. Glowworm

    The Nerd and Cara part is precious!

  13. Michael Sirius

    Hmm…seems like Lech needs to get laid imo, he’s clearly gone too long without. Any monkeys up for this? Or Gay, perhaps? Someone stop him

  14. EatingFurniture

    I was worried Gimp had anal beads for a second before I saw the power cord. Then again, they could be vibrating..

  15. sammy

    Perfect irony that she’s the one calling him a whore lol I legit love it

  16. rugibess

    Alison should totes do a poll to see which bear pairing is the most popular.

  17. Dakaggo

    Definitely need more Lech/Gay love, the girls don’t want him anyway.

  18. MustacheHam

    Vanity’s silent threat is pretty funny. Best to keep that nutcracker away from Evil though. :I

  19. crazybark

    “bow chicka bow wow” – tucker

  20. Anonymous

    @Dakaggo: Some of you are hypocrites, I bet that if someone shipped Gay/Cara or Gay/Sara, people would be throwing a fit because it’s homosexual erasure. But shipping Lech(Someone who has never shown attraction to males too, at least as far as I know. I don’t know if I’m wrong or not) with a male character is fine.

    Oh, by the way, I’m LGBT myself, to get this out of the way. I don’t like changing a character’s orientation period, though.

  21. rugibess

    @Anonymous I would be ok if people shipped Gay with the girls. Also the author is well aware of Glech by this point, in fact, she has been teasing them as a relationship for a long time now. She has even done commissions of the two together in romantic situations before. Hell she started teasing about the two of them being together in the comment section all the way back on page twelve. People have been shipping characters together for a while and I don’t see the problem with people imagining two imaginary characters together and honestly no one “changing” the fictional characters orientation only the author can do that canonically. I am not going to argue that it is necessarily canon so to speak, but in the end it is up to the author to decide what to do with her characters.

  22. Dakaggo

    @Anonymous: I mean you’re right in a sense but you’re missing the point that I’m just taking what I can get here. There are numerous characters and one is gay. You can’t have a ship with only one character. If you just introduce a new gay character it usually ends up kind of a token character too. So yeah ideally I don’t have to want to see gay characters with straight characters but the selection of gay characters is a bit slim and honestly it’s not much of a stretch for a “straight” character (or even real person) to realize they’re bisexual.

  23. Dakaggo

    Also Gay and Lech are really cute together imo, they have kind of a tsundere thing going on.

  24. Mvilu Uatusun

    I don’t think I’d call Lech a whore. After all, he’s never had ANY success with a female, yet. Well, except for one but we won’t go there.

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