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January 23rd, 2017

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Finally got a chance to see Rogue 1 on the weekend.  Donnie Yen was awesome, such an interesting character, and a novel way to get the force in the movie somehow without resorting to a super powered hero type to come save the day (and then get horribly killed off cause it’s a prequel so you know no one’s making it out). And poor Hannibal :(  I do love Mads’ gravelly voice.

EDIT: Lol, just noticed that glaring apron pop… nice continuity error Al…duh.

Vote incentive: working on some stamp designs for a client and this was one of the rejected ones that I really liked :)


  1. sulfurwolf1

    Ohh Nerd and Nice call Gay and Cara… I think? (I get their names mixed up)

  2. ShennyNerd

    Yay my birthday update is dawwww!

  3. T-Shaw

    Aww.. Now if only Sara could be accepted.

  4. Abdiel

    I don’t know what downers are but I’m going to assume that they are pills. I also didn’t know that the pills had a particular scent. Is that the same batch that Tanked got his cookie from? Because the pills and alcohol shouldn’t be taken together. Lastly, Prozac looks really cute in panel 4.

  5. Urago

    @Abdiel: As for me, I think Cara looks adorable in panel 6.

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Nerd X Cara for the win! I love that! I hope that’s a thing.

  7. squeakybunny

    Happy to see everyone starting to get along.

    Re: the rejected stamp design. I love it too. How can you go wrong with balloons?

  8. TheFabulousEli

    Jesus that’s cute

  9. Kath

    Ah, I would have thought with her arms behind her back she was removing the apron and placed it on the counter so there wouldn’t be a continuity error.

    As for mixing pills in dough… and then eating them and drinking alcohol I don’t think there would be *that much* that would make much of a difference What alcohol does in increase the effect of the medication. (for the downers) so if it is going to make them calm, it will mellow them out further.

    and, for the girls, being accepted is a huge thing.

    Did I miss how the Christmas tree fell? one moment the tree was up and the next it was down.

  10. Glowworm

    Cara is so adorable.

  11. J

    …I just realized I can’t remember names of these female bears so I checked bio… To find out that they are still not there. Does they need to accept them both to you include them in list?

  12. Evilbob dA

    @Abdiel Pills also shouldn’t be baked. Temperature changes can induce chemical reactions and alter the efficacy of medications, lol.

  13. DJChris

    Now this has really calm the storm, and seeing Cara smiling with tears of joy of being accepted, it’s such a touching moment. Btw nicely done, Nerd my man.

  14. Abdiel

    Was Nerd always that short? I thought that all the bears (excluding Vanity) were pretty much the same height.

  15. StoticM

    I love moments like this.

  16. Nikary

    Don’t know about THAT short, but the size differences were always there.

  17. lkafkjdjcn


    Me too, me too.

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