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January 16th, 2017

Page 561

Time for a breather!  We’ve been working crazy hours for the last few months on an animation contract (BG paint for a Netflix show) which is due today and is… mostly done.  Like 99% there :)  I feel like putting my feet up and relaxing, but I have two smaller side projects to do.  This freelance life when it rains it pours thing, man.  And when it rains around here lately it quickly freezes and my driveway is a skating rink.

Vote incentive: an alternate version of the above shirt design commissioned for a reader’s daughter who wanted some more super heroes like her to look up to :)


  1. Tonikino

    Ooh no, Tanked what have you done


    What a great big happy family.

  3. T-Shaw

    HO HO HO- Shhhhhhhh…..

    That’s going on in Prozac’s mind right now in the last panel.

  4. Faiz

    Holiday mishaps there, eh?

  5. Shennynerd

    Tanked, you seem to have confused doe-eyes with housefly-eyes…

  6. Anon

    What did Gimp do to deserve this? :(

  7. Glowworm

    That third panel!

  8. DJChris

    Already the party went downhill, that quick and it makes Prozac think why does he even bother.

  9. Nicole

    Tanked’s eyes in panel 3 are PERFECT!

  10. Abdiel

    Crack needs to sit somewhere else if he doesn’t want to get caught in the crossfire.

  11. Bri

    AW, TANKED. <3

  12. Mazz

    Omg an enlarged version of freaking Tanked’s sad eyes it needed for my life.

  13. Mr. Round Clown

    Poor Gimp. My favorite bear not enjoying being tied up? Something is clearly stinky about this situation.

  14. TaggertShare

    Oh that third panel! Tanked has gone beyond “puppy eyes”. More like Alien eyes.

  15. TheFabulousEli

    Wha Hoppened?

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