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January 9th, 2017

Page 560

I finally, finally get around to doing a Christmas themed arc and OF COURSE I can’t organize myself well enough to actually get it up in time for the holiday.  I suppose a week late isn’t too bad in perspective, but that last arc just kept expanding (I think at 33 pages that was probably the longest one yet?) and here we go.  This one’s only 8 pages and ideally would have ended ON Christmas, but, yeah.  Probably should have mentioned this last week when this arc started, but this just proves my above point :)

I did mention last week with the vote incentive that I was trying to be positive about the New Year and looking forward to some things in particular (toddler Groot listens as well as my kids!), and then I saw the latest news feeds.  Some days, my candy coated irreverent bear buddies can’t lighten my mood.  Fortunately my boys aren’t too old for hugs from mommy… when does that stage start??

Vote incentive: feeling tired

And you can happy toddler? Groot on a shirt or print at Neato :)


  1. Tonikino

    no vote incentive today?

  2. TheFabulousEli

    I did it. For no reason really.

  3. JanBic

    My son just turned 27 and still appreciates hugs from his Mom (and Dad, too.)

  4. Vausch

    Careful eating that Tardis, Nerd. Don’t wanna know what happens if you break something that warps time and space.

  5. Shennynerd

    Poor Gimp can’t get a break.

    But really how did Evil make the hot dog?

  6. T-Shaw

    You know, I’m in Boces doing culinary arts and one of my friends made a big Tardis gingerbread house. Even Nerd bear’s Tardis looks amazing.

  7. Drake Lewis

    That TARDIS looks nice!

  8. admin

    @Tonikino: I fell asleep before finishing the update last night! New incentive up now :)
    @T-Shaw: good luck to you! I’ve always wanted to take cooking classes, I don’t have much confidence in what I’m doing when I try to make stuff.
    @Janbic: good to know! Chances are with 3, maybe one of them will still let me :D

  9. Anon

    I’m impressed with the details on that gingerbread Nerd. Evil knows the old school Star Trek uniforms.

  10. Glowworm

    I was right–Nerd made a gingerbread TARDIS.

  11. Nicole

    I like how Crack is just sitting on the sofa watching everyone. No one appears to be mad at him still.

  12. Becky

    I must have that Groot with bomb button shirt. :D WAAAAANT!


    It’s alright that the last comic lasted so long. I almost didn’t want it to end.

  14. Mattikirk

    This is a hell of a comic. I just wonder how long it took to come up with the design’s for the bears

  15. YourWorstNightmare

    Wow, lol so is see the EvilxNerd ship is trying to sneak its head back in XD look Nerd he mad a cookie you becaus he thinks you’re sweet…….then he ate it…….because he wants to eat you * hint hint wink wink* lol jk jk

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