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February 13th, 2017

Page 565

On vacation with Jim and the boys!  As I’m prepping this update in advance, I hope we are all still alive and no one has strangled anyone yet.  4 hours in a plane with just my husband is tolerable, not sure how it will go with 3 kids, 2 of which have a thing about staying in their seats :(  And while I’m being optimistic, hopefully I don’t come home burned to a crisp and ten pounds heavier…

Vote Incentive: Hermione time :)  She’s my fav.


  1. T-Shaw

    Prozac used what now?!

  2. ShennyNerd

    Evil’s eyes…I don’t think he’s ever been this excited before.

  3. TailsGothicAngel

    Is it just me or did Prozac just speak in 3rd person?….

  4. *

    1. Interesting, so the food is infuse with death paralyze power. Hm…How? And When?

    2. Just curious, you said 2 of them staying in their seat. What about the 3rd one? Also just use sun lotion and don’t eat too much :)


    am confused. Also I read panel seven in an Irish accent.

  6. Vausch

    Scary…hard to tell if Prozac is talking in the third person in reference to a game, or if we’ve got a little possession problem going on here. Evil Crack may be spreading his own Christmas nightmare.

  7. Faiz

    Do I see an evil Crack here?! I smell one

  8. Abdiel

    I’m sure he just drugged them so he can sneak their gifts in without them noticing… yup, let’s go with that.

  9. Nonsens

    Holy cow! Haven’t seen Prozak in such a good mood since forever!

  10. Anar-Celegorm

    Evil always the last surivor ! But for how many time ?

    As Abdiel I think that Prozac did this to put them to sleep so they could quietly drop the gifts at the feet of the tree tomorrow.
    But it can be other thing…it’s Bear Nuts after all…

  11. Athlone

    I’m honestly surprised the Bears haven’t developed an immunity to roofies after all this time.

  12. Miu3

    Oh my, kinda early to be putting things in the food again…must be a new bear thing :D

  13. Laura


  14. Bry

    Prozaaaac, whatre u doiiiiiing?

  15. MicaXIII

    “death touch”…what did he use Death’s pee or something?

  16. Mr. Casual

    This is going to start turning into “The Thing”. Nobody trusts anybody, everyone prepares their own food . . .

  17. Nicole

    @MicaXIII: That’s a scary thought!

  18. Abdiel

    I think Evil saying “wait” is him realizing that Prozac planned on knocking him out as well.

  19. Bry

    @Abdiel i think it was more along the lines of him registering what Prozac said. for two panels, he wasnt fully paying attention because he was too caught up in the excitement of figuring out what Prozac did/used…then hes like “wait…what did he just say?”

  20. sulfurwolf1

    Im guessing we’re all getting an answer in the next page most likely

  21. Matthieu

    @Bry I was thinking evil was surprised because prozac was using the third person. Like Prozac did this but he is not Prozac.

  22. N0083rP00F

    Oh my.
    Referring to Prozac in the third person is one big “uh-oh, this isn’t Prozac is it?”
    Saying that he used “Death Touch” means whoever this is figured out how Death’s ability works and shared this discovery for funzies.


    Actually, now that I think about it, I think Prozac is just going to shove Evil into Death to knock him out.

  24. MustacheHam

    @Abdiel I do see your point, it does seem to make sense. I think he would also …spare…um… trust Death as he may not be as tempted to open gifts prematurely.

  25. Vausch

    I did just notice, Prozac used “Death” in a formal way. It’s incredibly subtle but this font makes the capital D slightly smaller than the lowercase (or vice versa if caps lock is being used). Is this a hint? Or am I being over-analytical again?

  26. BrobyDDark

    It’s a set-up for a Pokemon joke.

  27. Magasek

    Prozac is slyly asking Death to zap Evil to knock him out. Second to last panel, see the sideways glance Prozac is giving Death and Death’s returned look of “what are you doing and why are you bringing me into this and why should I trust you anyway?” In the last panel Evil just figured out that he’s about to get zapped.


    @Magasek Oooooh that makes sense. I think it was just confusing because Death doesn’t look like he’s in on it.

  29. sulfurwolf1

    Anyone else notice how the skull on death’s stomach matches his facial expression.

  30. Abdiel

    @sulfurwolf1 yeah I think it’s really cool how it does that

  31. Mvilu Uatusun

    Evil’s next word should have been, “What?”

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