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February 20th, 2017

Page 566

So planning wise, I wanted this page to land on Christmas instead of 2 months later… I am so organized.

Vote Incentive: I’m still on a Totoro kick apparently :)


  1. Brian Hibbs

    I bit more dickish than we’re used to seeing form Prozac. It also just occurred to me that Death is kind of a tool for Prozac. Why does he shock Evil on Prozac’s whim? He never seems to enjoy doing it, save for when he shocked the pool to spite them.

  2. T-Shaw

    Tis the season to be dicky, fa la la la la la la la la.
    Eating fruit makes you feel sickly, fa la la la la la la la la.

  3. D

    Fun read, as always. You should def make that 2nd panel zapped Evil into a t-shirt.

  4. gamehunter8


  5. Abdiel

    Next Christmas they should do a white elephant thing. I hope Prozac goes back to being nice soon.

  6. Fat&Furious

    Death fucking obliderated Evil there… R.I.P son

  7. Vausch

    Ohhhhh, I get it. “Prozac used Death touch” was a hinting order. That’s evil, Prozac. All of this evil XD Oh well. “Falalalala-lala-la-la~”

  8. chase

    Can’t say I entirely blame him. Maybe he could’ve waited until after Christmas, though, hehe.
    Was it the best way to get some peace and quiet? Probably not.
    Was it the easiest way to get some peace and quiet? Probably pretty close.

  9. Todd Maccarone

    Well, good to see Prozac hasn’t gone nuts. But that still leaves one question unanswered- who wrote “Kill them all” on the calendar?


    Merry Christmas.

  11. Project_Demise

    With all the crap Prozac has had to deal with the past year, he deserves peace and quiet. Which he wasn’t going to get without dirty tactics.

  12. Abdiel

    Are these comics in chronological order? I assume they are.

  13. Anar-Celegorm

    What Prozac does is hypocritical, indeed but I think he desserve one day of peace by year at least and this year his christmas gift it’s “Silence&Peace”

    The others bears will simply spend a long night and wake up with a headache…thought…for Evil it may be more painful (but he deserves it a little and he like it).

    So Merry Christmas to Death and Prozac !!

    To finish The sentence ” kill them all” was probably written by Prozac, certainly his way of saying “make them sleep to finally have peace!!”

  14. Mr. Casual

    Yeah, this is . . . I dunno, seems out of character for Prozac. He’s usually looking out for the other bears and trying to keep the peace, but this is way overboard. Other than Sara and Lech, they were all behaving. Some of them were even being nice and getting along. There was no need for this.

  15. Anar-Celegorm

    Indeed it’s strange to see Prozac make use of this kind of methods that are more of the style of Evil.
    But we don’t forgot something… it’s Bear Nuts!!
    Now we must only wait&see.

  16. Virgil S.

    I’d agree this was overboard, that there are more humane ways to get peace and quiet, but the bears always wind up needing Prozaccan intervention if left unsupervised for more than an hour, so… tough but fair.

    In a sense, he’s doing them a favour. No beatings, groin kickings, eyeball scoopings, Tanked barfings, Evil punishings, Crack ravings, etc. for as many hours as the sedatives last. And haven’t we all put our feet up on a bear rug at one time or another?

  17. TaggertShare

    Silent Night… Holy Crap. It’s not the first time Lech has been used as a foot stool.

  18. Anar-Celegorm

    Prozac : now death can you give me a Paw rubbing pleas ?

    Death : hmmm…you really want be zipped ?

    Prozac : haaa…yes indeed, forgot that…

    Death : it will be a loooong night…

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