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February 27th, 2017

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We survived our first week long family vacation :)  I only got a little burned (chest is peeling as I type this) and Owen got a wicked heat rash, and we’re all missing the beach… and we were away for Valentine’s Day so I didn’t have to deal with 3x the school valentines to hand out- bonus!

Vote Incentive: Someone’s getting Force chocked…

Did you hear Miyazaki is unretired again?? Yay!


  1. ShennyNerd

    I have to ask, are the cracks in the ice historically accurate?

  2. Vausch

    Evil NO! It has to be a HUMAN sacrifice!

    Plus I’m pretty sure Eostar and Flora wouldn’t appreciate that. Part of their shtick is being goddesses of life and all.

  3. T-Shaw

    OH MY GOSH!!! What kind or snow day is this?!
    Also today’s my birthday.

  4. T-Shaw

    OH MY GOSH!!! What kind of snow day is this?!
    Also this was posted on my birthday.

  5. sulfurwolf1

    Woah Evil! Come down a snow day can be a good day if you just embrace the cold your a cold-hearted guy anyway

  6. Arte

    Evil is very dedicated.



  8. Moonie

    Is this?? Going to be a Gimp arc??? I am so excited??? <3

  9. admin

    Happy Birthday T-Shaw!! :D

  10. Chasey

    Ehh, couldn’t hurt to try? Oh, wait…

  11. Aldin

    Ah, but is Snowhendge properly aligned? If not, the sacrifice will be for naught. Besides, it should be the local groundhog on the alter for seeing his shadow. :)

  12. Bry

    Happy Birthday, T-Shaw! :D

    now on to more serious matters: Evil dont u know how sacrifices work? u gotta sacrifice an innocent maiden for these type of things

  13. Todd Maccarone

    A snowy Stonehenge- Snow-Henge! Good work, Evil; messed up, like usual, but good.

  14. Glowworm

    I appreciate all the effort Evil made into making those arcs for the sacrifice.

  15. Alpo

    With the knife blade being almost the same color as Evil’s arm, my first thought in frame seven was that the hooded figure was holding one of those twin-bladed knives from Alien Nation (used to stab Newcomers in both of their hearts at the same time).

    More of a “Nerd thing” than an “Evil thing”.

  16. Urago

    Alison, Paganism is not evil. Do your research, please. :/

  17. Anar-Celegorm

    Evil you are a very bad boy…(but its why we love you!) one day you’ll be punished for your offense !
    Gimp can be perfect for that…You will serve him as guinea pig to test his little “toys” so warning !!

  18. Vausch

    @Urago: Of course it isn’t. He’s just using and perverting one incredibly rare attribute of it because it works in his favour.

  19. admin

    @Urago: Who ever said it was?

  20. DJChris

    What kind of chaotic activity Evil’s planning with Vanity?

  21. TheFabulousEli

    Someone’s gonna die tonight!

  22. Michael Sirius

    But of course, take a life to appease the spring goddess, that’ll work…

    @Alpo I’d assume Prozac has confiscated Evil’s weapons by now, so maybe it is Nerd’s

  23. feartheswans

    @Urago: But Evil is well EVIL!

  24. Caveman1029

    B-but but you live in Canada… Kill who you want it’s still cold as hell…

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