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March 6th, 2017

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It’s a shame that snowball throwing is outlawed at schools, but not surprising.  Wether it’s the hopefully unintended inclusion of rocks/ice pellets, or the unsportsman-like can’t take a hit whining, the school yard is not the place for it… and neither is my house!  I’m soooo tired of refereeing snow ball fights where someone is crying cause they didn’t dodge it and they didn’t want to get hit and it’s so unfair/cold/wet/blah blah/tattling… sheesh.  I’m about done with winter now.

Vote Incentive:  St Patrick’s Day Ninja fun!

Get “Green Friends” on Neatoshop (yay full trailer!  Can’t wait, can’t wait!!)


  1. T-Shaw

    Nerd and Gimpy to the rescue. Now… SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!

  2. Abdiel

    Poor Nerd. Stabbity was the best name Evil could come up with?

  3. NeksusCat

    Get DUMPFed on!

  4. Athlone

    Panels tree and four.
    D’aaaaw, Evil’s little toesies!

  5. Todd Maccarone

    A snowball fight between the Bears. I really hope that’s what this story becomes. Also, thank you, Gimp, for being a hero.

  6. Glowworm

    His second favorite knife? What was his first?

  7. sulfurwolf1

    @Glowworm probably a karambit

  8. Siraj

    Yay for Gimp! … also, three bucks that says one of the girls pegged Nerd in the face there.

  9. Hake

    @Athlone haaaw yes it’s really cute I want to tickle them !!

  10. Caveman


  11. Urago

    Sure you weren’t, Evil. Weren’t you the one who tried to scoop out Vanity’s eyeballs before?

  12. Brian Hibbs

    So these guys never hibernate?

  13. FiliasNox

    This will degenerate really quick probably

  14. Kaydrien Iceclaw

    Someone’s gonna step on that knife later.

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