Page 569
March 13th, 2017

Page 569

So the twins are starting to get devious about their twinness; on vacation, my friend was talking to Evan, who let her believe he was Owen for half the conversation, then pulled a “Just kidding!  I’m Evan.” and ran off laughing at her… Their first day back at school and they come down stairs dressed identically (right down to the socks) and declare their intention to fool their teachers.  I don’t think it will work, they’ve had the same teachers for nearly two years now, but the intention was there.  So here we go… at least they haven’t tried to ritually sacrifice anyone yet.

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  1. sulfurwolf1

    Them working as a tean sort of creates an emptiness inside me for sime reason. It just feels weird to see that.

  2. rugibess

    I love the development that Evil has gone through in this story I just hope that he eventually does kind of confront the fact that he has become less… well evil I guess.

  3. differ

    heh, Gimp’s face in the panels. he totally stole the comic this time ;)

  4. Siraj

    Okay, all of them teaming up to build a snowman is ADORABLE. Even if I’d bet Evil would be trying to turn it into a golem.

  5. Bri

    Okay, Nerd and Evil in this page are SO CUTE. I love seeing Vanity’s full irises again too!

  6. T-Shaw

    Aww… Nerd looks like a cute baby in the 6th and 7th panel.

  7. Anar-Celegorm

    Haww there are all cute in the last line I want to hug all of them >~<!!

  8. Todd Maccarone

    Gimp never says a word, yet he communicates his ideas so well. Panel 11, he’s clearly thinking- “Why do I put up with these people?”


    Can we sacrifice Cara for Friday updates?

  10. ShennyNerd


  11. Anar-Celegorm

    This smiling and playful ambiance seems unfortunatly too good to be true …
    I hope be in error it will be so cute to see them have fun together !!

  12. Starfoxx

    Watch, their snowman is going to be all deformed and mangled looking but they’re going to be happy about it any ways.

  13. Starfoxx

    I am going to say I “called it” if the snowman is close to what I said


    Honestly, I was going to say now’s a bad time for a winter arc, but where I live, we just got two inches of snow out of nowhere today.

  15. Abdiel

    I’ve read this page like three times and I just now noticed the seventh panel

  16. Dusk Hunter713

    I binged the whole series yesterday… It was 4am when I finnished

  17. admin

    @ADHD: lol, sorry but no (and yeah, epic March snow storm around here :(
    @Shenny: I KNOW! Priorities people/bear thingies
    @Dusk: Ouch, I think that would give me a headache! How long did that take?

  18. Urago

    Speaking of Cara, today I dreamed that Nerd and Cara officially became a couple. I got to admit that would be cute.

  19. Dusk Hunter713

    @admin 5 hours

  20. Dusk Hunter713

    Btw im still new to the series, how often does this update?

  21. Abdiel

    @Dusk Hunter713 every Monday

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