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March 20th, 2017

Page 570

That storm dumped nearly 30 cm on us.  My neighbour with the snow blower was away (nice and warm in California) so I shovelled it all out, took a few days.  This weekend was glorious and sunny (not warm enough to melt the snow mountains everywhere though) and this whole week is supposed to be overcast and cool :(  Welcome to spring!

BUT some happy news: ‘Trooper Tricks’ won third in the Woot derby, and the very angry angels and demons shirt is available in the honourable mentions side sale :)

Vote Incentive: May is Groot month!


  1. T-Shaw

    I wonder if the initials on Gay’s purse means “Clearly Gay”.

  2. ShennyNerd

    @T-Shaw, pretty sure that’s a brand of expensive purses, the initials are the designer’s. As for who it is, no clue.

  3. Abdiel

    The last page made it seem like they were all working together to build one thing. I bet Lech is the one who threw the snowball.

  4. sulfurwolf1

    Ha I liked how evil just makes a shark coincidentally behind Vanity’s Sculpture and how can Vanity reach that high

  5. Dusk Hunter713

    Oh nerd you geeky little dork.

    Also vanity how did you not see Evil building that behind you. It’s huge.


    How did Evil get that built while wearing a robe?

  7. CorvusCorone68

    @ADHD_ADVERSARY obviously he summoned a snow demon

  8. Michael Sirius

    Pretty sure the brand is Gucci, or some knockoff/parody (source: my mother owns a considerable amount of Gucci)

  9. Vausch

    Now if only they had that old silk hat Frosty wore.

  10. Todd Maccarone

    Should’ve figured everyone would do their own thing. Still, it’s surprising to see what the sisters built- a nod to their family, perhaps? Also, where are Crack, Tanked, Prozac and Death in all this? Lech probably tossed the snowball.

  11. Sterling Rodd

    I can’t tell… Is Nerd just supposed to be on some ornate throne, or is it an homage to Reginald Barclay of ST:TNG when he became hyper-intelligent?

  12. Glowworm

    Sterling Rodd–it’s the Iron Throne from “Game of Thrones”
    I love Gay’s designer bag.

  13. Glowworm

    Also, those snow bears are so cute.

  14. Cyzzle

    I’ve wondered about this for quite a while now: Why do you draw quadruped, bear-like Mama-Bears, while the main characters are biped? Is it to make the image of a bear being a mother more accessible? Because to me, the quadruped bears come across as mothers quite easily, while i cannot really picture your usual biped bears in such position. Or is it the other way around (or both?), which would make sense, since the idea of all the main characters being quadruped is kind of funny. Great, i’m having nightmares about a quadruped Prozac tonight.

  15. MicaXIII

    Bet Lech threw that snowball

  16. Magasek

    @T-Shaw, @ShennyNerd – Unless Alison has invented a new brand for the strip, or there is some knockoff brand in Canada, where the logo is CG, my guess is it’s actually GG which is a logo for a brand of Gucci bags and accessories, as @Michael Serius said before. The GG either stands for Guccio Gucci, the man who started the Gucci brand almost 100 years ago, or it stands for Gucci Group, which is a particular line of accessories from Gucci.

  17. admin

    @ADHD: he is very talented :)
    @Sterling: GOT indeed, but nice call back, I’d forgotten that ep
    @Cyzzle: I do it mostly to help define a part of their lives that was ‘pre-zoo’ where all the human influence and material wants have sunk in, plus some of those back stories involve wild/juvenile bears and going all fours fits that narrative

  18. gridsleep

    Dang, it only took me about six hours to read through the entire series from the beginning. Now I’ll have to start Megatokyo again, and then Scary-go-round, and then Sluggy Freelance, then 9 Chickweed Lane, then Girl Genius, then Pibgorn… That should take me through to Friday…

  19. N0083rP00F

    Just be glad Evil didn’t stick a military laser in that shark head.
    Stick in a laser flashlight and a microwave module to melt vanities sculpture? Sure. why not?

  20. Bri

    I love Sara’s eye colour. <3 And I love how her and her sister are rocking those primary + secondary colours!

  21. MustacheHam

    I’m guessing Vanity missed Evil and hit Gay instead. Thus a snowball fight begins….right? :D

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