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January 28th, 2019

Page 667

This past week we had two cancelled bus days, then a PD day, then the weekend.  The kids had 5 days off in a row… I know you’re supposed to love your children but…LOL  THANK GOD IT’S MONDAY.  I was this close to Gimp rage-fitting myself :(

Vote Incentive:  Feeling overworked lately and always tired, and yet I can’t seem to nap.  I try, and I end up lying awake for 30 min getting extra irritable that I just wasted time I could have been working :P


  1. ShennyNerd

    Well that answers that question <_<

  2. Rainey

    Looks like the only fire he recognizes is what’s in his own eyes. Yikes. O.O

  3. Abdiel

    Crack will save the day, or he is just running away.

  4. Vausch

    Welp, gotta continue from last weak:


    Yamete! Ginpii!


  5. T-Shaw

    Just like Crack and Prozac.

  6. Project_Demise

    Sad how broken they all are…

  7. Blarfgh

    Can anyone stop Gimp Blanco?!

  8. connor Murphy

    My guess is that Crack is going to help by getting the mask and putting it back on Gimp?

    Then Nerd will zip the mask back up again and then they’ll all walk away because the lions are too shocked and let’s them walk out with Evil in tow?

  9. connor Murphy

    O-O Gimpy can lift the Lion leader into the air and throw him in this state!

    Lech was right Holy Sh*T that would mean that Gimp is stronger than he usually is in this state!

    Let’s see what type of species of bear is Gimp, multiplied by the strength of a fully grown male of that size and species, Divided by how much stronger that species of bear is when agrivated, add the mask which keeps all his anger and Fury contained and you have how strong that Gimpy is normally with the mask on!

  10. Todd Maccarone

    Man, Gimp’s flipping lost his sense of everything! It’s kinda hard to blame him- with what he’s been through, all that negative emotion has to be let out someway… I’m curious and worried to see how this turns out. Also, I hope Evil is okay… Sort of.

  11. Nicole

    HE. PICKED. UP. AND. THREW. THE. LION. I literally said “holy shit” just before Lech did. :o Gawd, the look on the lion’s face!

    @Abdiel: Crack appears to be running through the park, so I think he’s going to get help.
    @connor Murphy: Gimp killed a full grown man when he was still a little guy, so he is probably that much stronger now that he’s an adult. Yikes.

  12. Treascair

    And this, boys and girls, is the drawback to unbridled rage. Where’s Death when you need him?!

  13. Tjimmy1999

    So if Gimp loses it when his mask is removed, then what was with this page: and in this arc when he needed to take it off to clean out the vomit from the inside?

  14. Vausch

    @Tjimmy Gimp seems to go nuts when his skull is exposed to open air, not when his mask is removed. That’s probably why he sleeps with his blanket like that.

  15. Bri

    I had a feeling that Gimp would become uncontrollable even after dealing with the lions – based on past chapters. ^_^;;

    I sort of wonder who would win in a fight between berserk!Prozac and berserk!Gimp. I would add cracked!Crack, but I don’t think that even then his physical strength matches up to the former two.

  16. GamerLEN

    The madness has him. Until the mask is returned he’s basically in berserker mode.

  17. Brian P Hibbs

    I wonder, does he also go crazy if the bottom half of his outfit is removed?

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