Page 666
January 21st, 2019

Page 666

In the middle of another snowmageddon and I’m painting fire!  I know most would expect page 666 to contain some kind of Evil shenanigans but you get a rage tripping Gimp bear instead :)  At this point Evil is likely:

a) already bailed

b) lying somewhere grievously wounded

c) slowly being digested

I’ll leave it up to you all to guess!  In the meantime, go vote for BN (more fire!) or buy a tee! (or maybe something with long sleeves if you live in the cold snap zone…which is supposed to last another two days I think…)



  1. Zadow

    Of course it’s page 666, that just makes this all worth the buildup

    I hope it was intentional too because it’s great… I also feel real bad for Gimp he didn’t deserve the pain

  2. asebw

    With the burning rage eyes, the teeth and the rage drool, the top of his head almost looks like bone rather than scarred flesh ><.

  3. richard AF

    Does Gimp have a chain and a motorcycle with wheels made of fire somewhere? Evil is starting to look more and more “normal”.

  4. MustacheHam

    Skull cap fury.
    Great strip. :)

  5. ShennyNerd

    Well now we know the trigger: wind on his exposed skull.

    Now we just need to see if the lionesses intervene, and if Gimp can distinguish friend from foe.

  6. Vausch

    Jesus Christmas…I hope that’s skin.

    They’ve played Berserker Soul. Now how many “Dura, MONSUTA KAADO!” will he get?

  7. Bearfan88

    I don’t like it. That is not right to me.
    The story of the origin of gimp is too short,
    and this page don’t fit much with the other
    one where is not wearing the mask.
    (Beside i not know the story on the book 2, if related)

  8. T-Shaw

    HOLY CRAP, Gimpy and the page number!

  9. T-Shaw

    Also, he has more rage inside of him than Crack, Prozac, and Evil.

  10. Brian P Hibbs

    That looks painful. Hopefully it’s just spots where the fur can’t grow back. Given that he tries to be the tamest of them and he tries to heal others I can only see this ending with him in tears over the carnage he’s wrought.

    Like Prozac with more regret.

  11. Bagheera

    I thought that was exposed bone at first…its his skin. you can see a vein..

    This made me think of fleshpounds from killing floor…lol

  12. IWX

    To anyone worried that’s his skull, just remember that bare bear skin tends to be pretty close to the snout’s color (since that’s where their fur is thinnest), and it matches what we see of Gimpy’s snout. The cranium wouldn’t be that close to the hair, either. Hair doesn’t grow out of bone, after all. That much exposed skull would have ridges at the borders of remaining flesh, but his head’s outline is drawn pretty smoothly.

    That being said, it’s easy to mistake that for his bare skull. The mark (throbbing vein? scar?) does resemble the sutures between skull bones.

  13. connor Murphy

    What did i say like fifteen pages ago! Gay and Lech are fighting together and i love it!

    I only hope that it end’s in an awkward kiss between the two that makes lech question himself X’D

  14. Hake Feretto

    What horrible revelation on Gimp…. it’s atrocious a bear as nice and soft that him don’t desserve so lot of suffer.. vene no suffer… what he have done to the human that have make him that was desserved and maybe tvese ***** desserved more suffer that the death…

    Well the lioness become to be worry they’ll certainly attack pretty soon

    And Wow it’s the first time I see gay get out his claw and fang , this angry face wear him pretty well I realy like this pannel we see how intense the action is !!

    Well now do Gimp can discerne friend from enemi in his actual state ? It seem that he is just in berserk mode and only come back his mask on his head could calm him down.

    Well Alison I don’t know if it’s volontarly but… very great job for the 666 page it was realy well thought !! It’s the perfect number for describe the actual situation, also…. this pic with an angel Evil make me a bit scary…. I hope he is safe and that this pic is just a pic lied with the thematic of 666 paradoxal with Evil . Hope our poor Albinos Bear is still alive and not too hurted TwT

  15. Todd Maccarone

    Poor Gimp… That has to be the worst kind of concealed pain. Still, at least he gets to vent. Also, as to Evil’s fate, I’d say it’s option B.

  16. Annonymouse

    Option C) – some poor critter is having digestive issues.
    Option B) – that would imply fighting the lions yet none seem to be hurt in any way.
    Knowing Evil it’s option A)
    The root of the problem – poisoning of the water supply by the monkeys – that has as yet to be addressed

  17. bunny

    @vausch, i cackled irl
    gimp, please! theyre already defeated! or dead! the battle is over!!

    also akjskjhfjkhf lil angelic evil.
    also also, i heard death metal very clearly when i started reading this page. the atmosphere and uh, fiery background is incredible!

  18. Nicole

    Holy hecken crap!!! I jumped. Knew something was coming but was not expecting this!

    That is totally skull…hair loss wouldn’t have generated a “the horror” from Nerd who only saw him from behind. Also, I don’t think wind on bare skin would’ve caused baby Gimp as much terror as wind on his bare skull. Animal testing, y’all.

    Gimpy!!! *sob*

  19. ShennyNerd

    It’s 100% exposed bone. We saw what Gimp’s exposed skin looks like panel 3 of page 664 and all of 663 except the first two panels.

  20. Bryn Perkins

    Oh damn, oh hell… oh, Gimpy, you poor, sweet thing…

  21. Xuncu

    Holy hell, is that bone?!

  22. CorvusCorone68

    interesting thing is, it’s taboo for Wookiees to use their claws in combat, those that do are called Madclaws and shunned

  23. Chado Cat

    And it was at this moment the lion realized, he f’ed up

  24. Jeff

    Page 666 and so worth the wait! Absolutely lived up to the hype. Get that stress relief!

  25. StoticM

    Well, I was far off with my guess. I always like that the origins do leave us more questions about the bear once we’re given some answers. Also, for some reason, I picture Gay flippantly shoving Gimp’s mask on and off like a light switch to explain why he knows about Gimp’s unbridled fury. Time will tell.

    (Here’s hoping for option B for Evil.)

  26. Thwaitesy

    Jeeze….that looks like BONE!

  27. Raqoon

    Woah…did not expect this! That first panel would make an awesome t-shirt design….

  28. Sterling Rodd

    I think that’s just bone, folks, with the various features of the skull. He might not have felt compelled to cover up just hairless skin, but everyone here’s shocked by the idea it’s actually bone. I think we might need to appeal to an authority here.

    Alison, what ARE we seeing here? :)

  29. Sterling Rodd

    P.S. It looks to me like he may have laid open the lion’s scalp, too…

  30. All

    Wow I’m not sure if that’s skull showing or not. Also why hasn’t the zoo tried to heal him, that seems lazy and cruel if that’s Gimp’s skull, that seems horribly painful, exposed bone like that can’t be good.

  31. Ryu

    I knew it. :( I hate being right sometimes.

  32. Tjimmy1999

    @All You’ve seem to have forgotten what zoo this is, buddy.

  33. All

    @Tjimmy1999 Not forgotten, just concerned for the poor thing. What sort of zoo doesn’t take care of their animals? I mean seriously.. what the heck. They should be closed for allowing such a thing.

  34. Michael Sirius

    Death: looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll (who can kill you)
    Gimp: cinnamon roll who will actually cut a b***h

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