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January 14th, 2019

Page 665

Eww!  Cold snap! On Saturday I think Ottawa was officially the coldest capital city in the world… yay?  I’ve heard they’re expecting a shorter winter this year though, like spring to hit in March sometime instead of May like last year.  Well, my nearly frozen fingers are definitely crossed!

Vote Incentive: Some beachy “fun” in honour of the warm weather I dream of (my neighbour just spent the past week in Mexico…welcome home jerks!, lol.  There were probably no sharks involved)


  1. Siu Li

    Whatever happened to the rest of the victims?

  2. Victor)

    what a creepy mask in the picture 4

  3. T-Shaw

    Unleash it all, Gimpy!

  4. Vausch

    “This heavy armour isn’t for my protection. It’s for yours”.

  5. MustacheHam

    Good way to phrase this Vauch.
    Great work on the strips behind his story.
    I’m looking forward to more into the future. :)

  6. Tjimmy1999

    So basically Gimp, or Gimpy, isn’t really a gimp but a bear who dresses like one to conceal his anger, fear, pain and scarred flesh while, as far as we all know, pretending/acting like a gimp. I know he probably knows some methods of being a gimp from what the workers back at the animal testing facility were doing in their “relaxing” periods, but this still explains why he’s more docile and happy than fetishy and weird.

  7. onanymous

    Disappointed. I hoped this mask is for something sexual behind.

  8. mehdi

    The mask was used for “sexual games” , page 663 by humans.

  9. bunny

    ah, so like prozac hes a berzerker! anyway, im glad our lil angel finally gets some lore. <3

  10. Treascair

    Poor, poor Gimp… poor guy needs so many hugs and about 20 years of legit therapy…

  11. Todd Maccarone

    Glad to understand Gimp a bit more, but Siu Li does raise a valid point- whatever happened to those other poor critters? Also, Gimp scared of Tanked in the second-to-last panel is adorable. Concerning, but adorable (in a weird sort of way).

  12. Nicole

    Alison, your gift for expression in your art is just amazing.

    D’awww…I love how the critters were a family and tried to stay together. <3 Sad that Gimp lost his family a second time. I'm sure all the squirrels and bird got away, but not sure about the fate of the others. I'm hoping for release into the wild away from humanity.

    And, I'm thinking the lion is in trouble.

  13. Abdiel

    I still love how all of the humans are just completely cool with his mask. Also, I don’t think he pretends to be a gimp. He is one, but the mask also hides his power.

  14. Bagheera

    OH SHIT so he’s basically Prozac 2.0?

  15. Hake Feretto

    And the nice and soft bear let all this rage out for save his new family !! It’s so beautiful to see that , Gimp will certainly up in all the other animals edtime now !

    But otherwise… I realy hope Evil is in good healt, it’s now a long time we haven’t see him and his last action was strange… take the problem only on him and not meled the other bear in, I wo der if we’ll see a new face of our little Albinos Bear :o

  16. Mr Holiday

    Woodland Friends forgive me, but I’ll have to go all out . . .

    J U S T | T H I S | O N C E

  17. StoticM

    This story was cute, tragic, and enlightening for the most part. Oh, for fun, fill in the blanks and guess what could be said with the last panel for next week. I’m going with cold fury.

  18. James

    This dosn’t explain where Gimp medical knowledge from or why he dosn’t speak

  19. connor Murphy

    I’m pretty sure that i predicted that this would happen at the beginning of Gimp’s Story arc O-O

  20. connor Murphy

    My mistake i predicted it on page 663, but it was still close to the beginning of the arc for gimpy’s story!

  21. Bri

    I was just going to say that it seems like the new “norm” for winter (at least in the GTA anyway) is for winter to start in February and end in March. :’D I really hope those rumours are correct, seeing as March is when winter SHOULD end! I live near Toronto, and it’s not nearly as cold as it is in Ottawa or Montreal.

    That panel with Tanked & Gimp is to DIE FOR. ♥︎

  22. gridsleep

    What? Pikachu couldn’t use his lightning to heat up a rock as they do on Star Trek?

  23. Nicole

    @Mr Holiday: *sob* yessss!

    @James: medical knowledge can be learned, but why he doesn’t speak I think is because he won’t unzip the mask, for fear of unleashing the beast.

  24. AwesomeeFuse

    The next page is 666. What kind of horrible terrors are we about to see monday?

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