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January 7th, 2019

Page 664

Still working on the insurance thing… lol.  There’s been progress at least :D  Or they’re just stringing me along.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and break, but I am SO HAPPY school is back!  I’m craving the quiet.  Not so looking forward to taking all the Christmas decorations down though.

Vote incentive: Took the kids to the new Spiderman movie and it was great!  The twins probably only saw about half  due to spending all scary parts under their jackets (Jim rolled his eyes and complained about paying full price for half a movie, lol) but they still said they liked it.  Here’s my more kid friendly take :D.


  1. T-Shaw

    So he took his rage on the people who did those horrible experiments on him, and he uses the mask to hide his true self.

  2. Salisria

    Or perhaps the mask is his true self. It all depends on whether he’s more like Superman or Batman post-Crisis. Superman is Clark Kent’s disguise that lets him act as a superhero. Bruce Wayne is Batman’s disguise that lets him act as a human.

  3. Abdiel

    I like how smug the wolf looks in the last panel.

  4. Mr Holiday

    That squirrel looks so pleased at the bloodshed.

  5. reseazel

    Wow… so dark!

  6. Aldin

    And the porcupine looks like he’d like a bite or two.

  7. Treascair

    Holy smokes! This explains a lot.

  8. Todd M Maccarone

    Vengeance is crazy dark, but here- it wasn’t undeserved. Freedom to all tormented animals!

  9. Victor)

    Wow….It’s very dark, but it’s a well-deserved bloodshed

  10. Martel

    This flashback is annoyingly placed, way too drawn out, and pretty tasteless. I’m periodically on the fence about reading here, but I think I’m out this time. Cheers everyone.

  11. Sekhmet

    Hey, it’s like a saying I once read: “Even the devil trembles with fear when the patient man loses his temper”.

  12. TaggertShare

    Violence and cruelty beget bad things. That porcupine looks blood thirsty!

  13. MBs

    … And this, children, is why there are rules and regulation for animal testing, so that the doctors don’t end up getting mauled to death by the vengeful forest critters that they illegally got their hands on.

  14. All

    The wolf and the porcupine look so happy about the whole thing.

  15. Nicole

    So the mask keeps the vengeance Gimp in check, maybe? This will be interesting. I’m also fascinated by each animal’s reaction–all different!

    @Martel: I know it’s a comic, but keep in mind, these are essentially wild animals. Humans are not at the top of the food chain. Gimp saw his mother do this–he’s just keeping it in the family. Bears eat people when they are hungry enough.

  16. Kaouse

    So what I want to know is, what’s Gay’s relationship with Gimp, where he supposedly knows this story? Was there an incident before Nerd came around? Or is Gimp just good friends (or maybe more?) with Gay and told him? Can Gimp even speak?

  17. Nicole

    @Kaouse: Oh, I didn’t think of that! Me, too!

  18. Annonymouse

    @Nicole – Don’t forget the squirrels.
    I am not even speaking about the R.O.U.S., though those are not to be trifled with either.
    – I repeat for all due emphasis and as a dire mortal warning –


  19. Carson Brookings

    That was a question?

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