Page 663
December 31st, 2018

Page 663

Happy New Year!!  It’s got to be going better than Gimpy’s day…

And we finally heard back from the insurance company :)  No haggling necessary and they’re giving us more than we thought we’d get so bonus!  Minus the deductible we still have to pay despite the hit and run with witnesses and a police report… and I may have to argue with them about mailing our garage door opener to us, and for some reason they want us to mail them the spare key.  Why?  What possible use would that be??  The car was indeed deemed a total write off so what do they care if we just throw the second set in the garbage??  Whatever.

Carb overload from last week and we still have a few more holiday dinners and lunches to get through…lol.  I wish I got some more will power for Christmas.


  1. T-Shaw

    A little bit like Prozac’s origin, except for that last few panels.

  2. ShennyNerd

    I was waiting to see when the S&M would come into play, but this isn’t quite where I was expecting this to go lol

  3. ShennyNerd

    Also kinda funny that this is the closest we’ve come to seeing a human’s face in this comic.

  4. Vausch

    @Shenny *Adult* human face.

    Welp, at least he knows the origin of his kink. Don’t think the rest of us have such a luxury.

  5. Nicole

    THIS. POOR. BABY! Panel 4 is killing me! :'(

  6. Treascair

    Poor Gimpy… I just wanna hug him…

  7. Victor)

    t’s tearing my heart out!!Waiting for next week)happy New Year❣️

  8. Todd Maccarone

    Well, that explains the reason Gimp dresses the way he does… But how did he even get involved in the first place? Odds are we’ll find out soon.

  9. Anon

    oh no

  10. Hake Feretto

    Poor little gimp… it’s so crual TwT……. And I don’t like the director’s face like he said ” Don’t worry little bear you are the next…” hope he is not Zoophil too XwX…

  11. Meh

    That is weird. If the one with kinks are the who tested on him, why did he adpted it? He was not supposed to hate that leather mask? It was not supposed to make him remember of the director?

  12. connor Murphy

    I believe that he wear’s the mask, well….to mask the scar’s and pain that he endured in his childhood.

    Gimp doesn’t enjoy seeing other’s in pain because of pain he was subjected to, that’s why he became the version of the medic from TF2

    Gimp also wear’s the mask to repress his rage and sociopathic tendencies that he developed because of the torture and testing that was done on him, That is why it’s Dangerous to release the gimp.

  13. Nikary Flare

    Oh dear…

    That said: Happy New Year! %)

  14. Taila Blu

    Wait a second, that mask looks shockingly familiar.

  15. Abdiel

    Happy New Years!

  16. bunny

    i feel shameful for cackling as much as i did, but im immature and think hee hee sex is funnie hoo hoo. anyway, someone needs to get each and every one of these bears a psychiatrist, gah.

    also, happy new year! im glad to hear that everythings taking a better turn. ^_^

  17. Scarlet

    With page 666 coming and the implications of bondage bears, I can only hope this doesn’t go where I think it will.

  18. gridsleep

    We each become what we most fear. –Friedrich Nietzsche

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