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December 24th, 2018

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Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday and best wishes for the New Year!
All I want for Christmas is TO HEAR BACK FROM THE INSURANCE COMPANY and maybe figure out what’s wrong with my computer (yesterday it took 9 whole freaking minutes to open one photoshop file while I paced in circles and pulled my hair out and got like 30 burpees in).

Unfortunately, the seasonal good feeling is not matching well with this current story arc…

Vote incentive: holiday cuteness from one of my favourite animated characters :)



  1. ))))3

    OMG!!!It is so sad….Poor little Gimp!*hugged*

  2. connor Murphy

    That story is so sad.

    Animal testing is wrong and makes the animals behave hostile because of the torture they go through.

  3. All

    This makes me really sad, animal testing is so cruel.

  4. Vausch

    Dang. It’s hard to imagine Gimp as angry. Even the most mad we’ve seen him before was quiet rage.

  5. Nicole

    Poor wee Gimp!!! :'(

    A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Alison!

  6. Victor)

    OMG!!Poor little Gimp..we will be with you to the end!*hugged*

  7. Todd Maccarone

    Those bastards- that might explain Nerd’s “The horror” comment. My only hope is that the assholes got what they deserved! A Merry Christmas to all… Heaven knows that I won’t have Christmas on the usual day. Oh, well…

  8. T-Shaw

    Oh Gimpy, you’ve had a rough life.
    He reminds if Prozac’s origin story.

  9. Shennynerd

    At the start of this arc I was expecting Gimp to end up suffering trauma through an accident involving construction equipment.

    But this….this is so much worse D:

  10. Katie White

    I blankitty blanking called it on the skull plate thing.

  11. Ryu

    I called it on the skull plate showing through. DAMN.

  12. Abdiel

    I predict he will eventually get a product that heals him and improves him.

  13. DJChris

    This is so beyond cruel, it’s bad enough that he lost his mother and his home, but using Gimp an lab rat for these experiment while robbing his innocence and sanity in the process, it’s unforgivable.

  14. Jasper Kennedy

    I hope you never stop makeing this I look forward to a new one every week

  15. Brian Hibbs

    Might be the harshest origin story yet.

    How is he not as unhinged as Evil or Crack?

  16. Brian Hibbs

    This might be the darkest origin yet. How is he not as unhinged as Evil or Crack? He’s probably the most stable and well adjusted among them.

  17. Annonymouse

    To those saying that the execs get what they deserve – In the real world [tm] they get bonuses and the lab people get fired and blacklisted if they make so much as a peep about whats going on.
    This is what does happen in the cosmetics world which is not regulated or monitored like pharmaceuticals.

    This doesn’t happen in the pharmaceutical world – all that research is done at universities and is paid for by tax and benevolent find dollars – they are also heavily regulated and monitored – the animals have stricter environmental requirements than the people who work in the office.
    [look it up – it is scary that a lab rat has it better than a cubicle dweller]

    Universities do the research and if something commercially viable is produced they begin a startup.
    The pharma industry just starves the startups through control of the supply and distribution chain and buys them out at fractions of a penny on the dollar – you think shark tank is bad – reality is far far worse.

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