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December 17th, 2018

Page 661

Three plus weeks now and still no updates from the insurance company :P  And we forgot to bring back the garage door opener from our old car and apparently you need it to program the built in opener in the new car.  Blah.


  1. Rainey

    Poor little Gimp! ;_;

  2. connor Murphy

    But where does the mask come into all this? :3

  3. T-Shaw

    The story of how bear dedicated his life to protecting the other animals of the forest. Sounds a little Bambi to me.

    Anyone else?

  4. Victor)

    God, that’s too sad….I can’t wait to continue!)

  5. Athlone

    Interesting. I know that BDSM is used as a form of therapy for people with trust issues and previous trauma. I think this maybe where we are going.

  6. Aldin

    I hope she took a few of them with her in that final round.

  7. Aleksandr

    It’s too much for my heart!I look forward to the continuation of this tragic story

  8. Abdiel

    Poor Gimp. I hope there’s a future arc where he discovers that his mother is alive!

  9. bunny

    …i have to keep remembering this ends up in a bdsm bear. iM JUST SO CURIOUS AS TO HOW.

    also, @ real life, quit being mean to alison! she can draw cool bears. you dont wanna mess with a lady who draws cool bears!

  10. Nicole

    Poor baby Gimp! His mama was a bad ass!

  11. Todd M Maccarone

    So much heartbreak! I’m so sorry for this, little Gimp! I just wanna hug him so much! Leaves me to wonder how tragic Death’s backstory will be… but this does leave me to wonder- how did Gimp end up becoming… what he is today?

  12. Mackenzie

    So apart from Evil and Prozac, every bear’s origin involves something happening to their mother and them never seeing them again and how they coped with it. Tanked. Nerd. And now Gimp. I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but I’m definitely seeing a patten.

  13. Lokier

    The one in the black cap with the grey front looks like N for Pokemon B+W, lol

  14. Myuuthemew

    I really do hope that without his mask he’s more assertive and dominant, instead of just some disfigurement that scares people. I’d like it if it was more in depth than just a scar/mutation/disfigurement… Tough maybe the white strip was bone-but can you live without having skin on your skull?

  15. Emily A Shelton

    I have been looking forward to Gimp’s backstory since I long to get a tattoo of him <3 I'm so sad he has a sad life, much like the other bears, but look forward to see how his mask helps him cope <3

  16. TaggertShare

    Mamma Bear was just protecting her territory and her Cub. When Humans intrude on Nature they always blame the Animals for any bad out come. I had a Mother Black Bear visit my property a few years ago. I would just talk real loud when arriving home or leaving. I just got few glimpses of her cub. Bears are really something to see close up. My closest encounter was with a Sow Bear (female) when I was thirteen. I just got off the path I was on and let her amble on by. She was making a sort of huffing sound as if she had been running.

  17. Tier

    @Lokier – That’s what I thought too! I was certain it was a reference to N.

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