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December 10th, 2018

Page 660

I apologize for continuing the cliff hanger but that’s the way my script goes and I’ll just have to follow it :)  Once a week updates are definitely frustratingly slow, I totally understand.  And as I’m currently working on two contracts, even this slow pace is hard to keep up… (and the comment about Gimp hiding a hideous cowlick made my day: currently working on a turnaround of a character with multiple giant cowlicks pointing every which way and it’s driving me insane, or more insane I suppose.)

You know what else is frustrating?? Insurance companies.  It’s been two weeks now and we still haven’t heard anything about the car that we assume is a write-off.  How long does it take to sign off on stuff like this??  2018 models and dealer incentives are quickly disappearing :(

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  1. Shennynerd

    Well I figured we were gonna have a cutaway, but this is still unexpected.

  2. MustacheHam

    Hey, it’s alright lass. I do wish ya’ the best to get things taken care of.

    I do enjoy the pace of the story you tell with the comic series. :3

  3. Holly Ridder

    I’m glad you guys are okay. From experience, and if I read your last post correctly, it can take several fustrating months for the other insurance to complete their paperwork.

    Baby gimp! <3

  4. connor Murphy

    Holy F**king S**t!

    This is reminding me of Hellsing ultimate with all this carnage!! >:3

  5. T-Shaw

    So did Gimpy protect the forest and the other animals?

  6. James

    just a note that on January 21st, you’ll hit strip #666. I hope Evil is back in the story-line by then. I’d hate to think he’ll miss that mile stone. :-)

  7. Treascair

    Continuing the cliffhanger, sure, but we get Gimp origin story! I’ll not complain one itty bit about that!

    … also, damn, the implications with mommabear there…

  8. Kit

    Hmm note how his pupils are a different colour. Something definitely changed when he grew up

  9. Scarlet

    No one gonna address the angry porcupine among the wolf and bear?


    Epic porcupine. :3

  10. Hake Feretto

    It’s good Alison, your script is perfectly do. Add the Origin of gimp just before we can finaly see what he hide is realy a surprise and a very good intrance in the story. The situation is perfect and with that you keep the surprise and now we want know again more about our little Gimp.

    So I’m happy to finaly have his origin story I waited it so much (even if the one I want know the must is Death’s because he is a very mystetious character like Gimp was ^^). I definitivly can’t pass myself to bearnuts this comic is so good and amazing so I hope it will continu again a lot before the end X(..

    Now out of the comic we all hope your issu with inssurance will be well finnish… it’s still like that with all cars Company even in France…. they make you wait wait and wait and sometime it’s finnish in defavor of the car’s owner but I hope it will a best issu for you and your family.


    Alright, a Gimp story! Also, don’t worry about the long update time. It’s impressive enough that you can still get these pages out on a schedule in their quality and still manage your other work.

  12. bunny

    we’re rooting for you, alison! :D i mean, we’ve waited nnniiiine? years for gimp story, i think we all can handle a page a week xD

    i hope real life quits being The Actual Devil at you. it sounds like youve been going thru a very slow-moving nightmare. :(

  13. WhiteGamingBunny

    Sorry to hear about the insurance thing. Hopefully things turn out well for you soon.

    Gimp is as cute a cub as I expected! Those sweet pink eyes and cherub face! Gosh!
    And correct me if I’m wrong, but Gimp’s parent there… the body/head shape is slightly different from previous mama-bears, and the face looks more masculine (though that could be from the anger face). So I wonder, is this our first papa-bear?

  14. Abdiel

    He looks so cute!

  15. Bad Wolf Racing

    Striking resemblance to a house in Springfield in panel 6…

  16. Evilbob

    Sorry to hear you’re frustrated. It is, however, unfortunately commonplace that insurance companies take forever. Take bureaucracy and add it in unholy matrimony with fastidious fact-checking and reluctance to pay, and you should be surprised it doesn’t take longer. Insurance is only there to prevent financial catastrophe. For quick access, it’s better to have a rainy day fund stashed.

  17. J3

    Well there goes the “secret lion” theory.

  18. Daniel Thwaites

    That 2nd panel. He is too freaking adorable.


    Aw, so he’s not a lion. Ok, still excited to hear Gimp’s background story! :D Five down!

    Also, Alison you’re perfectly fine. You’re great for caring for your audience, but it’s your comic, update when you need to. <3

  20. Nicole

    @Scarlet: angry porcupine for the win!

    I was so nervous to come to the site today!! The origin story was a welcome surprise. Baby Gimp is so cute! <3 Looking forward to the story, although…shades of Bambi! :'(

  21. Kath McGill

    Its like this.

    we understand!!! If you need to go to every other week for updates, or once a month update, its fine. We will keep coming back and we totally understand about you being busy.

    about the car. Sometimes you have to go in person and stand in front of them tapping your foot and ask for answers. you were somehow put on the pile of need to look into and they haven’t heard back. but if you are there and not leaving until you get answers (and take the kids, tell them to run around screaming and pulling things off the shelf to get them to move faster.

    Sometimes that is the only way. (hugs) #badweekforeveryone.

    and Gimp only has hat hair.

  22. Todd Maccarone

    Holy cow- we haven’t had an origin story in forever! This is great! Still worried for Evil’s well-being (don’t know why, but still…), but this is good, too! Can’t wait to see Death’s origin story.

  23. Paisley McHollister

    ALISON PLEASE!!! this cliffhanger will actually kill me!

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