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December 3rd, 2018

Page 659

So… that family trip to Toronto last weekend was a nightmare sh*t show to the extreme: we got smashed into the concrete median by a transport truck on the 401 (Ahole didn’t even stop).  The car is mostly likely a write off but we’re STILL waiting on the final appraisal.  Our car was completely paid off and low mileage (plus we’d just filled the tank, because OF COURSE) and now we’ve got to figure out what we’re going to do next, and do research on our old car so we’re prepared when insurance tries to low ball us…I don’t have the time to deal with this crap :(
And lots more went wrong on that trip but I won’t bore you with all the details except… Sam got sick around 11:30 and didn’t wake up.  He was in the MIDDLE of the bed.  All three kids, all the bedding, the shark stuffy he got at the aquarium…oh God.

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    I knew it.

  2. Silly Zealot

    I want the real gimp bear.

    *Gimp bear shows up*

    I said the real gimp bear.

    *Gimp bear takes off mask*


    *Compassionate hug*

  3. T-Shaw


  4. Vausch

    Didn’t see *that* reaction coming.

  5. TJ

    How could you do this to us!
    We where waiting weeks for a revelation and now all we know is hes horrifically grey!?
    Hes got something under that mask and it cannot go unseen!
    You’ve cock blocked us! I’m flipping so many tables!
    Please I beg you make this worth it! We need this!

    Sincerely a devoted bear loving fan.

  6. MustacheHam

    Dang that’s bad to hear you’ve encountered all of this. I wish you & the fam the best. :)

  7. Nicole

    Haha! The lady lions! :D

    OMG we have to wait another week! WHAT IS HAPPENING?????

    @Alison: So glad you guys are okay!! :o I’m sorry it was such a rough trip. Apparently we need to turn Gimp on that A-hold driver…

  8. All

    Noooooo this anticipation is killing me. Please don’t make us wait longer.

  9. Treascair

    First, glad you’re all okay, fuck DAMN, that had to have been scary… health and safety comes first, comic is a distant second at BEST.

    Second? Ahhhh, cliffhanger!

  10. Saddust

    Leech has some balls, I’ll give him that !

  11. Hake Feretto

    Suspens suspens suspeeeeens owo…….. next week will be a revelation or we’ll just see the fight without show Gimp’s face ! And his true head will be revealed in Gimp’s origin just after this arc…

    No we can only wait and see.

  12. EXCITE

    Firstly, super sorry about your trip! D: Glad to know your ok and hope Sam is better! <3

    And my hypothesis: Gimp isn't hideous…he's a lion. The fur color matches.

  13. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, now I’m curious- how bad could it be? Also, seriously, where the hell is Evil at?!

  14. Sterling Rodd

    Aw, geez, I’m sorry about the accident, Alison. Just glad you’re all okay.

  15. DjChris

    Man, having to end this with a cliffhanger, what did Nerd saw that terrified him when he removed Gimp’s mask, guess we’ll find out soon, this might be the start to see into Gimp’s origin

    *I’m real sorry for what you have gone through with your family and the trip, sometimes bad things happened, but nobody shouldn’t have to go through that, I hope you get things settled soon.*

  16. N0083rp00F

    For some odd reason my brain immediately jumped between two polar opposites when it comes to horrific results.
    1 – His face looks just like a fuzzier version of Rick Astley – that would explain the lack of speech
    2 – His orthodontia is either that of Fizzgig or Jaws from 007

  17. Kath McGill

    Sad thing is, even if you did get the licence plate of the truck driver who did not stop, and the police catch up with him he will have 20 of his friends swear in court he was at a rest stop with them across the country, and the insurance and the police will side with him.

    Best thing to do is scream child endangerment with his driving (which the police HAVE to follow up on)

    the heart break of this is, when you get a new car (or a new used car) and its the *same value* as the car you purchased years ago, the insurance that you have is going to skyrocket. Sorry, sad, but true. my 15 yr old Saturn developed issues, was able to get 500 for the trade in and my insurance jumped 35 percent of what it had been. and I’d never had an accident with it, no traffic tickets, no violations at all in the 15 yrs I owned it, or in the 40 years I have been driving. 74 thousand miles on it, except for the muffler which fell off, the car was in near mint condition. but it was old. and I miss it and it was like taking an old dog to the vet to have put down while planning on picking up a new puppy.

    as long as you are alright, and the kids and your hubby is alright, that is the important thing. Cars can be replaced.
    you, can not.

  18. Bri

    Oh gosh, how frightening … > n _ < And Evil … I really want to see how he's holding up. ; – ; It's been so long.

    Also: I think panel #4 is iconic.

  19. Bri

    Holy crabcakes my whole comment got cut off. =___= I’m not gonna retype it as I wrote a long essay LOL, but I’ll just say again that I’m glad you and your family were physically okay from the ordeal … Kath is completely right – cars are always replaceable but humans aren’t.

  20. Lim

    I guess next page will be a start of Gimp’s background arch.

  21. connor Murphy

    Don’t be intimidated Connor try to imagine Gimp without his mask.

    *reveal’s Gimp’s face*

    Oh no he’s hot!!! XD

  22. Anon

    He’s got a really nasty cowlick, calling it now.

  23. NAZF

    …Okay, see this is the the reason I don’t like the idea of driving: idiots and a-holes who either don’t pay attention to or don’t care what they’re doing. At least no one got hurt, so that’s the important thing at the end of the day.

    As for the comic, I only have this to say: You tease! :o

  24. Kalyandra

    I have been waiting for this moment FOR SO LONG

  25. wowie

    And now cue flashback

  26. Kevin Redcrow

    I’m so sorry about the accident. Hope you guys get a decent break after everything is said and done.

    Forgive me for ranting about drivers from my comfy desk and chair, but Why. Have. Things. Gone. Completely. To. Hell. On. The. Road. in the past ten years!?!?

  27. Mazz

    So glad you’re all ok <3

    You have had me like at my toes the last few strips tho omg.

  28. James

    Wasn’t their a page showing Gimp in bed without his mask on?

  29. Erin

    …it is stupid, but I have the strongest feeling, he’s actually a lion and not a bear somehow.

  30. ryu

    Why do I get the feeling that… I’m not sure it’s just white fur. I’m getting the feeling that he might actually have a piece of HIDE missing from his skull. Like massive scarring.

    Worst case scenario, that is. I am hoping he’s just hot or has white fur. Or is not actually a bear.

  31. rugibess

    @James It did show his face off, but notice the top of his head was still obscured

  32. Lokier

    Hope this isn’t a fake out. >_>

  33. LiteraryLady

    What if Gimp was part of medical research facility experiments?
    What if he has psychic powers?!

  34. Natalie Isley

    maybe hes so attractive he had to wear a mask O: lol

  35. Nicole

    We’ve seen Gimp’s eyes, we’ve seen his nose and ears…we’ve never seen his mouth. I’m thinking something is up there. Unless Voldemort is on the back of his head or something!

  36. maybenot

    Oh please, I bet gimp’s gonna be cute.

    Or his mouth will be sewn shut or something scary like that.

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