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November 26th, 2018

Page 658

Happy late Thanksgiving to all those that it applies!!  Ours was in October so no turkey around here (US Thanksgiving is way too close to Christmas!)  Going to Toronto this weekend for a wedding (I’m writing this Thur night as we leave early in the morning).  Please send me positive vibes that I survive 5 hours in a car with 3 boys! Lol.

I didn’t have time this year to do a new holiday image but here’s a vote incentive with an old Thanksgiving pic :D

And you can get all my designs as Christmas cards at Red Bubble:


  1. connor Murphy

    Well….at least Lech is putting up a good fight.

    Also Gay is down with one kick too the gut!

    Also i’m kinda disappointed that they didn’t have Gay and Lech have a dance off against the lion king, eh? Maybe she can make my idea into a gag-comic?

    Also Release the Kraken – i mean Gimp!

  2. Vausch

    White hair? My god, Gimp knows Ultra Instinct!

  3. Falcoliyd123

    The suspense is killing me on the inside mostly to me being unable to externally express emotions. Can’t wait for the next update.

  4. Treascair

    Five bucks says Gimp… doesn’t really have a face for whatever reason.

  5. Beardy

    And this is how you keep everyone on the edge of their seats till the next update, I both love and hate it!

  6. Nars

    Maybe Gimp’s a lion and is hiding his mane.

  7. zulung

    ok epic time but once it comes off it sould stay off :D

  8. Hake Feretto

    Lech really up in my estime seriously, he facing to the lion ALONE and he don’t run away :o . I discover a new part of him here that I realy appreciate, I place him 3rd in my favorite character-list just before Death and Evill (sorry prozac, you are nice but I really appreciate these three X(..).

    And now I see Gimp seem have white hair something tell me that his secret is ….. : he is not a bear.

    And I think we’ll have Gimp’s origin story after this arc, it’s just the perfect moment for talk about it.

    But damn this suspens >~< I want see the next so muuuuch now……

  9. StoticM

    Ooh! Things are getting intense. A shame it ended here though, white fur huh? Also, have a safe trip to and back from Toronto!

  10. Sterling Rodd

    OMG, Gimpy!… 8) WOW!

    Hey, Alison! Good luck and welcome to the 6ix this weekend! :)

  11. bunny

    jesus, nerd, you could have unzipped it like, A LITTLE FASTER x_x
    i seriously cant wait for gimpy to have some proper character development! he’s my favorite character (somehow!)

  12. DJChris

    So we finally gonna see what lies behind Gimp’s mask, what was the reason he hides his face from everyone, man it’s so intense to stay on your seat



  14. ahhhhhhh


  15. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, so Gimp has white fur… Unexpected, but interesting. Still, his face has appeared once before in the comics, so… What exactly will happen when the mask comes off? I have to know!

  16. T-Shaw

    Come on Gimpy! Do it, do it, DO IT!

  17. Michael Sirius

    You really gotta hand it to him, Lech lasted way longer than expected. Is his desire for alpha status really what’s driving him here? Or is it something (or should I say, someone) else?

  18. Feartheswans

    Prozac gets large and beefy when angry. I wonder if Gimp is a Kodiak (Brown) Bear (Only bear larger would be a Polar Bear but its so close it could go either way) and the mask shrinks him down like Prozac’s pills keep him small.

  19. Nicole

    Oh, Gimp! What secret are you hiding?

    Lech…you da bear.

  20. Bri

    Ah, how intense! Looking forward to the next page! ♡

  21. Hake Feretto

    I know the secret….. I know I inow…. under this mask…. Gimp hide a white crest !!! Gimp is a Punk !!!!! And in this state his true personnality get out !!! He enjoy “subjugate” others to him !!!!

    What I can well dream no ? :3….

  22. Arlis West

    so is Gimp without his mask on page 366 retconned?…

  23. James

    Oops. There’s a small continuity error. The zipper in frame 5 does not match the zipper in frame 15.
    Worst Episode Ever. :-)

  24. Lim

    Okay, my guess that Gimp was, like, a test subject in some medical insitute. That will explain his inability to speak, bdsm style and medical knowledge. Partially.

  25. TaggertShare

    Well Lech is certainly not a wimp, my bet is neither is Gimp. It’s not what’s behind his mask that’s important. What is important is what is in his Heart, and he does have a big one.

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