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November 19th, 2018

Page 657

We got our first big snow dump, barely half way through November.  I think I remember last year wondering if we were going to have a white Christmas or not, it had barely snowed right through most of Dec.  Apparently this winter is going to be “rough”.  Joy!  At least the kids were more helpful this year with the shovelling :)

Vote Incentive: Justice Tree!  Being able to fly would certainly make tree decoration easier.

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  1. StoticM

    That went as well I thought it would…Props for the effort I guess? *Shrug* I don’t know why but I love how nonchalant the lioness’ are. Like, oooh!! Entertainment!! Can’t wait for more.

  2. connor Murphy

    My wish for the next page is that in order to see who’ll be leader Gay and Lech have to beat the alpha of the lion’s in a dance off.

    Gay and Lech have to be dance partner’s and they are surprisingly good at dancing together, at the end of the Dance off Gay and Lech will win and Gay will kiss Lech in celebration.

    That will be sure to tide the Gay X Lech shipper’s over for a while! XDDD

  3. T-Shaw

    I wonder what the Gimp is going to do?

  4. Chasey

    eeeee, it’s finally happening! We’ll finally see what Gimpy’s hidden badassery is!

  5. Hake Feretto

    Hooow wooo what action in this page !! Lech up in my estime he haven’t hesitate to hurt this damn lion without be scary and he seem have didge the Lion’s replic too ( I don’t see blood on his belly and his expression his just a “wtf I do here ??” ). But finaly Lech prouve he can be an Alpha too that fithing without hesitation even if it’s just by selfishness…

    And wooo…. I definitivly can’t wait for the next week for See what Gimp will do when his mask will be removed and is Nerd that have this responsability poor him X3….

  6. IWX

    So is Gimp’s mask like Jet Li’s collar in Unleashed, except his restraint is willingly accepted?

  7. MicaXIII

    OHHHH are we gonna see him mask-less?!



  9. Todd Maccarone

    Curious to see Gimp “released”… Still worried about Evil. He’s been gone for so long…

  10. Michael Sirius

    Imagining Nerd doing the Naruto hand sign and yelling “Release!”

  11. Chasey

    Now that I think about it, I wonder if Gimp’s hidden “self” is going to be, instead of scary enough to stop the lions… what if he’s actually the most absolutely insanely adorable thing you’ve ever seen, even moreso than Vanity, and it’ll make everyone stop in their tracks to coo and aww at him?!
    Probably not, but it would be unexpected and funny after all the buildup!

  12. ShadowStar

    Release the Gimp!

    the snow caught everyone off guard. they said a dusting to maybe an inch… and we got 6-8 and it just buried everything. reminds me of the Ice Stom that hit right after Halloween years ago and froze the whole region for days.

  13. Nicole

    Holy crap! This is the first time I’ve ever felt MAD RESPECT for Lech! He’s fighting a MOFO LION!

    And I literally have no idea what will happen when the Gimp is released! Oh, the antici…………..

  14. TaggertShare

    Oh, look at Lech fly. I wonder how long before the Lioness joins in. Felines often enjoy toying with their Prey.

  15. Fawnt

    Release the Gimp! I’m looking forward to this.

  16. Ice Raven

    I bet Gimp’s A – Kracken – ta get it on ! ;)

  17. Ice Raven

    Heh, had to.:)

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