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February 4th, 2019

Page 668

It’s finally warming up a bit here, for a few days at least (then cold again by Thur).  Just warm enough for more freezing rain!  Yay!  If the buses are cancelled again tomorrow (It’s Sunday night atm)… I may cry.  Or actually since I have to work in studio on Mondays (what hell that’s been in the deep freeze, actually having to leave my house?!?) I’ll just leave them with Jim!  All day! Ha.  Probably at least one will be maimed by the time I get home.

Vote incentive: a cat, a rather unhappy cat (or me driving 45 min to get to the damn studio every Monday)


  1. T-Shaw

    GIMPY, WAIT!!!!

  2. StoticM

    Whoa!! Getting brutal here. What is happening in the third panel, by the way, is that knee or a bite? Also…(I have to…) Shoryuken!!

  3. Tjimmy1999

    @StoticM This isn’t the first time something brutal happened in this comic. Why does everyone get so surprised when this happens?

  4. NAZF

    @StoticM: 1, Pretty sure one of the lionesses grabbed Nerd, most likely as a bargaining chip, 2. yes that’s a knee (the sound effect and comic burst effect under the lion’s stomach are a dead giveaway), and 3: I’d make a witty vg comment back, but I don’t really have one… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  5. ShennyNerd

    Comic’s low-res for anyone else?

  6. connor Murphy

    Quickly, someone put the mask back on before Gimpy has more blood on his hands…paws, or Whatever! Q-Q

  7. Anon

    the king…

  8. Vausch

    Dang, Gimp just Shoryuken-ed a lion.

    If the lionesses attempt to use Nerd as bait, I’m expecting Gimp to go Tetsuo on them and just throw them with a look.

  9. Feartheswans

    Everyone assuming the Lionesses grabbed Nerd as Bait.

    More like she grabbed Nerd to stop him from interfering. Pretty sure the Lion-o over there also isn’t very gentlemanly to the females either.

    Also a Lioness just killed her mate at the Indianapolis Zoo back in October.

  10. Treascair

    Gimpy’s getting fucking metal here. Holy shit!

  11. DukeBG

    ShennyNerd, yes, the image is incredibly low-res right now, looks like a 60 quality JPEG.

  12. Victor)

    OMG!!my baby is so cruel

  13. Todd Maccarone

    Man, things just keep getting worse! And still no sign of Evil… This is WAY not good!

  14. Annonymouse

    What was the Lions name?
    It wasn’t Timmy was it?

  15. Sterling Rodd

    Oooo, I love that pose in the second panel. Though I hope someone can stop Gimpy before he goes TOO far. I have a feeling the guy he is most of the time will have a hard time living with himself if he doesn’t.

  16. Word Wizard

    Is the original art, or are prints, available for purchase? I recognized Gimp immediately. I used to be him, way back in middle school. I had a major problem with bullies, and when I would snap, I’d go absolutely insane. And Gimp’s rage is exactly what I felt, and his fury is what I would have done, had I not been a slight little nerd. This is such a reflection of that early me. Please Ms. Acton, is it for sale?

  17. Anonoymous

    I think everyone’s surprised because, despite learning Gimpy’s past, he’s always been the most gentle and caring of the bears. Even to everyone else, including those who know him, to see this side of him is shocking. No one quite knows how to comprehend his rage or pain, including himself. It’s WHY he wears the mask, to hide that aspect from others, and himself.

    It’s the kind of brutality that we’ve never seen, because we’ve always seen it in others, but never from him. That’s why it’s so much scarier and shocking. It’s also why it’s so much more emotionally provoking.

    I really want to give him a hug, although I want him to put the mask back on first (or at least let him vent to get some of the rage out so it’s a little safer).

  18. Nicole


    Houston, I think we have a hostage problem.

    @Anon: YAAAAAS!
    @Sterling Rodd: I’m not so sure. Gimpy is an angel of vengeance at this point. The lion would’ve killed his friends (like the human he killed), so…fair game. And he willingly “released the gimp.” I think he knew what he was doing. It’s his friends who didn’t realize what was being unleashed. Or us (shiver).

  19. MicaXIII

    somethings up with the resolution

  20. Louie

    Hey Alison- check your source file. Looks like it either compressed really hard, or just uploaded funny. The resolution is lower than usual, just scaled up to meet the normal size for comics on this site.

  21. admin

    I think I got an edit with the right resolution up so hopefully it’s updated for everyone (I had to finagle a bunch before it showed up for me :(
    @WordWizard: original art is absolutely for sale (plus I take commissions when I have the time) You can email me for more info:

  22. DukeBG

    The beautiful image shows up no problem now.

  23. cha

    @admin glomp? very creative sound effects.

  24. Louie

    Unfortunately, I still see the low res image. Not complaining though, this sheet is a masterpiece any way you look at it. lol

  25. Louie

    Strange! On second look, the low res images only shows on my computer, not my mobile. Seems to just be a client side issue for some of us.

  26. Delakando

    Who here wants to bet the Lionesses want to see the “King” Get his ass whooped?

    The lionesses didn’t care for his shitty attitude nor his selfish ways. They didn’t maul Nerdy immediately but they did stop him from interfering.

    Nerdy was about to stop Gimp! Lionesses intervened.. What does that say?

    They want that bear to kick that lion’s ass!

  27. Nicole

    I really doubt Nerd was about to step in. He knows his limits. He’s not going to try and tackle Gimp right now.

  28. chasey

    Oh, I was thinking Nerd might’ve been running to go to Gay and/or Lech. Since Gimpy already hurt Gay in his blind rage, after he’s finished with the lion, he might turn back to Gay and Lech again.

  29. Lokier

    Where’s my update? /suspence

  30. DukeBG

    Louie, it’s not really an issue, you just need to reload the page with Ctrl+F5 to force reload of the cached image.

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