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February 11th, 2019

Page 669

Had a WordPress issue but the new page is finally up!


  1. Todd Maccarone

    I was worried that this wasn’t gonna appear today, but I’m glad it’s here! Also, first comment! And I know I’ll sound like a broken record at this point, but where the hell is Evil?! Also, for killer animals, the lionesses are surprisingly eloquent.

  2. DJChris

    Damn them, using the threat notes to stop him, Gimp lost everything before and he can’t lost the family he gotten back when he came to this.

  3. Tic-Toc

    ok, now is the time for Gimp to really come into his own. he’s been silent for far too long.

    and I agree with Todd, what the happened to Evil?

  4. Christopher Bailey

    Dang, they back Gimp to a corner, and he has no choice but this might’ve been the only way to calm him down.

  5. Maus

    Of *course* the ladies are more in charge than the male. That’s how it is in the wild, too- but with all his blustering I’m surprised they decided to save him. XD
    Also, I just wanna hug poor Gimpy. :<

  6. Lokier

    Yay, lol.

  7. Bri

    That 4th last panel is scary, man. The lionesses are so alpha and awesome. ♡

  8. Glowworm

    I could be wrong, but I think the lionesses aren’t actually going to go through with this. They’re just doing this to get Gimp to calm down.

  9. chasey

    I don’t think either of them mind too much if the king gets what’s coming to him, but they know the consequences if the zoo sees a dead lion and need to be worried about themselves as well. If Gimpy kills the lion and they all flee, it’ll look like the lionesses did it. They’re protecting everyone’s home doing this and making sure no more damage is done in the process.

  10. chasey

    Or, they probably do mind. There’s that dratted F word again!
    Kill her family, and she’ll kill yours, even if the king is kindof a jerk.

  11. Tjimmy1999

    @chasey Wouldn’t killing all the bears cause a problem in the zoo, even to them?

  12. ShennyNerd

    This is actually really touching. We assumed he couldn’t be reasoned with in this state considering the foot Gay took to the face. We know Gimp is a sweet and gentle bear, but he’s suffered through a lot. No one can blame him for getting triggered over his past abuse. But despite his well-deserved rage and anger, he still loves his family more than anything. They mean more to him than his past. The lionesses understand the value of family. They must see the male the same way: a pain in the ass, but he’s THEIR pain in the ass. They know the bears must love their family too if they go through so much trouble to get Evil back, that’s why they knew Gay and Nerd would be the perfect leverage to stop Gimp’s rampage.

  13. WhiteGamingBunny

    This again begs the question; Who orchestrated the poisoning of the bears’ water? It would need to be someone who despises the bears, and could instill enough fear into the monkeys that they would redirect blame to the lions. This implies that whomever ordered the monkey to do the deed would be more of a threat than the anger of the lions.

    While the bears seem to have low popularity at the zoo few characters shown would go to lengths to get to the bears like this that also would be able to instill such fear into the monkeys, as well as the intelligence required to instigate conflict between exhibits like this. Almost like someone is trying to get the war Prozac worried about a couple chapters back.

    Either it is a character not mentioned prior who has a vendetta against at least one of the bears, or… well I already speculated the three primary suspects who are known characters.
    The polars seem like the easiest suspect, as they have the motive and are strong enough to intimidate the monkeys, but unless they have more hidden depth than previously shown, they lack the intellect to do as such. (not to mention they are usually more direct)
    The next suspect is most certainly dead. As Evil 2 exploded. He has the cunning of Evil without any of his moral compass (as little as Evil has), and could well be holding some of the monkeys hostage to force the one who did the poisoning to act. He has motive, the ability to plan this, as well as the ability to intimidate. But he’s also presumably dead. so there goes that.
    Lastly Sloth Bear likely has the knowledge. He could have had his minions observe the bears over time, and could also have had them hold some monkeys hostage. His natural laziness could benefit him in planning, as he is likely quite patient as a result. Motive with him is questionable though. he probably dislikes Evil to some degree (like most of the cast), but his dislike of the other bears is dependent on how personal he took being abandoned by them twice. He was not shown long, but seems to not hold grudges (as he offered Evil food immediately when the albino bear first showed up at his clearing) but will act against someone who threatens him (as Evil found out when he loudly boasted about taking Sloth’s position as king of the forest).
    This is all conjecture though, and I eagerly await the reveal.

  14. Kath McGill

    The lioness is the worker bee of the pride. they pretty much ARE the pride and handling matters. The Lion, on the other hand, is pretty lazy, he roars allot, defends the pride but doesn’t do much real work beyond that, he doesn’t hunt, he doesn’t deal with the kids, (and if he suspects the cub is from another male he kills it)

    Was worried this morning when I logged in and saw last weeks strip. I was like OMG what am I going to do with out my bear nuts fix??

    I suppose, even in the most angry times, a calm voice would settle Gimp. Though, we did see him with out his mask on a while back and he was perfectly normal (it was where he was awakened and just looked like “Yeah, whatever”

    all of this seems to have taken forever to happen, considering they are on a time limit to get all of the bears back to the enclosure before the zoo opens.

    What were the lions thinking!!! Yes, sure, the lions COULD go on a rampage and kill and skin all of the bears, BUT!!! what then?

    the zoo people would know the lions got out and did the damage and then of course the lions would have to be put down. Before it was simply, “Got to get Evil back before someone sees him out because then security would be tight” but, now its really up in soup!!

  15. chasey

    That’s what I mean, though. She wouldn’t really kill the bears either because it would be bad on everyone. She’s just trying to get Gimp to calm the heck down.
    A death in any exhibit would be bad for everyone.
    Unless it’s an owl who loves french fries, I guess.

  16. chasey

    Actually, yeah, Shenny said exactly what I was trying to say but like… better and actually smart. :p
    I was definitely not wording myself very clearly.

  17. T-Shaw

    Gimpy, think about what you are doing. Please stop!

  18. ShennyNerd

    Well the first suspect is the giraffes, since one of them headbutted Evil into the lions’ pen in the first place. Though it’s odd that they would initiate this since they “sorta” got back at the bears during the last encounter with the polars when they ratted out Evil and Nerd to them.

    Heh no worries, your words were kinda the inspiration behind my soliloquy :D

  19. NAZF

    Wow, i actually called it… Neat! :3

    Actually despite what I said, I’m kind of surprised that the lionesses are sticking up with the male, even if he has such an over-inflated ego and seems more like an annoying, macho a-hole. Then again, based on other’s comments, it make sense as to why.

  20. Dusk

    Screw the king. All hail the queens.

  21. Vausch

    Nerd, you didn’t pack pocket sand!? Fool! That’s the one tool all ninja need.

    Also, Lionesses? Gotta say that’s an empty threat. Prozac is capable of handling polar bears that outweigh you by at least 700 pounds. You hurt one of them and the zoo will be under investigation for many lion pelts thrown all over the place.

    At this point we’re either looking at the monkey lied and it was their doing, the lions are regretting this, or there was another culprit. I’d put my money on the giraffes. Smug tall gits they are.

  22. Nicole

    Lionesses are fair. It makes sense that Gimp would respond to a strong female presence in kind–they are cut from the same cloth as his mom. Take-no-shit kind of ladies. They honor him by the level of response they put out there: We see you, Rage Bear. We raise you Murder Cats. We good?

    The monkeys said it was the lion…could he have done what he did without the lionesses knowing? Maybe they don’t know? Or yeah, my second thought was Sloth Bear.

  23. Michael Sirius

    That scene from pages 602 and 603 when Death and Gimp were cuddling? (can’t believe how long ago that was, felt like way less time had passed since those pages came out) That’s the energy Gimp needs right now imo
    Let Death cuddle Gimp 2K19

  24. Nicole

    Just realized that the lioness has named Gimp’s unmasked personality: RAGE Bear!

  25. WhiteGamingBunny


    I considered the possibilities of the giraffes as well, as they seem both intelligent enough and have motive, but I don’t feel they could be intimidating enough on the monkeys to accuse the lions of the poisoning. Unless, of course, the monkey was counting on the bears dropping the issue in the face of the feline alpha predators.

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