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February 18th, 2019

Page 670

Does anyone else have a problem with the fancy chairs all the movie theatres are installing now?  They’re big, they’re comfy, you can take your boots off and recline in them, they seem like an awesome upgrade in every way!  And yet I’ve dozed off a little in the last 3 movies I’ve gone to see (and I’m not knocking the movies, though I was mostly at the Lego Movie 2 for the kids and it honestly didn’t hold my attention that well which was too bad, I really wanted to like it.  It took two viewings of Deadpool 2 for me to actually get the whole movie, and that one definitely wasn’t boring).
Oh and one of those things ate my friend’s phone once and it took us awhile to find it.  I also read a story about someone similarly trying to fish their phone out from under one and it came down on his head and trapped him.  Apparently he had high anxiety and it prompted a heart attack…death by chair is not high on anyone’s death list I imagine…  Anyway, I’m really looking forward to ‘How To Train Your Dragon 3’ and ‘Captain Marvel’ and AVENGERS coming up, so I might have to nap first??

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  1. T-Shaw

    Holy crap Evil. You look messed up.

  2. Nicole

    Yikes! Chew toy Evil! :( Oh, gosh! What has happened to Gimpy? Aaaah…We have to wait a week to find out what is going on! I’m sure the lionesses will keep their word.

    @Alison: I totally fell asleep in the Lego Movie, too! Those chairs are very comfy. Naps are probably a good idea.

  3. pretty_blossom

    I like the reclining chairs – means the tall guy in front of me is leaning back and not blocking the view.
    regarding getting trapped in one – that sounds farfetched – although I did find the incident in birmingham last year – it does say the foot-rest was electric, so not the model I know from the local theatre (mine doesn’t have foot-rests either).
    I suppose this one case of death makes this slightly safer than taking a bath in your own home…

  4. connor Murphy

    + + Will Gay and lech just f**k already, they argue like their in love with each other!

    = = your not fooling anyone Alison, it’s clear that lech is secretly pining for gay, and gay’s disgusted and disinterested act is him playing hard to get for lech’s sake!

  5. connor Murphy

    Q-Q Also holy S*it, Evil got f**ked up by the lions badly!

  6. connor Murphy

    lioness: yellow bear, we have one request before you bear’s leave.

    lioness: we want blue bear and you to kiss.

    Gay: Wh-what! eww, gross not even if my life was in danger! -_-

    lech: bleah! no way would i ever kiss that fruit on the lips! + +

    lioness: *growls deeply and threateningly*

    Gay and lech: *terrified gulp* well…here goes nothing? *Gay and lech kiss sloppily, before lech start’s groping gay and then gay pushes him away and spit’s, meanwhile lech is retching but after they both finish they realize that their both blushing deeply*

    and after that they all go home, the end! >:3

  7. connor Murphy

    The comment above is how i imagine that a kiss between Gay and lech would go, happy to crush all your dreams Gay X lech shippers! >:3

  8. Vausch

    Jeez. Evil and Gimp are gonna be skull twins if that slash on his head is what I think it is. Seriously I think Evil is missing his horns.

    To be honest I wouldn’t put it past Evil to infect himself with rabies just to make sure the lions got it if this went sour. From what he was doing I can’t even imagine what his initial plan was.

    @Allison Dang, that’s gotta be a comfy seat. I’ve never fallen asleep in a movie theatre. Honestly you did miss out though, Lego Movie 2 was quite good.

  9. Tjimmy1999

    If there’s one thing I’m grateful for is that Evil didn’t come out of this unscath. Seriously guys, this isn’t the first time someone was brutally beaten, clobbered, and chewed on in this comic. And besides, he brought this to himself for teasing them with steak.

  10. ShennyNerd

    Now that things have more or less calmed down, it’s time to think about who orchestrated this. Was it the giraffes acting alone? Why did the monkeys lie? Lech is gonna have some words for them after they betrayed his trust. They were manipulated into making enemies of the lions. Is the whole zoo (minus the elephants) out to get the bears?

  11. connor Murphy

    @ShennyNerd ehh…probably, also i just remembered Gay saying that the polar bears are Nerd’s friends and now i just want a scene of Nerd being taught how to fight by his polar bear-bros! + +

  12. Hake Feretto

    Hmmm no need to be worry for Evill’s life, he have survive after have been skewer by a sword…. burning alive, falling from a mountain, stock under watter by a polar bear so after all that lion claws and tooths are nothing for him UwU…. the one thing is what happen in his mind ? He was strange before go see the Lions, as if he was contraried by something :o. Well in any case I wonder what will happen now and if Lion woukd realy kill evill because if a bear had disapear and be found in the Lion’s cell I think these last coukd has some problems…. and for finish who the hell is the master behind all that ? For me the last one we can suspect is Sloth bear….

  13. Kath mcgill

    And…. they have 2 min before the zoo opens up …

    Comfy chair aside (and its probably weird to think) I would be worried about head lice in those things.

  14. Todd Maccarone

    Well, at least we found out what happened to Evil… Looks like he couldn’t dodge the long paw of the Lions’ law this time. Good to see him! …sort of.

  15. Michael Sirius

    That wasn’t very Valentine’s Day spirit of you, Gay.

    It’s times like this when I remember that I would absolutely read the hell out of a sitcom comic where Gay and Lech cohabitate with plenty of subtext and innuendo

  16. Smoochs

    Huh, was really expecting the lioness’ to go against the lion, but seems I was wrong. Still epic page tho!

  17. richard SF

    Bet Evil still did something.

  18. gridsleep

    So, it took three lions to get Gimp to back off. Not beat him, but just make him stop. Had it not been for hostages, the zoo would have an empty lion pit that day. Is Gimp stronger than Death?

  19. Brian Hibbs

    Something happened between this page and the last one. How do we get from “stop attacking or we’ll kill them” to letting them go? Evil wasn’t even part of the negotiation on the last page.

    If they stopped Gimp they had control of the situation and had no reason to give in to any demands. If they didn’t stop him then someone else got hurt.

    What resolved the situation?

  20. Bri

    Aw, Evil. u __ u

  21. N0083rp00F

    @Brian H – My guess is that with the king KOed they don’t have to deal with his crap and can just get things done.
    Even if he is a major jerk, he is the only male they have so haven’t killed him [yet].

    Maybe in next weeks episode someone will think to ask the lionesses why they had the water contaminated and the answer would be that they didn’t know but they will find out who started the whole mess.

  22. Nicole

    @Brian Hibbs: I agree with N0083rp00F. I think the lionesses simply wanted to stop Gimp. They know they need the zoo to go back to status quo. They had no desire to kill the bears, nor let their lion kill the bears. The could let him have one bear (Evil), but not all the bears. And letting Gimp kill the lion would’ve threatened their comfortable place in the zoo. I’m sure they have their lion wrapped around their paw. They don’t need a new lion.

    There is definitely a time lapse, due to Gay waking up. So not sure where Gimp is. I am guessing the lionesses allowed Nerd to give him his mask back and they are off to the side doing that, or maybe they already went home? I mean, Gimp complied.

  23. admin

    @ Nicole: lol, so not just me :)
    @ Vausch: Man! That’s because I totally forgot to draw his horns! I was thinking about what the rest of his head was going to look like! doh.
    @ Kath Mcgill: OMG! Lice!? I’ve never thought of that!! You’ve ruined those chairs for me lol…but seriously…shit. Evan’s had two lice letters home about his class this year. :(

  24. Abdiel

    I’m still hoping that Evil managed to do something while in there and didn’t just blindly rush in.

  25. Vausch

    @Alison Oops! Haha, I thought the lions actually broke them off XD Well you could use that as an excuse, say they actually did do that for a little extra damage. Now he’s gotta either commit some more sins to grow ’em back or he can consider a new leaf.

  26. Treascair

    Evil got his shit kicked in in particular. Gay’s just pissed off, Lech is pissed at Gay, the lionesses have Nerd, Vanity’s back at the habitat (I assume with Tanked), Gimpy’s still maskless… still wondering where Death is!

  27. TagertShare

    Gees Gay, I thought you did like one Bear, Cara. Be pals with her. In College this Strait Guy had a Lesbian best friend. Boy, did that drive her Girl Friend crazy! As for Evil, in an odd way he tried to do some good, taking on the Bears’ enemy. Viva Evil!

  28. TaggertShare

    Well, I made a comment which apparently ended up in Cyber Space. I’ll try again. In an odd way Evil did some good. He tried to defend the other Bears. Viva Evil. Hey Gay, I thought you did like one Bear, Cara. So be a good friend to her. In College this Straight Guy had a very good friend who was a Lesbian. Boy, did that irritate her Girl Friend at times! My views on Gimp have made a 180 degree. Don’t feel alone Gimp. I also have a bad Temper.


    I would like to thank you for not giving in to the idea of fan service while I still can.

  30. connor Murphy

    lioness: yellow bear, before we can let you and the other’s go.

    lioness: we want you to kiss the blue bear right next to you to, we have a bet that you won’t do it and whoever wins the bet get’s all the other’s steaks for the next mealtime.

    Gay: gross i hate lech, he tried to molest me multiple times!

    Lech: you know that you secretly liked the way that i handle you.

    Gay: *curses out lech* i will never like you pervert so stop it already!

    lioness: do it otherwise we’ll kill this one. *another lioness has nerd by the throat and is threatening to kill him*

    Gay and Lech: *thinks about how Prozac will yell at them if Nerd is killed and then they kiss each other on the cheek quickly*

    lioness: not good enough, it needs to be on the lips and last longer than a second.

    Lech: *Sigh’s* fine…how’s this for a kiss! *grab’s gay tightly and kisses him lovingly and moans into the kiss and Gay kisses him back and then they fall to the ground with lech ontop of Gay and then they look at the lions and the lioness smiles*

    lioness: that’s much better. *the lioness drop’s Nerd to the ground and then the other lioness’s growl in anger and then throw over all their steak to the lion who asked for Gay and Lech to kiss and she smiles slyly and then all the bears go back home*

  31. Hake Feretto

    Ho man pleas no UwU… no GayXLech… it will destruct both characters and make Lech definitivly not credible XwX… And I think the Lioness have totaly nothing to said on their relationship and ard more preocupate by what will happen now they Male is KO when the Zoo will open…

    Who know maybe Gimp will healt Evil and the king and that bear will become friend with Lion ? Hmm….. we’ll see for now the one thing still unsolved is… who have organise this poisoning-event ?

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