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February 25th, 2019

Page 671

Just when I feel like I’m starting to get caught up at work (a bit of a false sense as there’s still outstanding model pack stuff…but I’m closer than ever!!) and then network decides to make some changes to already finished characters that were cleaned/colored/approved like a month ago…and all you can say is “Sure!” LOL weekend ruined, week ahead will be busier than expected…urgle.

And Owen tore the knee out of yet another pair of pants (don’t know what he did to them this time, it was like near amputation of pant leg) and of course these were his “MOST FAVOURITE PANTS EVER!!!” but crisis averted, pants are currently 50% off at Children’s Place!  So all’s right with the world, or at least someone’s world (please stop crawling around the damn school yard!!  I should just give him pants for his allowance).



    There we go. Half baked, insincere apologies make everything better.

  2. connor Murphy

    hmm…not what i was expecting, but i’ll take it!

    also i like that Gay and Lech don’t fight as much as they usually do, it’s like they’ve formed a fr-enemies sort of respect for each other. this is the most we’ll probably get out of Gay X Lech shipping without shattering the character’s and…i’m okay with that

  3. connor Murphy

    I’m just saying that my comment above show’s that they’ve gotten past constantly b**ching at each other for the most part and it really show’s how much they’ve grown both as Character’s.

    I like this Character progression and i look forward to seeing more of it with the other bear’s and their interactions with each other.

  4. Vausch

    The fact that the lionesses didn’t bring up the poisoning suggests they might not have known about why the bears even showed up. Still seems someone played both sides in this little event.

  5. SquidBiscuit

    Wait. Do the lionesses not realize that their “King” started this by making the mommies poison the bears?

  6. SquidBiscuit

    I don’t know why it said mommies

  7. rugibess

    @connor Murphy
    Yea I enjoyed watching those two fight together during this arc, they are, at the very least, getting along more than they used to.

  8. rugibess

    If I were to take a wager, I would say that Allison will probably settle the whole glech thing, whenever one of their books come around. We are in gimp’s right now, so all we have left are death, lech, and gay from the og cast. So the next book will in all likely hood be centered around either death or one half of glech, unless she throws us through a loop and does an origin stories with one of the new characters. Regardless of what comes, I am excited.

  9. T-Shaw

    All they had to do was leave the lions be.

  10. Brian Hibbs

    So where are Gimp and Nerd? Did they just leave to let the rest limp back on their own?

  11. Aldin

    As a child, if I ripped through the knee of my pants, mother patched them and sent me back to school with the mended pants. I learned quickly (thanks to the resulting ridicule) not to rip the knee on new pants.

  12. Kath mcgill

    Sears used to carry a brand called tough skins where if the kid tore any part of the pants they replaced it for free.

    So, the lions fouled the water, and the bears fought back, and now the pride is ticked because they kicked the lions backside..

  13. Todd Maccarone

    Another Pyrrhic victory. Still, at least his highness was knocked down a peg or two. One question remains, though- if the lions weren’t responsible for the water poisoning so long ago, then who was the real mastermind?

  14. ShennyNerd

    I’m sure at the end of the arc we’ll get to see the mastermind behind it all.

    I’m hoping the arc will also end with Gimp tending to the lion’s wounds. It feels like something he’d do.

  15. gridsleep

    Strap roller skates to his knees.

  16. Tjimmy1999

    Wasn’t this whole thing started when their water supply was tampered with? None of these guys even brought this up at all. Instead they ended up getting in a fight that didn’t needed to be started because Lech has a very fragile ego. Hell, Evil just decided to tease the already pissed of lion king. Now I’m even more grateful that he got mauled.

  17. Tjimmy1999

    So what happened to Crack anyway?

  18. connor Murphy

    So…i know that everyone is curious about who actually poisoned the bears, but…gosh darnit i just want to see Lech and Gay finally become a couple!

    Yes i’m a Glech shipper and i’m proud of it Damnit! X’D


    @connor Murphy yes, you’ve been commenting excessively and in explicit detail for the past few pages, I think we all get the picture.

  20. Michael Sirius

    Gay’s got that “why do I like this guy again?” look

  21. connor Murphy

    @ADHD_ADVERSARY you can’t silence the shipper in me Darn it!

    @Michael Sirius lol i agree, it’s like “he’s such an idiot, but he’s my idiot.”

  22. Nicole

    Erm…so are they taking Evil with them?

  23. max

    OMG I found my people!!! @connor Murphy and @Michael Sirius!!!! I thought I was alone :’3. And i totally agree with both. Im a fellow fanboy myself. not saying you2 are guys too, i mean you could be whatever you want to be, or a girl or both…………..i’ll be quiet now -3-

  24. max

    Gay be like jelly -3-

  25. connor Murphy

    @max Gay be salty that Lech still pay’s more attention to females then him -3-

    also to clarify i actually am a boy, so the term fanboy applies to me. ewe

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