Page 672
March 4th, 2019

Page 672

Aww Gimpy…he’s going to need more Polysporin or something.

New shirt up!  I miss making shirt designs, it’s been awhile :(  This was actually the result of a commission request and I still find time to squeeze those in on weekends so if you’re interested in some original art send me a message through the contact page, or through the Facebook page.

Vote incentive: Check out the rough sketch iterations I did before the final design was decided on :)


  1. T-Shaw

    All of that rage held inside and he waited for the right time to release it.

  2. connor Murphy

    Wait…so is lech the fatass that Gay was referring to? o.o

    he changed the sentence so that lech wouldn’t get mad at him… *Glech intensifies*

  3. ShennyNerd

    Gimpy, my feels ;_;

    But what was with Gay and Lech? Was he calling Lech fatass?

  4. connor Murphy

    I smell like Anger and Sadness all the time, what does it smell like?

    Trust me you don’t want to know, but i’m sure that lech know’s what Sadness smells like because he has a sex doll because he’s depressed that he can’t get any chick’s.

  5. connor Murphy

    I don’t know why…but i’ve got a feeling that Gay’s backstory is…coming out of the closet?

    *hit’s himself consistently to pay for the horrible joke that he made that no one will get*

  6. Abdiel

    Wonder what Crack has done throughout this.

  7. connor Murphy

    Crack has probably been waiting for the fighting to be over so that he can pull them up out of the lion exhibit.

  8. Nicole

    Not enough heart emojis in the world for this one!!! Awww, love Gimp so much!!

    After everything, Panel 9 is just SO PERFECT. Alison, you do not cease to amaze with your storytelling.

    Also, have we ever seen Gimp carry another bear before? Or any of the bears do so? He’s really showing his physical strength here–maybe a part of his past he doesn’t need to hide anymore?

    @ShennyNerd: Yes, that’s exactly what he was doing. :) You really have to connect last week’s panels to this one.

  9. rugibess

    um is that a fourth wall break?

  10. rugibess


  11. Treascair

    … If anyone would understand and empathize, even through his own madness, it’d be Evil. That makes perfect heartbreaking sense, and now I want to hug them both, even if Evil’s a little shit most of the time.

    Just… damn…

  12. Todd Maccarone

    Well, everyone seems okay… But man, this page is practically heartbreaking. Anyone else agree?

  13. Annonymouse

    So all we have from the lionesses is a “Get out NOW!” and still no conclusive resolution on who or what was behind the poisoning of the water supply.

  14. Yet Another Brian

    Wow, those last three panels are among the best the series has ever produced. Makes me want to change my avatar.

  15. connor Murphy

    @Annonymouse, I think the water supply poisoning is probably going to be put on hold until Gay’s backstory comes out, because that’s what i believe is going to happen next?

  16. connor Murphy

    at panel three Gay has a face that say’s please don’t let that give away that i like him?

  17. Michael Sirius

    Oof, those last 2 panels. I still say it’s time for Death to return the favor from chapters 603-604

  18. Bri

    Omg @ the bottom row of panels. My heart hearts so much. u __ u From seeing Evil ruffled and torn, to the comment he made to Gimp, to even seeing genuine emotion from him again, to Gimp’s reaction in the last panel … CRIES FOREVER. ; ___ ;

    I echo the sentiment that this page is very effective + that it’s definitely up there in the best moments/pages of Bear Nuts.

  19. Bri

    Typo: “heart hurts”, not “heart hearts”

    Oops, hee hee.

  20. Sero

    I could have just missed/forgotten something and it might not even be important.. but it was implied earlier (by Nerd’s confusion before unzipping Gimp’s mask) not everyone knows Gimp’s history. … Which makes sense since he doesn’t talk. Wonder how Gay knew about this side of Gimp?

  21. Nicole

    @Bri: Both work. <3
    @Sero: I would like to know that, too. I think Gay may have friended Gimp early on when he first came to the zoo, and maybe Gimp shared some backstory with him?
    @Yet Another Brian: Would you be you without the terrifying Tanked avatar? lol

  22. connor Murphy

    I love Gay and lech’s interactions because they don’t fight as much, it show’s that they’ve developed into a friends relationship….maybe with them having some feelings for each other?

  23. bunny

    this page feels so, ehh, somber to me, like even the jokes are a little “because we have nothing else to say”.. it really sets a special mood. i cant wait to see the next page, its clear theyre all very *tired*.

    also not so sure i can see the gay/lech banter as ship material, more like, “we both just got mauled and are too tired to keep arguing.” maybe im not too fond to ship gay people with obnoxiously straight people. xD

  24. rugibess

    @ bunny in fairness to glech shippers, myself included, the artist has been teasing at them since page 12… just go back and read through those comments to see what I mean.

  25. connor Murphy

    yesss…join my brother’s, join the cult of Glech! >:3

    for it is the OTP of the series and all other ship’s fail in comparison to it!

    if you join the cult, you get custom-made t-shirt’s and valet parking when you join the cult for the ceremony where we praise Gay and lech as the savior’s of our existence.

  26. connor Murphy

    if you convert 30 other people into the cult you get an all expense paid trip to Disneyland in Tokyo. :3

  27. raven0ak

    just remainder to everyone that last two panels are evil showing off his a-hole to readers :)

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