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March 11th, 2019

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Wanna go see Capt Marvel!! Have to wait for a couple weeks for my friend to get back from vacation… I want to go away :(  Got another big snow dump yesterday too, the really heavy wet stuff at the end of the driveway thanks to the plow was killer.  And I did my neighbour’s driveway too because they left for Jamaica today… everyone else gets to go on vacation but me, lol.  Jim and I are free lance so you’d think we of all people would be able to schedule time off since, in theory, we control what contracts we take on.  And yet… Jim will say yes to a comic book with a specific deadline, and then that deadline gets blown when first the penciller, and then the inker is late.  I’m working on a new design contract that’s pretty intense and I don’t feel comfortable taking time off since it will put me behind which could affect the show… workaholics are we :(  At least finally, I think, winter is pretty much done…maybe.  I’ve said this twice already this year…

I finally carved out some time for more shirt designs and will throw a couple into the latest Shirt Woot contest.  I’ll update the links when it goes live and please go vote for Dooomcat!! :D

TWC vote incentive: I’m not sold so far on that Detective Pikachu movie…kids really want to see it though.  I think this could be a better Pokemon crossover though…



  1. T-Shaw

    Last Panel, (Oh Crap!).


    I don’t know what it is, but there’s something off putting about seeing those two next to each other. Maybe it’s just Crack’s, himself-ness.

  3. Vausch

    Welp, Crack’s gotta dispose of the evidence now. Quick, think “goose”!

  4. Abdiel

    Gimpy is looking forlorn.

  5. Michael Sirius

    It looks like there should be stuffing coming from out of Evil’s wounds

  6. cha

    @admin I feel like Detective Pikachu will have some classic dark humor by Reynolds, but ask a friend to watch it first to see if there is any profanity, then make your decision. Have fun! Also, the ? in End gets me excited.

  7. Kath mcgill

    It looked like gimp was looking at the rope wit the hmm bondage regards. Well one bear out wouldnt have been as bad as all of them out. Can the kid see the underpants?

  8. connor Murphy

    Wait…in panel 6, is lech laughing at how cute gay looks when frustrated? ;)

  9. connor Murphy

    also…i have a new idea for who could’ve poisioned the bears.

    remember when Vanity was searching for the peacock, he seemed pretty pissed about his feather’s being ripped off, plus the peacock would be probably even more pompous then the lions, all those feather’s he goes off gallavanting around.

  10. Todd Maccarone

    So, this was quite the unusual ending. Still, at least everyone is okay… Sort of.

  11. Hake Feretto

    Ho this end… well maybe the kid will think Crack is a human disguised in Bear-Mascot ? For me it’s the most probable thing , plus the kid seem realy young here !

  12. connor Murphy

    just bring the kid to nerd…i’m sure he has a Men in Black neuralizer in there somewhere? X’D

  13. Louie

    Connor, as much as I also want *that relationship to happen, I have a feeling it won’t. I also think you’re reading into it a bit too much.

  14. connor Murphy

    What would you know @Louie?

    everyone knows that people like Huey and Duey more. e.e

  15. Louie

    It’s Dewey, you dingus :p

  16. connor Murphy

    Grammar is hard sometimes jeez! + +

    plus does anyone really care if i pronounce the name wrong? e.e

  17. Louie

    No harm friend

  18. connor Murphy

    @Louie, No problem dude.

    So…who do you think act’s like the cuter one between gay and lech? :3

  19. Louie

    Tough question. I don’t have an answer.

  20. connor Murphy

    I personally think that gay’s the cuter one because of how fabulous he always is.

  21. Nicole

    I love how it turns out Crack was just running around randomly. I thought he was going to get help!

  22. BananaHabit

    So don’t say ” help help, here comes the bears” man that song comes to mind when i seen this…

  23. Bri

    I’m a bit surprised none of the bears are talking about Gimp’s, uh, “episode”. :o My mind was thinking that we were going to see some sort of discussion amongst the bears about it. Maybe in the next chapter?

    I’m sure the boy will go tell his parents what he saw, only for them to just tell him it’s his “imagination” LOL.

    And Evil …. ; __ ;

  24. connor Murphy

    I feel like Gay’s Backstory is coming up after this?

    It’s just a prediction, anybody else feel the same feeling?

  25. rugibess

    @ connor Murphy As I have said it will likely be his, Lech’s, or potentially Death’s.

  26. connor Murphy

    @rugibees I think that it’s leaning toward’s Gay’s Backstory appearing next.

    I’m thinking that Gay’s backstory is going to be that he was a animal model or something but then something happened to make it so that he ended up at the Zoo?

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