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March 26th, 2018

Page 623

Happy Monday everyone!  Sorry about that first panel, not the best way to start the week ;)

Vote Incentive: another chibi super hero getting up to stuff…

Poke ball design for a Pokemon themed nursery :D (get it on a tee from Neato!)


  1. Dch75

    The polar bears!!!!

  2. T-Shaw

    Who indeed.

  3. Shenny

    Lech gonna lech I guess *facepalm*

  4. Project_Demise

    I’m betting on the polar bears being dicks. That or a ruptured sewage line contaminated their water supply.

  5. Kath

    The reaction of the girls is spot on to bring him down a peg.
    We can tell when real life exhaustion
    Slides into the discount zoo.

    We came home to find a supply water main had broken and a boil water advisory up.
    The polar bears may be innocents. What about the monkeys?

  6. FiliasNox

    i put my money on the horses, horses are terrible people.

  7. Hake Feretto

    Finaly I has good Evill is (for once) not behind all off that shit !!

    Now only 3 can have do that (for me) :

    #1 Polar Bears : they have a lot of reason to hate all of the bears Death and the girls include
    #2 The Monkeys : they have not special reason but… they are monkey and they love doing bad joke and all kinds of nonsens…so why not ?
    #3 The fat Bear !! (Really can’t remember his name) : He have the same reason (maybe more) that the polar bears to hate the bears (particulary Evil…).

    If not one of them so… it can be an accident or… a character/situation unknow actually.

  8. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, Lech’s reaction to the stinging- priceless! But I’m still betting Evil was behind this! He could be doing evil in his sleep- sleep-evil-ing!

  9. luuv_r✘

    probably the polar bears.

  10. Gargoss

    There’s still at least one bear missing – one who’s been on the worse end of a lot of these incidents (not that he doesn’t usually deserve it at the time), with the most recent involving ‘tainted water’…

  11. Sterling Rodd

    I thought it was just Nerd who harboured these doubts (, but I suppose it’s a male thing in general. :)

  12. Annonymouse

    Being a discount zoo I very much doubt much money or effort is put into maintenance or compliance with any health or building codes until the 1nTE$TIN4L Re51DUe 1mP4CT5 w1+H V3lOC1+Y +HE @+mOspher1C r0ta+i0n4L o5C1ll4tor

  13. GB123

    Today’s comic is amazing,(like always), i like everyone’s faces on panel 3, but i mostly LOVE Gay’s sassy walk on panel 10. I love your talent.

  14. Abdiel Martinez

    Gay in panel 10 looks like he’s trying to sneak a peek.

    Also, how would Evil know it looks bigger than usual, unless…

  15. Sterling Rodd

    @Abdiel I think the bears can see things that are “in camera” for us. :) You’d need to pay the full admission to the Discount Zoo to know for sure.

  16. TaggertShare

    Sara certainly knows what to say to shrink a Male Ego!

  17. Goma2003

    Evil looks so adorable.

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