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April 2nd, 2018

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Happy late Easter to those that celebrated this past weekend (Jim’s family is Greek, I think Orthodox Easter is next weekend?? He doesn’t remember).  Anyway, we had a fantastic family brunch at one of my favourite restaurants and Evan was “defeated” by the buffet.  He was too stuffed to even try the chocolate chip/whipped peanut butter sandwich!  His head was actually down on the table while he mumbled at me about no more food.  He managed to rally for the egg hunt though.  Egg hunt number 2 at a friend’s house today, and my mother insists on doing one at her house tonight so…I think this will be worse than Halloween.


  1. James

    This should get interesting. Can’t wait for next week

  2. that one guy

    Trust evil…good idea!

  3. Goma2003

    Monkeys revenge.

  4. Vausch

    I don’t think anybody has a moral high ground here, especially given Tanked’s history with those simian bastards.

  5. Scarfy

    Monkey see, monkey do!

  6. Siraj

    Wow. A., Evil’s officially off the hook for this one. B., I think they’re going to the professional for escalating the revenge on the monkeys. Smart move.

  7. FAIZ

    EVIL’s Going to give them a taste of their medicine! This should be sadistically interesting!

  8. chasey

    Evil will go along with the plan, but, of course, something will go horribly wrong and then monkeys will be SUPER mad and think the horribly wrong part was on purpose and it’ll just spiral into crazy, ahhhhhhh! D:
    Whelp; that’s why I’m here anyway. *gets the popcorn*

  9. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, so Evil is innocent… This time. Anyone else recognize the monkey from Tanked’s excursion to the school?

  10. Hake Feretto

    This arc is really interesting I can’t wait to see the next its promise to be very funny

  11. Sheamus

    Still thinking the polar bears are the culprits! Anyway, happy belated Easter/Passover everyone!

  12. Annonymouse

    @ Todd – Evil is never innocent.

    He is not directly responsible for this particular escapade but that is all we can say with any certainty.
    Indirectly? More than likely.

  13. T-Shaw

    1. Evil set one up before to take the fall after the Polar Bear incident.
    2. Lech did something to him. After sacrificing himself to save the monkey.
    3. Tanked puked on him and embarrassed him.

  14. Glowworm

    I vaguely recall a monkey was set up as a scapegoat for wrecking one of the zookeepers’ cars that Lech took on a joyride once. Bet that was why.

  15. BarbWhat


  16. Abdiel

    I wonder what Evil will be asked to do. Will the ongoing feud with the monkeys ever end? Find out next time…

  17. Gargoss

    Perhaps they’ve been emboldened by some circumstance – maybe a new territorial gorilla in their enclosure?
    If that’s the case… *cue Admiral Ackbar*

  18. EnviousSpartan

    Somehow when I saw the monkey, my response was exactly like Jack Sparrow’s in the first film.

  19. Chris

    Ok Evil? Prozac don’t you go down that road.

  20. TaggertShare

    So the monkeys are monkeying around with the Bears. Cara is certainly safeguarding her Voo Doo doll likeness.

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