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June 22nd, 2015

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Before anyone gets too excited, this IS a Death related arc, but not Death prominent exactly (and definitely not his origin arc, so sorry to that overly hopeful FB post :)  The twins turned 4 on Saturday!  I can’t believe they’re that old already, that kindergarten is just around the corner, and that they won’t freaking potty train!  Every time I buy yet another box of diapers I cross my fingers and hope it’s the last… blah.  They love getting rewards when they do well, but they can’t be bothered to tell me if they’ve pooped themselves (unless one rats on the other.  Maybe I should offer rewards for snitching).  They have 2 months before all day JK starts; I imagine they will draw it out as long as possible until I’m tearing my hair out :(

Vote incentive: the DOTA version of Death is suitably ominous (though not very stealthy)

Happy late Father’s Day!  Prints available here and shirts available here.


  1. Sushirolled

    Of course Lech would take that as a compliment. x’D

  2. Zermel

    Still keeping up with these after all this time :) God to see another Death arc.

  3. NAZF

    I’m surprised that Gay is still inteacting with Sara after the last incident, let alone being positive about it. :/

  4. Urago

    Lech BROKE one of gay’s lenses. O_O

  5. Caveman

    F ing called it in the last comic

  6. MangoCheeseSauce

    @Caveman I called first, don’t get ahead of yourself. ^„„^

  7. MangoCheeseSauce

    Aww look, Tanked and Cara are holding paws, how cute!

  8. daka

    Definitely nothing gay hates more than a big raging dick :p

  9. EatingFurniture

    So this is the “pool day” arc I was wondering about!

    Also why would Nerd bring a mint condition copy of anything anywhere besides a dark corner in his room where nobody will harm it?

    Also, loving the look on Death’s face in the title frame.

  10. chase

    Aww, glad to see Gay and Cara(?) are on okay terms enough to not be fighting constantly even after that last issue.

  11. kath McGill

    let them run around bare bottomed. they may have an accident once, but that will be it. No more diapers, they are big enough to make toast, and the diapers just allow them to think, :Mum will deal with this”

    it might take a day- but they will get the hang of it.

    its like the parent who removes the bedroom door to his kids room when they get mouthy, Doors are a privilege not a right, its summer, so they won’t be cold.

  12. N0083rP00F

    Oooo, I like the Death vote incentive. I can’t quite place which scythe that is.
    Mind you Panderans were never as cute as The Bears.

  13. D.durand

    A “raging Dick” ? For me, that’s a new one.

  14. Gryen

    A Death arc! So happy!

    My brother went through the same thing with his oldest and he was at his wits end until a few weeks before kindergarden, the kid finally gave a damn. Blame those super comfy diapers :p My sister teaches 3rd grade and you’d be surprised how many ‘accidents’ happen…

  15. Bry

    yay a Death arc~ i hope he opens up a little in this one x3

  16. Xilex90

    another amazing upload. lech is a dick lol.
    on another note, Allison, do you have a place where you post your DOTA stuff? i’m trying to save all of them, but I have missed a few. is there a place you have them posted?

  17. T-Shaw

    Really Lech? Wait this talks about Death. So he should be in the next page?

  18. Michael Sirius

    Ooh, poor foresight Nerd. Everyone knows you don’t bring mint condition outside. Especially where you live. Then again, Evil is always afoot so I suppose he took the lesser of two evils.

    Those are some weak glasses, all of them damaged in some way, by a splash. I’m especially surprised with Nerd’s glasses. I have reading glasses and my frames are super durable (read: indestructible). Maybe he can’t afford decent frames.

    I see Lech is trying to reestablish his non-existent dominance. But doesn’t he realize that he’ll never get laid like that? Besides, hasn’t he learned anything from Sara’s introduction?

    How long have the girls been here? Is Gay just a saint? Or do he and Sara have that much in common?

    @admin @Xilex90 yeah, will you let us have copies of all the DOTA bears when you’re done? Because, wow. And while your at it, can you also do the Marvel/DC Halloween costume. I love your bear costume art

  19. Michael Sirius

    @admin Also, have you considered implementing Disqus for the comments section? Disqus works extremely well. Or can you not do that because this is WordPress?

  20. Josh

    Ok so evils back story is kinda missing a few things like whene did he bleach his fur or when did he get his penta how did he get into the zoo what or who were his parents what was he like before he was evil. Alison eventually are you going to fill those hold or are you done with evils back story because I want to know

  21. Mason L

    I wouldn’t feel so bad about your twins not being potty trained at four. My twins not only weren’t potty trained, but they still weren’t speaking understandably at that point. They were at least four and a half before they were potty trained, and the trick for us was getting a potty chair that fitted over our regular toilet. It made them feel all grown up to get to use the big potty, while making them less scared that they were going to fall in.

  22. b

    It’s it me or does the pUrple bear look like she has a crush on tanked

  23. Michael Sirius

    @b I don’t know, maybe. If she does though, she’ll find herself sorely disappointed. Tanked’s one true love is beer.

  24. madeofstardust

    I’m just waiting to see Death Bear. It’s been a while since we last saw him.

  25. MagnuM

    Death hype!!

  26. Mazz

    I agree with kath McGill. It took letting my kiddo run around in jeans with no diaper on a few times when she was 4 before she realized it’s much better just to use the potty. Sometimes it takes a bit of tough love in that department.

  27. X4M9

    I feel so sorry for Tanked… to me he seems like a young child. (Well at least his intellectual capabilities.)

  28. glowworm

    Lech’s face in the last panel is priceless.

  29. Shenny

    How deep is their pond? Lech might’ve injured himself diving in like that.

  30. admin

    @Urago: don’t worry! He has more :)
    @Kath: been there, doing that! Cleaned pee off the floor 4 times before lunch (seriously, how do they have that much pee??)
    @Gryen: they’re still having accidents in third? Wow, I expect some in kindergarten, the occasional gr 1… well that makes me feel better :)
    @Bry: hmmmm… sort of :)
    @Xilex90: I’ll throw them on the FB page when they’re all done!
    @MichaelS: lol, what’s Disqus and I have no idea what I can and can’t do with WP, because I’m internet illiterate.
    @Josh: I’m afraid not all the back stories are going to be completely revealing (Tanked’s wasn’t either) and I’m not sure what you mean by bleaching? Though I suppose extra back story minis could be fun in the future…
    @Mason: ooo! How old are your twins now? And we do have two of those seats, the drawback being they frequently don’t keep their knees tog and pee all down the front of the toilet and on the floor :(
    @Shenny: deep enough, of course Lech is an impulsive idiot in the best of times.

  31. Josh

    That is what I mean by bleached his fur

  32. Rangepup

    I’m more concerned that a splash of water broke the lenses of sunglasses…

  33. admin

    @Josh: Evil’s never bleached himself, but he’s all for bleaching someone else :)

  34. Josh

    Oh ok

  35. Eating Furniture

    I’m wondering where the other bears are. Prozac was probably the one who planned this pond visit, and if not, he’s got to have noticed that some people are missing. I did see that you posted a picture of Crack wearing a life jacket and standing in shallow water on the Facebook page, so I’m guessing that he’ll be coming along as well. Maybe Prozac is having trouble getting it on him. There’s also Vanity, Evil, Gimp, and Death, and the only one I can imagine not going is Death, but it’s a Death arc, and he was also seen on the beach in Monday Funday Leads to Violence, so it’s not like he never gets out of the exhibit.

  36. Cave

    So who else is staying up all night waiting fo the next strip

  37. Eating Furniture

    I’m here.

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