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June 29th, 2015

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June is birthday month around here :)  The twins just turned 4 (omg, how did that happen??  I can still vividly remember tube feeding them in the NICU) and full day kindergarten is right around the corner (provided the potty training  thing finally clicks.  I am solo tired of cleaning pee off the floor.)  My birthday is 5 days after (I imagine the story of spending my birthday lying on the couch all day with a pillow pressed against my C sec incision except for when I had to struggle to sit up and pump every 3 God damn hours will be frequently held over their heads, and perhaps used in a wedding toast…)   Anyway, head on over to the BN FaceBook page for another FREE T-SHIRT GIVEAWAY to celebrate me! :)

The awesome folks at Neatoshop will send out free shirts to 2 random winners: to enter just like our page, like the post, share the post, and comment on which tee from the Dooomcat shop is your fav.  The contest closes at midnight on Friday July 3rd!

Also available on Neato now is the sequel shirt to ‘Father of the Year’  (this one without the text as some people requested).

And lastly, the vote incentive this week is the DOTA version of Lech, who is of course very manly looking.


  1. Shenny

    Gay’s lens grew back! :P

  2. Eating Furniture

    @Shenny; He had replacements.

  3. madeofstardust

    I find reading and swimming very fun.

  4. Luka

    Man, you mean to tell me I’ve been reading Bearnuts for four years?! I remember when you announced the pregnancy. It seems like only two years ago, how is it four already?!

  5. Cave

    I feel this is more of a leech arc than a death one but I have faith

  6. b

    You are the reason I’m happy every Monday

  7. NAZF

    Happy Birthday to you, then. :)

  8. Kath McGill

    Happy birthdays all around

    My mother has 9 kids, and I remember the potty chairs lined up outside the bathroom door. but it was allot easier when she put us on (esp the boys ) to turn them around backwards so that everything went (in)

    and boys tend to try to miss. its a game to them and its funny to see mum on the floor cleaning it all up.

    sometimes, though, peer pressure works, and it means for everyone. If they go on the floor, or miss, and you have to clean it up, no sweets for that meal. no desserts, no cookies, and that is for everyone, including Sam who may not think its fair because *he* is potty trained, but nothing goes further than a sibling sitting another sibling down and saying ” If your bad Im getting punished and I don’t like that, so you can’t be bad any more.”

    (and sadly it means no sweets for you too unless of course you sneak them after they are asleep) and if the sweets don’t work, then , something like television time is taken away for everyone.

    Yes, there are kids who have issues with their bladders (my parents had to walk my brother to the bathroom every 3 hours when he was sleeping so he wouldn’t wet the bed and he was about 6 at the time, but he outgrew that)

    the other thing is consistency. Every 2 hours put them on the pot even if they don’t think they need to go. ether they will, or won’t, but they will get used to it.

    Some parents have just got the *big boy underpants* that have characters faces on them and tell the kids “You don’t want to make (insert character name here) face dirty do you??”

    and some kids just – *get it* in time.

    Accidents will happen . repeated accidents, arn’t accidents.

    My niece resorted to bribes of tiny m&ms (just one) each time they did something in the potty chair. She and her husband had decided they were going to use the correct anatomical words for the body parts and be up front about *things*

    well, it seemed my brother in law (their grandfather) was watching them, and he took the oldest one into the bathroom on his scheduled time and my great nephew was sitting there and sitting , and sitting, and he finally looks up at his grand father and says

    “Gampa… My P***S is broken…”
    my brother in law tried to stay calm when he asked “Why do you think that??”
    my great nephew shrugged “it must be cause Nothin’s Happening!”

  9. soman

    hey, happy b-day!
    ps: could someone please explain the vote incentives to me, i really don’t get it.
    every time i click on it it just takes me to the exact same picture.

  10. Hikaru

    Tanked looks SO cute!

  11. Alister

    Nerd is looking like he’s shaping up to be an up and coming water polo champ.

  12. Josh

    Plash ? Shouldn’t it be splash
    Panel 11

  13. Josh

    Oh sand leach has boobs in the vote insensitive 0_o

  14. Eating Furniture

    Happy birthday to everyone in the family, Alison!

    @Josh; Too much pec and not enough ab.

  15. Evilbob

    Sarcasm never works on dumb individuals. You should know that by now, Nerd.

  16. LurksInCorners

    Happy birthdays to the families!
    Tanked looks so adorable in this arc so far.

  17. Rak

    Are the Bears ever going to have birthdays speaking of birthdays happy late birthday to the family

  18. MangoCheeseSauce

    Nerd stands up for his inner fears, nice job!

  19. Yu Huo

    @Shenny: Gay emits a limited magical field that ensures that no matter what the situation he looks FABULOUS.
    It seems to break down if he gets beaten to a pulp, but it is evidently water-resistant.

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